Wilderness Survival Techniques in Winter Forest

Imagine that you went somewhere in the woods and got lost, so you walked hundreds of miles away from home in wrong direction . Consider the main factors that can affect on survival.

Training and equipment

We will begin, as always, with preparation. Your eighty percent depends from your health and and what you bring with you. You must take a few things with you, and no matter, in what place you went: to the forest Allegheny in Pennsylvania or to Gifford Pinchot in Washington. Just put them in your pocket. These things are called knives, matches and a compass.

wilderness survival- knife, matches, compass
Knife, matches, compass

Take at least two boxes of matches. One of them must be packed tightly. It could be any box, packed in a cellophane bag.

Also bring three lighters. They do not get wet. It’s better to take transparent lighters so you can control the gas consumption.

Lighters for survival
Lighters for survival

If you are going to spent a few days in a remote place, you need to take an ax. It is useful for harvesting firewood, building any shelter, in order to make something, to hammer nails and much more.

Forest survival

Without fail, I would recommend taking an adhesive tape. It can be useful to fasten something, glue it, etc. This thing is not heavy and doesn’t take up much space in your bag. Put it in a backpack without any doubt, and be sure it can serve you well.

It’s nice to bring along a hank of a thin rope. It can also come in handy at any time.

rope for survival

It is also necessary to have a compass. If you get lost, it can shorten your path for a few hours. And if you are far away, this can be a matter of life and death.

compass-in-winter for survival

It wouldn’t be superfluous to take a few plastic bags. They can contain game, or some other things for wasting time …

Going to spend a few days in the forest? Take a small bowler with you. It can be used for food preparing, storing meal inside, and is comfortable for carrying. You can make soup in a bowler, and use the lid to make tea or make something fried.

bowler for survival
Bowler for survival

In a multi-day expedition, take a piece of dense polyethylene membrane. It is useful for building a canopy, it can be laid on the snow during an overnight stay.

Take three knives for surviving in wild. First is an ordinary penknife. It has a blade and an opener. The second is a big hunting knife. It is useful for more rough work: to cut large branches, to stitch or to cut something big. The third knife is a knife with a set of tools. You may broke a rifle, backpack accessories or something else during the expedition, that’s why a small tool set which is often necessary.

knife pack
Knife, compass pack

If you go hunting for a few days, you need to bring your spare clothes. Spare sweater and pants are required. There is a dangerous chance in the winter to fall into the cold water, that’s why spare clothing is simply necessary.

Danger in winter
Danger in winter

It is necessary to have several pairs of socks. Even just during hunting your feet will sweat, and the socks will become wet.

Warm clothes for survival
Bring some spare clothes

All clothes should be dried at any opportunity. And it’s not so important, you are in the winter quarters or near the fire. Dry not only socks, but also jackets and even sleeping bags. However, in any case, do not leave clothing drying at a fire unattended. It is better if you dry it holding in your hands.

During my life I saw dozens of burnt socks, jackets and even boots that were hung over the fire, and left without attention. If you are far from the house, burnt boots can cost you very much.

fire on snow
Always dry clothes

Bring a needle with the thread coil. Repair the clothes as soon as there is even a small hole. You will not notice how, you will lose some of your clothes, and even get sick. Clothes, shoes should not be tight and hamper movement. You will quickly get tired, get out of your strength in close clothes. Tightly strapped clothes can disrupt blood circulation. In addition, tight shoes will quickly rub corns, and maybe you will not be able to walk at all, or at least it will greatly slow down you.

Repair boots at any possibility
Repair boots at any possibility

If you are walking for a long distance, you need to take off all the warm sweaters. Otherwise they will all get wet with sweat. The best option is a thermal underwear with a light jacket on. Wear warm clothes at once,when you make a break, otherwise you risk catching a cold.

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