Top 8 sports bars and pubs in Moscow during the World Cup 2018

Eight sports bars and pubs in Moscow, where the football atmosphere can be no worse than at the best stadiums in the world and where the atmosphere will be no worse than during the main days of World Cup in Samara.

Arena-Sport Restaurant

Arena-Sport Restaurant

Sports bar with the most convenient location (at the exit from the Third Ring, 15 minutes walk from the metro station “Avtozavodskaya”), but one of the largest screens in the capital – 236 x 393 inches. You can watch the most diverse sports – from Formula 1 racing and KHL matches to boxing matches and biathlon. But football of course is in the first place.

Liga Pap Restaurant

Liga Pap restaurant

One of the best places in Moscow where you can watch football from a couple of dozen plasma panels and a large screen with a projector.More than 300 fans gather here during important matches, so it will be more useful for mental health to take a course to another institution for those who are indifferent to sports. The menu includes steaks, burgers, buffalo wings and other brutal snacks. Breakfasts (omelets, pancakes, cheese cakes) are served around the clock. The “League of Papa” is regularly visited by well-known Russian commentators – like Georgy Cherdantsev and Vladimir Stognienko – who are reporting specifically for the guests of the restaurant.

Pub Bobby Dazzler

 Pub Bobby Dazzler

“Bobby Dazzler” – the beer “headquarters” of the “Manchester United” fans with a high concentration of expats and ten TV panels. A solid selection of beer (Fuller’s Black Cab Stout, Bishops Finger Ale, Hobgoblin and so on), pork sausages and ribs BBQ. And the Scottish haggis, exotic dish of giblets, chopped with onion, oatmeal and seasonings, boiled in a mutton stomach.

Hooters Sports Bar

 Hooters Sports Bar

The restaurant of the popular American franchise has finally opened in Moscow – with branded chicken wings, long-legged waitresses in sexy uniform and 30 TV screens for sports broadcasts. Despite the impressive size, the seats in the sports bar – it is advisable to book a table in advance before a match day.

John Donne pub

John Donne pub

“John Donne” on Nikitsky Boulevard is rarely empty – the pub is overcrowded by lovers of British beer, blood sausage, fish-end chips and football broadcasts. It is desirable to book a table in advance because you will not be able to find free table. But if this happens – keep your way course to the nearby bar Cockney’s or go to the less popular “John Donna” on Pyatnitskaya Street or “Park of Culture”.

Mollie’s Pub

 Mollie's Pub

Good place with the interiors of a traditional Irish pub – leather chairs, rough wooden chairs, a dimensionless bar counter and sports attributes hanging on the walls – from boxing gloves to cheerleading “roses” and tickets to matches. The alcohol menu contains – more than 55 varieties of whiskey, as well as Kilkenny, Manchester Brown, Marstons Oyster and other eli and stouts. There are several TV screens in the pub, so you can watch football from almost any angle.

Cockney’s Pub

Cockney's Pub

A small English pub in Kalashny Lane is a good alternative to the nearby John Donna, which is often overcrowded. The menu – 12 varieties of British beer, apple cider, a variety of sausages, fish-end chips and traditional pies. Sports broadcasts on several screens go late, and all the fun here usually begins at midnight (not like the real British pubs).

Silver’s Pub

Silver's Pub

“Soup of the day – whiskey!” – the slogan of this tiny Irish pub at Nikitsky Lane. The place is atmospheric: shabby tables, spilled “Guinness” on floor, noisy expat companies that came to watch football or rugby. There are two halls here, and watching the broadcast is better in the first one, where there is a bar counter and a few small screens. In the second room there is only one plasma, and from distant tables it is almost impossible to keep track of what is happening.

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