Your Generac Generator Starts, But Afterwards Stops (12 REASONS)

Your generator won’t continue to run while you’re without power. See my list of typical issues that can prevent a generator from operating.

An empty gasoline tank, clogged fuel filter, dirty carburetor, blocked fuel line, defective ignition coil, bad gas cap, dirty spark plug, old gas or low engine oil levels can all cause Generac generators to start and then stop.

Before making any repairs, allow allowing the engine to cool then Spark plug wire removal. As stated in the Generac operator’s manual, take the necessary safety measures.

Generac Generator
Generac Generator

12 Reasons Your Generac Generator Starts Then Dies

On a Generac generator, the gas tank is empty

You are aware that a Generac generator requires gas to operate. It is well known that this. I just bring it up because, occasionally you get frustrated and may overlook this simple explanation.


A Generac generator with old fuel

Long-term storage of gas in a generator can result in the buildup of varnish, which clogs fuel system, as well as results in fuel constraints. The generator will splutter and possibly fail if the engine is receiving less fuel.

It’s crucial to run fresh gas and use it within 30 days because gas starts to malfunction within 30 days after you buy it.

I am aware that it is simpler spoken than done. The generator can only be used when there is a power outage, and you never know how long that will last.

For this reason, fresh gas should have a fuel enhancer added to it before being poured into the gasoline tank. A fuel enhancer, such as Sea Foam Motor Treatment, will stabilize the fuel and lower the moisture content, extending its shelf life a little.

To receive the finest fuel results, heed these recommendations:

  • Unleaded gasoline with a least 87 octane rating and a maximum ethanol content is required for 4-cycle generators level of 10%. Use only lower ethanol content gasoline.
  • Within 30 days, use gas.
  • Gas shouldn’t be left outside where it could collect moisture.
  • Keep gas in a dry location.
  • Buy only as much gas as you’ll need in the next 30 days. If you buy more than this, stabilize your gas by adding a fuel enhancer.

FIX: Pour used into a container of gas for proper disposal. o make the fuel system more stable and clean, use new gasoline along with a fuel enhancer.

Fuel filter clogged on a Generac generator

In order to filter fuel before it reaches the carburetor, n inline fuel filter is used by Generac portable fuel filters that is installed involving the fuel lines. Its goal is to prevent sludge and other particles from entering the fuel system.

Fuel may not flow through the filter due to dirt that has accumulated and become caught by the filter. If the engine doesn’t get enough fuel, it could shut off.

FIXTURE: Change the soiled fuel filter.

Blockage in the Fuel Line of Your Generac Generator

A plugged fuel line is another factor that may limit fuel flow. Check the fuel flow coming from each part of the fuel line while stopping and starting the fuel flow in order to locate a blockage in the fuel line.

WORKAROUND: To clear a blockage in the line, disconnect the gasoline line coming from the generator, use carburetor cleaner to dislodge the obstruction. The obstruction should then be cleared by air is compressed to blow air through the line.

Replacing the line You can quickly it with a fresh gasoline line that you buy from your neighborhood hardware store if you can’t get the obstruction unclogged or discover that your fuel lines are dry and cracked.

Your Generac Generator Has a Bad Fuel Pump

n case of a carburetor is superior to the gasoline tank, your Generac generator will use a fuel pump. In order to transfer fuel upward, a pump is needed.

The generator will shut off if a fuel pump malfunctions because the carburetor won’t receive enough fuel.

Make sure fuel is going to the fuel pump’s input port before you start testing it. The line should then be taken out of the carburetor and put in a container. Once the engine has started, check the line for a constant or pulsing flow.

gasoline pump that isn’t working deliver a steady supply of fuel to the carburetor should be replaced.

Clean Your Generac Generator’s Carburetor

The correct air and gas volume required to initiate combustion the cylinder of your engine may not be allowed by a clogged or unclean carburetor. When the engine can no longer obtain the air and fuel it needs, the Generac generator may run slowly and shut off.

THE ANSWER: our carburetor so that get rid of the sticky residue and crusty buildup left behind from using outdated and ethanol-containing fuels. You may need to restore or substitute your carburetor if it is too dusty or has damaged parts.

ncorrect setting for the generator’s choke

When starting n engine from a Generac generator that is cold, the throttle must be closed to limit airflow. To continue running the engine after it has warmed up, the choke must be turned to the open position.

FIX: Check that he choke has been released and is now open if your engine starts, then abruptly shuts down.

