Top 6 Must Have Gear for Cycling – advice, guide

Wearing the right clothing really will impact on the enjoyment and comfort of your ride. You may even find you alright longer and quick it in the right gear.

Cycling shorts

Cycling shorts are a good starting point when buying shorts. There are a few things to consider like riff or not. Like your shorts off a major benefits if you ride any distance theyn are flexible to move with you rather than riding off while pedaling. However, the main reason for buying any cycling shorts is the Shamy. They provide comfort for mile after mile, wick away moisture and keeps saddle sores at bay keeping you on your bike for longer.cycling shorts

As you move up our range of shorts you will see even more benefits. Shorts with more panels give a better fit as they mold to the rider. Flat lot of stitching will give the best comfort next to your skin reducing chafing while riding. Some shorts also have leg rippers which prevent the shorts from riding off when you’re out on the road.

Bib shorts

Another item of clothing you should be considering it as a pair of bib shorts. Unlike conventional shorts, which can dig around the waist when cycling, bib struts hold the shorts, or making a far more comfortable ride. They cover your lower back, so that when your jersey goes north, as you bend over the handlebars, you save the feeling of the resulting draft.Bib shorts


Cycling jerseys offer some features you won’t find in a t-shirt. Cycling jersey is made from technical fabrics which is designed to provide different benefits. These breathable materials keep you dry and cool in the summer, but also provide a great layer in the winter.t-shirt cycling gear

And in winter you will need something a little warmer for the cold conditions. The best way to do this is to layer up and this will be discussed further in our winter clothing advice article.


cycling glovesIn summer, gloves with short cut fingers are a popular choice. Most are padded leather, or synthetic leather palms with moisture absorbing terakoya and dabbing the sweat.

In cold-weather rides a pair of gloves are a must have gear, with most offering protection against the wind. Fully waterproof gloves are great when the weather really turns an essential for commuters will be out on their bike whatever the weather.


When it comes to safety, reflective or bright quality glasses gives you extra visibility. This is an item you should never cycle without.cycling glasses


And finally you’ve got socks. You have to remember how busy your feet are when you’re cycling. Cycling socks not only give you a bit of additional comfort but it can help prevent any blisters or irritation.

Hope this advice will be usefull for you. Explore outdoors on you bicycle, enjoy your life.

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