Top 10 Sport Climbing GEAR | Essentials

As you move from the gym to the crag these are things that are going to be useful, wherever you’re climbing, whether it’s Rumney, Ten Sleep, Red Rocks, The Red, any of those places, these stuff will really help you enjoy the climbing a bit more.


So first we have shoes. We decided to choose the Shaman from Evolv. Velcro closure makes it very easy to take on and off. You’ll have a little bit of a downturn to help pulling on steep terrain, help you edge on small, holds a little bit better. It has a nice point toe for working pockets and other interesting features on the rock.


 Belay devices

Belay devices are super important. They help you catch part your partner’s fall, lower them safely back to the ground.
My favorite is the GriGri. It’s an assisted braking device so when your partner’s hanging on the rope, it takes some of that weight off, so you’re not holding as much.climbing device

The lever is very easy to operate safely and slowly lower your climber to the ground.


Quickdraws are another really importantthing. Here we have the Black Diamond Nitron. It has a nice thick dog bone to grab on to pull back onto the cliff when you’re working a project. Very comfortable to clip, the bent gate makes those hard clips see much easier.

Quickdraws for climbing


Belay Gloves Climbing

Belay gloves are probably the most overlooked pieces of sport climbing gear, it will help protect your skin. So when you grabbing for the next sloper or crimp you haven’t worn it all out on the rope lowering your partner. Also gives you a little bit more control so you can lower your partner with a little bit more control and safety.



Watching your partner while climbing, is one of the most important things, making sure you’re always ready to catch a fall give them rope when he need it.belay glasses for climbing

Belay glasses help you to watch without straining your neck and looking up with mirrors makes it easier on your neck and keeps your partner safer as you’re able to watchfor partner a little bit better.


Sport climbing has all kinds of really cool holds whether there are two finger pockets, crimps, or slopers. They’re all harder to hold onto and your hands are sweaty. A good chalk like something from Friction Labs will give you a much better grip, make climbing feel easier and generally more fun.

Climbing chalk

harness for climbing


For sport climbing like a really lightweight harness, something like the Solution from Black Diamond. Really simple, really lightweight, also very comfortable.


I also never go sport climbing without a puffy. The Outdoor Research Transcendent is a really lightweight compresses easily, so you don’t even notice it in the bottom of your pack. It help keep you warm and comfortable while you’re belaying. It will keep your muscles warm .

climbing puff

 The 9.5 Infinity rope

The 9.5 Infinity rope from Mammut has nice diameter, andit’s durable but not too heavy.9.5 rope climbing

Back Pack

With all this great stuff you need for sport climbing, you’ll need a great bag like the Trango Crag Pack with near 45 liters capacity, it’ll hold everything.back pack climbing

That was our 10 sport climbing essentials, hopefully help you enjoy your trip to the crag a little bit more. For more information check out our climbing blog.


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