Whitetail Hunting Gear Checklist 101 | Reviews

Depending upon the time of year the conditions and what you’re hunting, these products is going to vary a little bit, but for the most part, just about everything in your backpack will be for all time.


The first thing you must have is the backpack.

Make sure and pick a good quality backpack – one that is comfortable to wear, one that will hold quite a bit of weight, and with good buckles on it. Just a good comfortable quality backpack, because you may need to tie some stuff on the back of it, if you’re successful to pack it out alright.

Ropebungee cord hunting gear

If you’re a bow hunter, you gun hunter and you get up in a tree, you’ll always want to make sure and have a good rope with you. You will need it to carry your gear up.

I carry a bungee cord with me too, in the event that I need to tie off a head or antlers, whatever on the back of my backpack, I can do that with the Rope of the bungee cord.

Flagging tapeflaggin tape

I love carrying flagging tape, and this is especially good, if you’re tracking a wounded animal on a blood trail. You can put this up hanging on a tree, and you can really determine the direction and the angle i which this animal is escaping.

Grunt Call

I love calling deer. Doesn’t work all the time, but when it works – it works real well. So I like to carry a grunt call and I’ll carry a bleat.

Grunt Call Hunting gear review


Bring some hunter knives in your backpack all the time, no matter what you’re hunting. Just carry a fixed blade knife. It will allow you to do a lot of serious hard work with it.knife for huntingfolding knife for hunting

You can do a lot more with little folding blade knife, but the folding blade knife must have its place as well, so carry two different kinds of knives with you.

Flashlightflashlight for hunting

Always make sure and have a good flashlight with you. When you head to the stand or head out of the stand you better have good batteries as well. So a good quality flashlights they sell lots of cheap ones on the market pick a good one.


You can just carry a poncho. You never know when you’re going to need it.

poncho Gear Checklist 101 and Reviews

I’ll also carry a thing of water with me, of not just because if I get thirsty, but also if I want to wash my hands.

Animal scent killer.scent killer

A great product, it helps eliminate human odor. Carry it in the stand with you and use it all the time.

Smoke powder

Just a smoke, a little powder and it’ll help you determine the wind direction always. This little smoke really helps a lens cleaner.

I like taking some lens wipes to keep them not only in a rifle scope clean, but my binoculars or my rangefinder clean.

Light sticks

Light sticks come in so handy if you want to shooting a deer late at night and you’re out in the field and you all you can do is field dress it put your tag on it.hunting gear review lightsticks

Little folding saw

A folding saw is essential for you, because you will do a lot of walking in areas, a lot of hunting in areas, that you really haven’t ever been. You will deal with a limb or two, that needs to be trimmed hanging on a tree to get a good shooting lane, so that’s why saw is a good idea.foldin saw hunting gear review

Toilet paper

Always carry some toilet paper with you. Worth its weight in gold, as you well know if you got to do some “paperwork”.


I love carrying GPS with me. It’s just for the most part I pretty much know the area where I’m going in and going out. But in the event, I’ve got any question whatsoever a good quality GPS is going to get me in, and out, and I won’t have to call somebody to come get me.gps huntig gear review

Fire starter

No matter what time of year, even if it’s a warm, and you don’t need a fire. You may not need a fire to keep warm, but you may need a fire for somebody to find you. So always carry a fire starter.


Carry snacks with you all the time, because you never know you may be out late at night cleaning animal if you got lucky.


Carry a book if You miss it all day long – you’ll notice.

Extra ammoextra ammo hunting review

Although we never expect the mess, or never expect to need extra ammunition.

It’s always a good idea to carry it quality pair of binoculars a real good rangefinder with some good fresh batteries .

Warm clothes

If it gets cold carry a little hood with you, and a little neck sweater, and also an extra pair of gloves. You never know when you need this stuff, but this is pretty much what you have to carry with you to the stand every single time.warm-clothes-hunting gear reviews

I hope you found my advices helpful and if you got a question or comment just go ahead and post it below.

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