10 Common Massey Ferguson 4710 Problems and Solutions

A well-known company, Massey Ferguson, produces agricultural equipment that is used all over the world. despite getting only positive comments from numerous YouTubers and fans.

Among the problems are an overheated engine, clogged injectors, engine misfires, diesel not spinning, little engine performance, white exhaust emissions, a motor that won’t start, gearbox shift problems, and a clogged air filter. But these problems have easy do-it-yourself fixes.

Read on to discover the precise causes of these problems as well as straightforward solutions.

Problems And Solutions: Massey Ferguson 4710 Tractors:

Engine OverheatingInstall the engine cooler after changing the air filter.
Dirty air filterWhen the air filter has been thoroughly cleaned, replace it.
Improper steeringReplace the oil pump after adding the correct amount of steering oil.
Missing engine fireOil pump and fuel injector replacement
Not rotating dieselThe fuel recommended by the dealership, as well as changing the fuel injection pump
Engine performance that is minimalAir filter and air screen replacement
Obstructed injectorThe diesel tank’s injectors are cleaned during refueling.
No start to the motorThe injectors are cleaned during a diesel tank refill.
Transmission shifts with difficultyGrease the transmission, check the gasoline level, and apply
Exhaust vapor in whiteIn addition to replacing the piston, check the engine’s oil level.
PTO isn’t an engine.The right people should be contacted.

1. Improper Steering

Users encounter a steering wheel problem after putting the Massey Ferguson 4710 Tractors through a significant number of hours of field operation. Although the problem appears to be quite serious, there may be a very straightforward explanation. Low grade oil or an issue with the hydraulic steer box.


  • If the oil’s grade is low, changing it with a high-grade oil that is appropriate and highly advised will remedy the issue.
  • The hydraulic steer box issue is a little more difficult, and it might require replacement.
  • If the gasoline pump needs to be replaced because it is worn out, the steering issue will also be resolved.

2. Missing Engine Fire

The engine misfiring issue with Massey Ferguson 4710 Tractors is another extensively reported issue. This could be the result of malfunctioning fuel pumps or fuel injectors.


  • To determine whether the timing of fuel injections is suitable, a complete evaluation of the injectors and fuel pump is necessary prior to moving forward.
  • If the injectors are harmed, having them replaced would fix the issue.
  • Replacement of the fuel pump is necessary in the event of a malfunctioning fuel pump.

3. No Rotation of the Diesel

Many owners of Massey Ferguson 4710 Tractors frequently use low-grade motor oil. The diesel stops rotating as a result of this. Inappropriate fuel injection timing and clogged or malfunctioning fuel pumps are typically additional plausible causes.


  • A simple fix is to change to an engine oil grade that is suggested and appropriate.
  • Adjusting the fuel pump injection time is not difficult and should be a simple remedy if it is insufficient.
  • If the gasoline pump is faulty or blocked, it needs to be completely cleaned or replaced.

4. A dirty air filter

Due to the fact that Massey Ferguson 4710 tractors are primarily utilized for plowing fields. It is frequently exposed to the dust and grime of the land. As a result of these dirt flecks passing through the air filter, it becomes clogged.


  • Cleaning the air filter completely should solve the issue if it is only somewhat fresh.
  • If the air filter has been in use for a while, replacing it is probably a smart idea.

5. Poor Engine Performance

The engine’s performance will be minimal as a result of the clogged air filter, and it won’t be able to produce enough power to plow the ground. Clogs developing in the engine air screens could be one of the other causes.


  • Cleaning or replacing the air filter would be the main recommendation if the problem were an air filter that was clogged with dirt.
  • Cleaning the engine air screen should solve the problem and restore the engine’s smooth operation.

6. Obstructed Injector

A clogged injector is a serious issue that must not be disregarded. Users of Massey Ferguson 4710 Tractors who have used them for a long period frequently encounter this issue. Black exhaust gases and, in severe circumstances, engine failure, could result from this.


  • By adding fuel and slowly burning it for 2 minutes and then another 5 minutes, injector blockages can be readily eliminated. As long as the injector is not cleaned, this procedure should need to be repeated.
  • If the first option is not acceptable, commercial injector cleaners are also an option.

7. The motor won’t turn on

A few owners of very old Massey Ferguson 4710 tractors noticed that these motor would not start. Although a cold battery may appear to be the cause of this issue, there are more straightforward explanations. Massey Ferguson 4710 Tractors’ pistons may have burned, making it difficult for the engine to start. Fuel flow may also be hampered by clogged fuel lines.


  • The pistons must be changed if they are harmed, rusted, or scorched.
  • If the gasoline line becomes clogged, flushing the line should clear it.
  • Sometimes the starters need to be replaced because they are broken.

8. Transmission Shift Difficulties

Another common issue among users is how much perspiration is required to change the transmission. This can be because the synchronizer was put together improperly or because rust started to accumulate. It could very well be a synchronizer that is worn out.


  • Check the transmission fluid level and replenish it before beginning to disassemble parts.
  • Reassembling the synchronizer might be a nice place to start in order to address the transmission issues.
  • It is necessary to replace a worn-out synchronizer in this instance.

9. Engine Overheating

Not just Massey Ferguson 4710 Tractors but numerous additional tractors have engine overheating as a concern. Therefore, understanding how to solve this issue is crucial. This is another another consequence of a clogged air filter. This issue might also result from having too few air coolers.


  • The air filter should be checked and replaced if necessary, as the first and most important fix.
  • Please add extra air coolant if there isn’t enough to prevent the engine from overheating.

10. White exhaust smoke

During the Massey Ferguson 4710 Tractors’ progressive use. A white fume was coming from the exhaust, which the users observed. Additionally, there are instances where exhausting black fumes are present.When the oil level in the engine is too high and the piston rings are worn out, white vapors begin to release. While this is happening, black vapors may appear as a result of the air filter clogging or the burning of gasoline.


  • Check the level of the engine oil before attempting to eliminate the white smoke. The white vapors should stop if the surplus engine oil is drained away.
  • The piston ring needs to be replaced right away if it becomes worn out or broken. Both local mechanics’ shops and Amazon sell piston rings.
  • If the smoke is black in color, look for dust buildup in the air filter. The immediate issue should be resolved by cleaning the air filter.
  • It is advised to call the neighborhood service center and seek assistance from the specialists if the situation involves gasoline burning, since this could be a significant issue.

What is the engine output of a Massey Ferguson 4710 tractor?

The 3.3L AGCO PowerTM Engine with three cylinders and 70–100 horsepower powers the Massey Ferguson 4710 Tractors.

Who makes the Massey Ferguson 4710 tractors?

The Massey Ferguson 4710 tractor is made by Massey Ferguson. Their facilities are spread across China and Brazil.

How do you know whether the piston ring has to be replaced?

There are some parallels between this situation and that of a worn-out piston ring. These warning signs include white or grey smoke, sluggish acceleration, high oil consumption, reduced engine power, and, in some cases, the engine stopping completely and not starting.

Last Reflections

We found that many Masseys Ferguson 4710 Tractor owners had same issues. Thus, not all Massey Ferguson 4710 tractors have these problems. The bulk of the problems on this listing have an at-home fix that is rather straightforward. However, in dire situations, it is preferable to seek expert help.

You now know what to do if these issues develop because they are virtually universal to all tractors on the market. You might now consider acquiring Massey Ferguson 4710 tractors and using them to plow your farm.

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