What Are Pine Cones Used For? Mysteries Of The Pine Cones

what is the purpose of pine cones

Have you ever wondered how you can use the beautiful sculpture of the pine cones in a practical way or daily life? If you only use the pine cones as an ornamental sculpture, you need to know more about their usage.

The Pinecones can be used for various purposes, from showcasing to easting as a nutrient source. But unlike other flowers, seeds, or fruits, you cannot get a lot from pine cones.

Therefore if you want to know more about what are pine cones used for, scroll through this article and learn more.

What Are Pine Cones Used For In Genshin Impact?

Along with their usage in the real world, the pine cones also have some interesting uses in the virtual world. Genshin Impact is a popular open-world multiplayer game on the Android platform.

The pinecones in this game can be used to produce different types of food items. These items can be further used for increasing the different statuses such as Health, Attack, or Defence of the character.

Uses In The Events

You can use the pine cones to get into the Marvelous merchandise Event in this game. In these events, you can collect an enormous amount. Later part the pine cones can be used to produce food items that can be used as potions.

Uses To Brew Recipies

These pine cones are used to brew some important recipes, such as Mondstad Hash Browns and Sauteed Matsutake. You will need two pine cones for the Mondstad Hash Browns recipe.

On the other hand, two sauteed Matsutake also require two pine cones to increase the attack power of some-specific characters. The Puppy-Paw Hush Brown is another recipe that pinecones can brew.

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What Are Pine Cones Used For In Animal Crossing

The Animal Crossing series game is for the Nintendo platforms. It is a social simulation game. In these games, the pine cones have a lot of uses. You can use the pine cones for harvesting and gardening.

Moreover, the pine cones can also be used to develop some small bounty trees. You will need six pine cones along with other materials to create the ”Trees Bounty Little tree.” The two types, Brown and White, can be developed using Pinecones.

Here, the pine cones are used as the crafting material. You can shake the fully grown Cedar Tree to obtain the pine cones.

What Are Scented Pine Cones Used For?

Normally Pinecone is used as an ornamental object for decorating the home appliances such as tables or showcases. Alongside, you can upgrade the beauty of the pine cones even more by adding scents to using essential oils.

These scented pinecones are used for making a pleasant environment in the surrounding. You can place these pine cones in the middle of a room to spread the scent equally around the house.

Besides, you can also hang the scented pine cones by a string by the entrance, driveway, balcony, etc. The scented pine cones also make a good sculpture for the bathroom as it helps remove the bad odor.

What Are Pine Cones Used For In Genshin?

If you wonder what is the purpose of pine cones, it will surprise you that Pine codes have usability both in the real and virtual world.

In the Genshin Impact online multiplayer open-world game, the use of Pinecones is for cooking items. You can craft or cook three different consumable products in the Genshin impact.

Two pine cones are required to create Mondstadt Hash Brown, which increases the Maximum Health Point by 30/32/34%. This also increases normal health p[oint by 600/1250/1900 to a specific character.

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You can also make Puppy Paw Hash brown, which increases by 40% Max HP and 2350HP to a specific character. Another thing that the Pinecones craft is Sauteed Matsutake which increases the attack points of the characters.

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What Are The Benefits Of Pine Cones?

Pinecones have lots of consumable, usable, and crafting benefits if properly used.

Growing Pine Trees

You can use the pine cones to grow pine trees using two different methods. The pine cones release the pine seeds from inside the scales of the pine cones. These seeds, when sown, produce pine seedlings for ornamenting.

Show Casing Products

The pine cones can be customized using the DYI techniques. These make beautiful eye-catching sculptures for your table, wardrobe, etc. Using the essential oil, you can convert a normal pine cone into a scented one that you can keep in the kitchen or restrooms.

Medicinal Uses

The pinecones are effectively used in making anti-cough syrup, decoction, infusion, oil extract, and an alcohol tincture. All these natural brewing helps to keep health on track.

What Can You Do With Pine Cones?

You can use the pine cones for growing new seedlings, brew different herbal drugs, or simply use them as an ornamental product for the house. It can also be used for edible pine nuts and is a good source of vitamins.

Can You Eat Pine Cones?

No. you cannot directly eat a pine cone. But some parts of the pine tree are edible such as the pine needle, pine seeds, and pine nut. But consuming a pine cone without any treatment is not recommended.


Pine cones are wildly found in the wilderness. Knowing what are pine codes used for offers you different beneficial outcomes in many ways.

Along with the real world, you have also found enormous uses for pine cones in games. Going through this article may have helped you understand the different uses of pine cones, directly or indirectly.