Filter Blockage on a Generac Generator

To prevent dirt from getting into the air intake and wearing down the engine, the air filter is crucial. n order to maintain it shape, this crucial component needs to be regularly inspected.

I advise the typical householder to clean and replace the air filter many times a year. You must replace the filter when you see that it is severely clogged or broken.

If you use the generator in dry, dusty conditions, you’ll need to repair it more frequently.

The filter can become so clogged with dirt if you don’t periodically clean and replace it, which will prevent the engine from receiving enough air. It may overheat and severely harm the engine permanently.

SOLUTION: If your air filter appears to be clogged, clean it according to the instructions provided to your left specific air filter type. Consult the Generac operator’s manual if you’re unsure of the kind of filter you have or how to clean it.

Clean the foam-style air filter on a Generac generator

  • From the housing, ake the air filter out.
  • Clean housing and cover for the air filter to remove any leftover dirt. Do not let dirt enter the air intake.
  • Look for damage on the foam filter, and replace it if necessary.
  • Clean the filter inse it till the water is clear with soapy water is clear if it is in good condition.
  • The filter should be squeezed and then dried.
  • Put the air filter in place.
  • ir filter housing back on.

Cleaning the paper air filter on a Generac generator:

  • From the housing, ake the air filter out.
  • Clean housing and cover for the air filter to remove any leftover dirt. Do not let dirt enter the air intake.
  • Take a look at the paper air filter. To release dirt so it can fall from the filter, tap the filter. Replace the filter with a new one if it is too unclean, destroyed or not existing adequately air intake is sealed.
  • Put the air filter in place.
  • ir filter housing back on.

Your Generac generator’s fuel tank vent or gas cap may be broken

In order to equalize the pressure inside the fuel tank, here must be a vent in the gasoline tank that allows air to move through it. The tank will create a vacuum when the vent is blocked, preventing fuel from reaching the carburetor. The generator won’t operate as a result.

By removing the fuel cap and turning on the generator, you may see if the fuel tank vent is the source of your issue. If the generator functions properly, tighten the fuel lid again to see if you can reproduce the problem.

Continue to run the generator to see if it starts to run slowly before shutting down. If it does, you most likely have an issue with the gasoline tank vent.

The gas cap may come with a built-in vent for the gasoline tank. It might also be a separate vent that is mounted on top of the fuel tank.

When you notice that the gasoline tank is no longer venting properly, the solution is to Depending on your Generac model, replace the gas cap or rollover valve tank vent.

Clean Your Generac Generator’s Spark Plug

The spark plug gave it the spark it needed to start, but if it’s severely unclean or damaged, it can have sporadic spark issues that make the generator stutter and shut off.

WORKAROUND: Take out the spark plug to inspect it. If the tip is particularly black he porcelain is colored or the electrode is worn shattered, he spark plug must be changed for a new one.

Clean it with a wire brush, check the electrode gap, and firmly fasten the spark plug wire if it seems to be in good shape. A faulty wire or improper spark plug gap might potentially cause the generator to discontinue functioning.

Your Generac Generator Has a Bad Ignition Coil

Ensure the condition of your spark plug shape before looking for a damaged combustion coil. The spark plug receives voltage from the ignition coil in order to ignite the engine.

The engine won’t start if the spark plug can’t ignite because it has a defective spark plug or combustion coil.

Engine Oil Level Is Insufficient in Your Generac Generator

You might have your generator operating for a time and then quit abruptly. When the low engine oil light is illuminated, check it. In order to prevent harm to the engine, Generac contains a sensor that will shut it down when the oil level is low. The engine oil level must be rectified before it may restart.

The fact that it has stopped working may be frustrating. The generator turning off is a positive thing, though.

arrying on operate an engine that is short on oil might result in substantial engine damage because a lack of appropriate riction will increase in the engine as a result of lubrication. The engine might heat up to the point that parts start to melt.

Start by setting the generator on a level, flat surface before determining the engine oil level. Remove the oil fill cap, then use a clean towel to wipe the oil off the dipstick.

Put the dipstick back the oil-fill tube without tightening the lid. Check the oil level on the dipstick after removing it. Make sure the dipstick is in the middle of the range.

If it is not, fix the oil level in the engine withdrawing or until it reaches the ideal level, add a little oil. When the low oil sensor remains on even when the engine oil level is correct, you may have a malfunctioning sensor. The generator should ideally be taken to a service facility for repair.