10 Causes of a Kobalt Electric Battery Mower Not Starting 

Quieter than gas mowers, electric mowers also require less servicing. It’s important to note that this doesn’t guarantee there won’t be any issues.

When the battery power is insufficient, whether from the wrong size battery, improper installation, a dead battery, or a battery that no longer holds a charge, a Kobalt electric battery lawn mower will not start.

Loose or pinched wires, a malfunctioning safety switch, or a buildup of junk under the deck are all reasons why a Kobalt cordless mower won’t start.

Read on to learn about some other potential root causes of your first issue. Before you start working on your lawnmower, make sure the battery is disconnected.

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Possible Causes of Your Kobalt Battery Mower Not Starting

Low Battery Life in Kobalt Lawnmower

Not having enough juice in the battery prevents the mower from turning on. You should double-check that your Kobalt battery mower is powered by batteries of the correct size and capacity.

The improper battery could do more harm than good by powering the mower’s motor.

Misinstalled Kobalt Battery

The next step is to double-check the battery’s installation to make sure it’s in there properly.

The battery case has grooves that the battery may easily slip into. When the latches on a Kobalt mower are properly engaged, the battery will be hooked to the mower with a satisfying click.

Your Kobalt Lawnmower’s Battery Just Died

It should come as no surprise that a dead battery will prevent a Kobalt battery-powered mower from starting. Some versions may have an LED light system that lets you check the battery life.

The specifics of this lighting system are model-specific. There should be a charging status indicator somewhere on the battery, the mower’s control panel, or the charger itself.

When a completely charged battery stops staying charged for as long as it used to, you know the battery is failing.

A failing battery can no longer store a charge for very long. If your battery is getting too hot, it may be dying.

If your Kobalt battery is losing its charge, charging slowly, or getting too hot, it’s time to obtain a new one.

The three main causes of battery failure are age, heat, and mechanical breakdown.

Poor Wall Outlet or Kobalt Battery Charger Connection

Mowers manufactured by Kobalt require a battery charger for their power source. Confirm that the power adapter is properly plugged into an electrical socket.

A regular 120-volt wall plug will do. Your outlet’s plug type will dictate the plug type you can use. Do not try to alter the plug in any way.

Make sure the battery pack’s connections are properly seated in the charger before plugging in the battery. You can check the battery’s charge status with the help of built-in lights.

Your Kobalt Battery is Overheating

Your lawnmower will automatically turn off if the Kobalt battery becomes too hot. When the battery gets too hot, the mower automatically turns off as a safety measure.

When operating the mower, the battery temperature rises. Operating your Kobalt in hot weather, especially, can cause it to overheat. The battery needs to cool down before you may try to turn it back on.

The Wrong Way to Start a Kobalt Mower

If you’ve never used an electric lawn mower before, or if you just got a new one, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the handbook so you can use it safely.

Kobalt has installed a safety switch on the bail switch bar and handle to avoid inadvertent starting of the mower by youngsters. The lawnmower won’t turn on unless these steps are taken:

How to Start a Kobalt Push Mower:

  • Once you have the battery safely installed, you should press the safety button.
  • You can start the motor by bringing the safety bar (bail switch) up to the handlebar and pulling it.
  • Turn off the security switch.
  • When the safety switch is released, the mower will turn off.

Your Kobalt Mower’s Siderails Aren’t Fully Extended

For some Kobalt lawnmowers, the side rails can’t be locked into place until they’re fully extended. You should also secure the handle.

Your Kobalt Lawnmower’s Flawed Safety Switch

It’s possible that your mower won’t start if the bail switch or any of the other safety switches break. Each switch can be tested independently by connecting a jumper wire across it. You should change out any malfunctioning switches.

Never mow if any of the safety switches are broken; doing so puts you and anyone nearby in danger.

Learn about any and all safety switches on your Kobalt lawnmower by reading the manual that came with it. If you want to know why you should use caution when working on your electric mower, read my article on the subject.

Causes of Loose or Pinched Wires on Your Kobalt Lawnmower

Your lawnmower is full of electrical lines. Because of possible slack or pinching, some of these wires may become unsafe and create a short. Make sure there is no short by jiggling the wires. To find a short, you can also use a multimeter.

A wire nut can be used to fix any frayed or pinched wires. It’s recommended that the battery be disconnected before any maintenance is attempted.

Find out if the Kobalt you purchased is still under warranty by contacting the company. The warranty may be voided if you attempt to fix a broken wire on your own.

Your Kobalt Electric Mower’s Blade Rotation Is Being Restricted By Debris

Grass trimmings, mud, and other debris can easily accumulate on the underside of your Kobalt lawn mower’s deck.

Check for debris accumulation under the deck and scrape it away. Please remember to always unplug the batteries before doing any maintenance on the deck.

When there is a lot of grass stuck in the electric lawn mower’s deck, the blade’s ability to spin is restricted, which is likely why it won’t start.

A clogged mower deck can cause the engine to heat up to the point where it won’t start, rendering your mower useless.

Avoid cutting wet grass, and increase the cutting height for thick or tall grass to keep the engine from overheating. This, in conjunction with reducing your mowing speed, will alleviate the strain on your Kobalt mower.

Your Kobalt Electric Lawn Mower Has Damaged Parts

If you’re having problems getting your Kobalt mower started, perhaps you won’t have to resort to a remedy that could end up costing you quite a bit of money.

Components on your lawnmower will eventually wear out and need to be changed; this is a fact of life that is far from ideal.

Greatest of the parts wear out over time and can be easily replaced at low cost, but the few that cause the most trouble could end up costing you more than the mower itself to replace and have fixed.

Therefore, you should inspect your lawnmower’s parts and decide if it’s worthwhile to repair it based on the extent of the damage.

It’s not uncommon for an electric lawn mower to require replacement of the following parts:

  • Batteries
  • Blades
  • Protective switches

Most of these parts and how they impede your lawn mower from starting have previously been covered in previous sections.

The start switch and the motor are two important parts that we haven’t discussed in depth so far.

If you find that either of these components is broken and is most likely the reason your lawn mower won’t start, you should probably take your Kobalt lawn mower to a professional repair shop rather than trying to fix it yourself.

To find a Kobalt-approved service center, use their toll-free number, 1-888-356-2258.

Not only are these parts typically expensive, but they should only be removed and replaced by people with substantial mechanical and electrical experience.