11 Causes of a Ryobi Electric Battery Mower Not Starting: FIXED IT!

For this reason, you opted to buy an electric mower rather than a gas-powered one, which requires more upkeep. Since I have a big yard with lots of tight spots to mow around plants and fences, I prefer to use a battery-powered mower. I appreciate how little upkeep it requires, but it still has its drawbacks.

An incorrect operating procedure, a dead battery, or a defective battery could prevent a Ryobi electric battery mower from starting, as could a poor electrical connection brought on by faulty safety switches, loose wires, or damaged wires.

Remember to wear protective equipment and stay away from live wires and sharp objects before attempting any repairs on your cordless Ryobi mower. Take out the emergency key and the battery.

If your mower is still within the warranty period, you should contact Ryobi before making any repairs.


Before diagnosing, repairing, or operating, make sure to read and follow all safety instructions found in the equipment’s user manual. If you don’t feel confident in your ability to perform the repair safely on your own, or if you lack the necessary skills or knowledge, you should seek professional assistance.

Causes of a Dead Ryobi Lawnmower

Low Battery Life in Ryobi Lawnmower

Low battery power prevents the Ryobi mower from starting. Inadequate power can be the result of a number of factors, including faulty battery connections, improper battery installation, or a dying battery.

The Ryobi Battery Is not Put in Correctly.

Verify that your battery is properly inserted into the battery port. Double-check that it fits snugly and is making solid contact.

Unreliable Connection to Ryobi Battery Charger, Wall Outlet, or Charging Port

Ryobi’s zero-turn models, which feature a battery that can be charged while still in the mower, are equipped with in-car charging ports. The majority of manual and electric lawn mowers require a separate battery charger.

Make sure every plug, cord, and outlet is securely inserted into its receptacle. Your regular 120V wall socket will do. The power at the outlet must be sufficient.

It’s important that the plug on your Ryobi cord is compatible with your outlet. Do not try to alter the plug in any way. Any appliance with a three-prong plug can only be used in a three-prong wall socket.

The Ryobi battery Is Too Hot

Your lawnmower won’t turn on if the Ryobi battery gets too hot. Stop for a while and let the battery cool down before trying to start it up again.

The Ryobi Lawn Mower Is Dead because the Battery Died

The battery is what gives Ryobi lawn mowers their power, so it stands to reason that a dead battery will prevent the mower from starting. Charging a Ryobi battery requires a dedicated external battery charger.

For most Ryobi push and self-propelled mowers, you simply remove the battery and place it in the charger.

In order to show the user that their battery is being charged, most chargers use a series of LED lights. For more information on what the lights mean, consult your charger’s user guide.

Ryobi’s zero-turn mower has an LED-lit charging port. Battery life may be displayed on the zero-turn mower’s screen.

You can find a complete rundown of each light’s meaning in the manual. The lights can show you whether the battery is charging, full, not charging, or broken.

When a fully charged battery stops staying charged for as long as it used to, you know the battery is failing. When a battery stops being able to hold a charge, it means it is dying. Battery overheating is another warning sign of a failing battery.

If you find that your battery is losing its charge, charging slowly, or getting very hot, you should get a new one. When batteries get old, get too hot, or start to fail mechanically, failure sets in.

Incorrectly Adjusted Handle on My Ryobi Push Mower

If the handle is not properly adjusted, neither the push nor the self-propelled version of the Ryobi lawn mower will work. When in use, the foldable handle must be unfolded and locked into place.

If the Ryobi model you own has a starter cable running outside the handle, take care not to pinch it when you move the handle into the on position.

The Wrong Way to Start a Ryobi Mower

If this is your first time using a battery lawn mower, or even if you’ve had one before but never operated it before, it’s important to read the manual to familiarize yourself with the Ryobi’s safety features and recommendations.

To avoid having your lawnmower start up inadvertently because your child accidentally pressed the safety handle, Ryobi includes a safety button or safety key. If you don’t start your mower the right way, it won’t work.

How to Start a Ryobi Walk-Behind or Riding Lawnmower:

  • Verify that the battery is properly installed and the safety switch is engaged.
  • The motor can be activated by pulling the bail (safety bar) toward the handle and pressing the start button.
  • Stop pressing the start button.
  • When the safety switch is released, the mower will turn off.

How to Start a Ryobi Zero Turn Lawnmower:

  • Check that the battery is fully charged.
  • Sit on the mower with the levers for the drive open.
  • Put the key in and switch it to the “on” position.
  • Take your foot off the brake.
  • To return the mower’s controls to their initial, neutral position, pull the levers in toward the machine’s center.
  • To start the mower, raise the blade and turn the knob.

The blades of the Ryobi battery-powered zero-turn mower will automatically disengage if you get out of the driver’s seat while the machine is running.

Before using a zero turn, familiarize yourself with its operator manual and its detailed safety features and procedures.

A Ryobi Mower Had a Bad Safety Switch.

The inability to start your mower could be the result of a faulty safety switch. It is possible to test each switch individually or temporarily bypass them all with a jumper wire.

Just switch out the bad one. Never mow a lawn unless you have checked that all of the safety switches are in good working order, for your own and other people’s protection.

Ryobi Self-Propelled Mower or Push Mower

  • Activate the collapsible grip
  • The bail lever/security bar switch. To start the mower, you have to pull the bar into the handle. Releasing the bar turns off the mower.
  • The on/off button is a momentary switch.

Ryobi Zero-Turn Mower

  • Parking brake/pedal switch
  • Seat switch
  • Key switch

Wires that are Loose or Pinched on a Ryobi Lawnmower

Your Ryobi mower is connected to a variety of wires. For some of these wires, becoming loose or pinched could cause a short.

Check for a short by jiggling the wires. A multimeter can also be used to detect a short.

A common problem with Ryobi push and self-propelled mowers is a pinched wire at the storage location of the handle. A wire nut can be used to fix any connections that have become loose or pinched. Take out the battery before you start fixing it.

If your mower is still covered by Ryobi’s warranty, you may want to have them inspect the damage before making repairs. If the mower’s wiring or other parts are repaired or modified without being serviced by a Ryobi-authorized repair center, the warranty will be null and void.

The Blade on My Ryobi Electric Mower Can’t Turn Because of All the Sticks and Leaves

Extra grass and other debris can easily get caught or stuck in the Ryobi lawn mower’s deck.

Make sure there isn’t any debris collecting underneath the deck, close to the blades, of your zero-turn or push electric battery lawn mower.

Keep in mind that any time you plan on working on the deck, you should first disconnect the battery and the ignition key.

If your electric lawn mower is refusing to start, a buildup of grass in the deck may be preventing the blade from turning.

Your lawnmower’s safety features will prevent it from starting if the blades can’t rotate freely.

When your Ryobi mower is too heavy, it may refuse to start or stop cutting the grass. When the grass is thick, tall, or wet, and you try to cut it all at once, this can happen.

If your Ryobi mower is experiencing this issue, try increasing the cutting height and decreasing your speed.

Damaged Ryobi Electric Lawn Mower Components

If you’ve gotten this far and still can’t figure out what’s wrong with your mower, it’s probably time to take it to a Ryobi dealer or authorized service center. It’s possible that you need new components because of damage.

A professional mechanic can run diagnostic tests to figure out what’s causing your car to not start.

When you use your lawnmower in the rain, it can hurt your Ryobi mower.

Wet grass can make your lawn mower short out and stop working.