10 Causes of a Dead WORX Electric Mower (and How to Fix Them)

Compared to a gas-powered mower, a WORX mower eliminates the need for gas and oil, making it a more convenient option. Yet, just because they require less upkeep than others does not mean they are indestructible and without issues.

If you are having trouble getting your WORX electric battery mower to turn on, it could be because of a dead battery, a faulty electrical connection, overheating, or improper operation.

Possible causes include a corroded battery terminal, a discharged battery, a defective safety switch, frayed or disconnected wires, or an accumulation of debris beneath the mower’s deck.

Taking all necessary safety measures before attempting to fix your cordless WORX mower is essential due to the presence of both live electrical currents and potentially dangerous moving parts. Take out the emergency key and batteries.

Before making any changes or repairs to your mower while it is still under the WORX warranty period, check with WORX to make sure you won’t nullify the guarantee.

10 Causes of a Dead WORX Electric Mower (and How to Fix Them)

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Before attempting to diagnose, repair, or operate any piece of equipment, be sure to read and fully understand any applicable safety warnings and precautions found in the device’s operator’s manual.

Causes of the WORX Electric Mower Won’t Start

WORX Electric Mower’s Batteries Doesn’t Have Enough Power

Obviously, if the battery in your WORX lawn mower is dead, you won’t be able to use it. Inadequate power can be caused by a number of factors, such as faulty battery connections, improper battery installation, or a dying battery.

It’s important to use a battery that works with your electric mower. The inability to start, as well as more serious electrical system issues, may result from using the incorrect size battery.

If your WORX mower runs on two batteries, check their charge levels to make sure they are ready to go. If either of the mower’s batteries is dead, the machine might not turn on.

WORX Electric Mower’s Batteries Was Not Fitted Properly

Make sure your battery is properly seated in the battery port. Confirm that it is firmly fastened and making solid contact.

To prevent dust and debris from falling into the battery compartment, wipe down the lid with a clean cloth before opening it.

You can test how securely the battery is fitted by removing it and replacing it. The power pack should fit snugly into the rails and click into position. It is essential that the lid closes tightly.

Incorrect Wall-Or-WORX Battery Charger Connection

Most WORX electric lawn mowers require the battery to be removed and inserted into a separate charging station. The battery charger you use must be compatible with your battery type.

Make sure the battery charger is completely plugged into both the outlet and all other electrical cords. Put it into a regular wall socket that provides 120 volts. Check to see if there’s enough juice in the plug.

In order for your WORX cord to work properly, the plug style must be compatible with the outlet type. Never try to alter the plug. A three-prong plug can only go into a three-prong wall outlet.

Avoid placing the battery charger in direct sunlight or freezing temperatures.

WORX Electric Mower’s Overheating Battery

Your lawnmower won’t start if the WORX battery becomes too hot. Mow the grass without stopping to clean the vents. Do not try to start the vehicle until the battery has cooled down.

Electric Lawnmower by WORX Has a Dead Battery

As WORX lawn mowers require a battery to function, it stands to reason that a dead battery will render the mower inoperable. An external battery charger is required to charge the majority of WORX batteries. A charging cable may be used by some.

Almost all WORX mowers have an LED light that blinks to show when the battery needs to be charged. The mower or the battery charger will have this information.

The number of available minutes on the battery will be indicated by a green light. With more bulbs on, the battery can keep more juice for longer.

While operating a mower that requires two batteries, the charge level of the one with the least power will be indicated by the LED lights.

Warning signs of a dying WORX battery:

  • Nowadays, a completely charged battery doesn’t last as long as it used to.
  • Very high temperatures are produced by the battery.

When a battery stops holding a charge, charges slowly, or gets too hot, it’s time to replace it.

Eventually, batteries will die due to age, heat, or mechanical breakdown.

Accidentally Started a WORX Electric Mower

Whether you’ve just bought a WORX battery lawn mower or are a seasoned pro, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the instructions so you can use it safely.

The safety key on your WORX mower is an added precaution in case your little child manages to mistakenly depress the safety handle and turn it on. Mowers won’t start if you don’t follow the correct starting method.

How to Start a WORX Push Mower or Self-Propelled Mower:

  • Verify that the battery is properly installed and the safety switch is engaged.
  • For the motor to start, you must first bring the bail (safety bar) close to the handle and press the safety lock-out button.
  • To disable the safety release, press the button.
  • When the safety switch is disengaged, the mower will turn off.

WORX Electric Mower Has a Faulty Safety Switch

Mower won’t start? Check the safety switches. With a multimeter or a jumper wire, you may individually test each switch.

You should change out any malfunctioning switches. Never mow if any of the mower’s safety switches are broken; doing so puts you and anybody else in danger.

Transform Your Worx Mower Into A Push Mower Or A Self-Propelled One

  • On/off toggle for the bail lever. To start the mower, the bar must be retracted into the handle. Releasing the bar turns off the mower.
  • Switch that turns on and off briefly.

Whether or not your WORX lawn mower has any supplementary safety switches is a topic best addressed by consulting the manual.

Electrical Wires Coming Loose or Being Pinched in a WORX Lawn Mower

Several cables will be flowing along the handle and through the body of your WORX mower. When a wire becomes dislodged or pinched, a short might emerge.

When a mower won’t start, jiggling a wire can help locate a short. The use of a multimeter is also helpful in locating a short.

The area around the foldable handle is a common pinch point in wires that are being stored. Be cautious when folding and unfolding the handle to keep the wires on the exterior of the device, away from the potential pinch point.

If you discover a pinched wire, you can easily fix it by inserting a wire nut into the damaged area. The battery and the safety key should be taken out before any repairs are made.

When conducted by someone who is not authorized by WORX, repairs to the wiring and any changes to the mower will nullify any and all warranties provided by WORX. If you have a warranty issue, please contact WORX.

Obstacles Preventing the WORX Electric Mower’s Rotating Blades

There may be times when you have to remove grass and other debris from under the deck of your WORX lawn mower.

Before doing any kind of repair on the deck, the battery must be removed and the safety key turned off.

When there is a lot of grass stuck in the electric lawn mower’s deck, the blade’s ability to spin is restricted, which is likely why it won’t start.

If you overburden your WORX mower, it may refuse to start or stop cutting the grass altogether. This occurs when too much grass is being chopped at once, especially if the grass is particularly thick, tall, or damp.

To reduce the strain on your WORX mower and remedy this issue, increase the cutting height and moderate your pace. Don’t mow the lawn if it’s raining.

Worx Electric Lawn Mower Parts Broken

If you’ve gotten this far and still haven’t figured out what’s wrong with your mower, it’s time to take it to a certified WORX service shop. Depending on how badly you messed up your lawnmower, you may need to replace more than just the motor.

A qualified service technician can run diagnostics to figure out what’s causing the difficulty in starting your vehicle. Help from WORX is just a phone call away at 1-866-354-WORX.

You Should Put Your WORX Electric Mower Away Whenever It Rains

If your lawnmower becomes wet, it may short out and refuse to start. If you want to know how using an electric mower in the rain will affect it, see Can You Use an Electric Mower in the Rain?