Top 7 applications for Bicycle tourism

Bicycle is gaining increasing popularity as an alternative mode of transport . In Europe, advanced travelers move in a hybrid way: for long distances – they use ridersharing, and rent bicycles in cities that are hired. A trip on two wheels gives the tourist freedom in arbitrary traffic and stops, full of impressions from the opening views, aromas and atmosphere of the visited places. We publish an overview of applications that can be useful to travelers who have chosen this mode of transport.

Bycicle apps for beginners


MAPS.ME can not only build bike routes, but also supports navigation in offline, in addition, it also also shows the location of rental offices in many cities. The service works without an Internet: you only need to download the map in advance. Thanks to the traffic saving, the costs for roaming are reduced (if you decide to go for a drive in Europe, for example). The app also consumes less battery, because cyclists, unlike motorists, can not recharge the phone on the go. Maps are regularly updated by a large community of people around the world. The application contains not just on-duty information, but also information about really interesting and hidden from the eyes of most tourists places explored by users on their own experience. In addition, it is synchronized with the service and shows offers of hotels all along the route.


Among the numerous functions of the Endomondo app – fixation of speed and distance you passed. For those who are particularly interested in the sport component of traveling on a bicycle, it allows you to track statistics of the physical activity of a rider, choose different training regimes . A nice addition is the built-in player.

Map My Ride

Even if you are not keen on a bicycle as a sport, and riding a two-wheeled vehicle is just some kind of entertainment for you, this application can please you with a nice bonus – the form which calculates the burned calories. Map My Ride will appeal to those who monitores the weight. You can ride, for example, in Italy, and then watching how everything eaten “burns out.”

Apps fo cyclicsts


Applications such as AirPnP will help you to “kill two birds with one stone”: it shows the location of latrines on the map and tells you where you can inexpensively grab a snack on the way. The secret is simple – most of the rooms with a WC sign are in roadside cafes and fast food.

St John Ambulance First Aid for Cyclists

Biking can be very traumatic for an unprepared person. Even if you do not plan to develop marathon speed, and knowing what to do in case of an accident is simply necessary. Instructions for first aid are contained in the app with the rather long name St John Ambulance First Aid for Cyclists.

Bike Doctor

Bike Doctor is chargeable, but extremely useful service. In our opinion, this is the case when spending some money is justified, because the application contains instructions for dummies on how to eliminate all kinds of bicycle crashes.

Bicycle Light

Bicycle Light – another service to ensure the safety of a bicyclist. If your smartphone has enough memory, download it just in case: this application can prevent an accident or even save your life. It will be indispensable if you are in the dark at night on the road, and there are no flashing beacons on the bike. In this case, the special light mode of the smartphone will replace the front or rear signal light. Minus – fast discharge of the battery, but to overcome the dangerous area should be enough.

Bon Voyage!

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