TOP 3 Excursions in Catalonia: Empuriabrava, knight tournament, Dali museum and Port Aventura

Once I’m already told myself that Spain could not become my country, but this does not cancel the fact that it is admirable. And every tour of its expanses – too. We had two types of excursions: by the tour operator and independent.

The tour trip included the visit to Port Aventura amusement park, a knightly tournament and a trip to Empuriabrava, followed by a visit to the Salvador Dalí Museum in Figueres. Our program included an aquapark near Lloret de Mar, Barcelona and Girona.

Port Aventura

Polynesia in Spain travel guide

This pleasure cost us 39 euros per person. This price includes a coupon  for dinner.

Riding to the Costa del Sol from the Costa Brava is a long time. Exactly enough for you to arrive by 4 pm and be able to buy a ticket cheaper. In the evening, there are fewer queues, so you can visit more attractions. But the problem is that the allocated time before the closure is categorically not enough to visit the attractions you like, so it’s not
very cool to follow such program with children.

Well-groomed, clean, the color of different countries is respected. Let me remind you that there are 5 of them here: Mexico, the Mediterranean, Polynesia, the USA and China. In each territory there are cafes with cuisine, which is peculiar to this country. We really liked the Mexican restaurant, with dummies of Mexican houses inside and around the perimeter, but we had dinner traditionally in American part. By the way, we still had to pay extra – coupons were sorely lacking, although we took only a burger with a drink.

We took a ride on an attraction in the Mediterranean region, traveling at a speed of 220 km per hour. My face was smeared on every photo, and wedecided not to buy it.

Nothing attracted our attention in Polynesia, except the scenery, the Chinese part pleased with it’s bamboo in two human growths and pagodas, and even “dragon” hills with a dead loop. We left it very tired, but happy. Anyway, I got the photo, where is clearly visible my happy face, as well as the face of my companion – probably, so it looks like a samurai, when he goes to certain death.

In the American part, we gaily made a photo against the coffins, climbed into the loop of the hanged man, and rose to the 100-meter Mexican attraction, and then descended in free fall. With some losses. The girl next to me lost her shoe at the top. I got a photo from this adventure, too. Although I was the initiator of the flight, my eyes were tightly
screwed up on the photo…

Finally we took a ride on some boats with an English family of three people. Nothing special, there is no extreme I like, but if you go in the evening together, it can be quite romantic.

Knight Tournament

 Spanish Knights

Our driver was called Julio. And if on the way there it did not cause anybody any questions, then on the way back, after a fair share of the wine, the whole bus was amused as best as it could. It’s a shame a little.

You can drink as much as you want. And the wine is not bad at all. There is one piquant detail – the wine is served to the chicken, and as in ancient times, – I had to eat it using only my hands.

In general, the whole tournament is, of course, stylization – from the castle with the royal throne to the battles, which, of course, are staged. The queen of the tournament, of course, becomes a blonde Slavic type. It is advisable at the to be without a “knight”,the codex does not allow for the true knight to take the lady away from the other.

But if you are with a boyfriend or husband, do not be discouraged – there is a chance to receive a flower from the hands of a noble knight. They have intermediate battles, and the knight of your sector chooses a
temporary hostess of his heart.

I was lucky – I got the flower. I even had time to imagine how, in a very old age, I would tell my grandchildren that I received a rose from a real knight, but then the flower was stolen from me. Luckily, there was a photo with the flower, otherwise nobody would have believed me, probably.

Empuriabrava and the Salvador Dalí Museum in Figueres

 Empuriabrava and its houses with turrets

It is not so easy to get on this tour, despite the fact that it passes in one day with the bullfight – the main show in Spain. We were lucky to pass in because I had a birthday – and all staff was urgently busy looking for a place for me.

Empuriabrava is the Spanish Venice. There are two exits in each house: one ground, the other – into the water. Yachts with beautiful youth are riding along the canals. Lifeis beautiful here. However, even if you do not live here all year round, you still need to make annual installments with six zeros, because according to the the contract you are obliged even in your absence not only to pay taxes, but also to monitor the beauty of the territory near your mansion.

Almost all the houses here have a small tower – this is a kind of tradition. Once pirates lived in these places wich were very fond of ruining the surrounding lands. To protect themselves, their livestock and their goods, people began to build the towers to their houses, where all the property was hidden, when they saw the pirates.

We took a boat ride, and although it was not as glamorous as a yacht, we got a lot of impressions. The brightest thing is an old man in an “alcoholic vest” and pants, who waved a bottle of vodka and shouted “hello.”

Well, and then there was Dali. Everyone knows that it is beautiful, but not everyone know that in the evening the museum turns on the green lights – becoming even more magical.

And before closing, you will be given a glass of red vine. Makes You feel like at a social event: with a glass of wine, and in a wonderful place.

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