[Top 5 ] Cool Water Toys For Water Activities in 2018

Tired of laying on the beach with your boogie board and blow up floaties. There is much more fun to be held on the water with the lated advent of innovative water toys.

Whether you like being above the water or below there are unique products for discovering endless horizons in water sports activities. 5 coolest water toys, that will feed your thrill.

#5 U-Boat Worx

Number 5 u-boat works if you are a true Explorer at heart and are looking to take your journeys to a new level you can now immerse yourself in a world you never seen. Explore unchartered destinations underwater with the Dutch manufacturer U-boat Worx submarine.

U-boat worx for water activities


U-Boat worx

These safety standards tested subs provide comfortable accommodations for one to six passengers.
The ultra clear bubble provides the best view possible of your underwater surroundings making you feel part of the environment.

Check out wrecks, dive among incredible sea life, with easy-to-use controls and mission capabilities. The line of subs is certified for depths from 300 to 3,000 feet.

If you have a pool of three hundred fifty thousand to a million handy for some underwater fun, or you’ve always dreamed about being Aquaman – check these subs out.

#4 Seabreacher

Looking like jaws on steroids, the newest adrenaline junkie water toy is – the Seabreacher. This sixty thousand dollar water toy is a cross between a jet ski and a submarine.Seabreacher for watersports

You can customize it to look like a shark, dolphin, or plaster it with a company logo, because everyone will be watching you as you soar up to 20 feet out of the water.

The Seabreacher not only jets along the surface, able to leap tall waves in a single bound, but it also dives below the surface five or six feet and submerge for up to a minute.Seabreacher-for-Summer

Seabreacher is controlled with hand stick, and feet pedals, and as many of the same features as an aircraft. The supercharged engines allow the passenger to ride along the surface at breathtaking speed, while the acrylic canopy provides 360-degree views.Seabreacher Jump

Features include front and back LCD video screens from a snorkel mounted camera, marine audio system with iPod, iPhone docking station, and customized upholstered interior. n

#3 Scuba Craft

With all the water toy hybrids being introduced, it is no wonder, that rayon Hadj developed the first compact semi submarine. This is not a submarine, and it is not a glass-bottom boat. The scuba craft st6 250 horsepower can contain six passengers, with the ability to fly across the water at speeds of 50 miles per hour.


The sub part comes in with the press of a button as this hybrid can dive to depths of 100 feet in an open cabin. That being sad, unless you can breathe underwater, you will need to have your own scuba gear once the scuba craft submerges.

The client and environmentally friendly electric propulsion system cruises underwater at 3 knots for up to 90 minutes. This space comfortable compact watercraft has smooth driving performance and provides a great view of the underwater world.

#2 Schiller bike

Schiller bikeIf bikes and water toys could have a baby – they would produce the Schiller water bike. Biking during the summer can be hot and tiresome. But instead of biking across the country how about being able to bike across the bay? Judith Schiller has just that thought, when he designed his water bike and was indeed the first person to bike across the San Francisco.

This water bike is simple in nature – basically a bike between two water pontoons. The bike comes in its own pouch with the tools needed to put it together, including a hand pump. It takes about 10 minutes to inflate the HSU pontoons manually. Once on the water, the Schiller water bike is not only fun, it is easy to use as long, as there are no strong winds. Not advisable to ride during hurricane.


This bike is a cool way to exercise. You can reach the speed of 11 kilometers per hour.
Great exercise and all the freedom of biking, makes it a great choice for summer biking.

#1 SeaBob

If you are not afraid of dragging yourself around a shark bait the next time you go snorkeling, you may want to try out the seaBob.seabob underwater

This fun and unique watercraft will allow you to cover lots of territory in a short amount of time. Its maneuverability allows the passenger to use subtle shifts and body weight to quickly change directions. Dive, spin and loop underwater.

This machine will run up to three hours underwate before needing to be recharged. It is emission free and will not Seabob for water sportsharm our environment.

It even comes with its own dashboard display, letting you know your desk, the water temperature and how much battery you have left.

The safety features include a pressurized trigger, that if released the device will stop and immediately rise to the surface.

Dive down to 40 meters, recharge in ninety minutes. The german-engineered speed Bob is a portable electric jet that will provide hours of underwater entertainment.

So, throw out beach towel and join the leagues of people who are experiencing new kinds of water entertainment with our top 5 coolestwater toys.

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