Top 10 Free Sites For Capming Tips | How to Camp for Free – Guide

We’re going to go ahead top 10 free campsites and start at

1. Hieb City Park

It’s a city park in Marion South Dakota. This is a very pretty city park and they offer free water and electric there. It is awesome that visitors have the free hookups and great internet connectivity.
There is a bathroom and a city pool all within a 50 foot radius, it is a very big grassy Park wich offers plenty of room to walk river around.

Hieb City Park Free camp
Hieb City Park

You can watch the ballgames in the afternoon and all the kids will rush over to the city pool.

2. Clarks Canyon Reservoir

In the afternoon – definitely worth checking out if you’re driving through South Dakota is Clarks Canyon Reservoir reservoir in Dillon Montana. The location is great and the views here are stunning.
They have a picnic tables and covered pavilions for every site, trash cans. It was a very well maintained nice Park for it to be free. It is situated right over the water and you can watch all the like mountains in the background with a very beautiful view at sunset.

Clarks Canyon Reservoir free campsite
Clarks Canyon Reservoir

3. Snyder Hill in Tucson

You will like this for the proximity to Tucson, it is very close. There is lots of camping spots, and you will have a great internet. All visitors are able to be so close to the City of Tucson and have access to the restaurants, or for the shopping, and this camp site is for free. You can also meet new friends there and go to hang out, so that is an added benefit.

Snyder Hill in Tucson - free campsite
Snyder Hill in Tucson

4. Blackwell horse camp in the Hoosier National Forest

Blackwell horse camp looks like a cool horse camping spot, and it is very spacious and grassy. We can admit very clean vault toilets there. One of the only three camping options in Indiana – there wasn’t much for free camping in the area and any size rig could fit there because of the huge grassy fields. You can have enough privacy between any of your neighbors because, it looks large.

Blackwell horse camp in the Hoosier National Forest
Blackwell horse camp in the Hoosier National Forest

Choose your own spot, there isn’t really designated spots.

5. Jameson City Park in Wisconsin

Stay here on weekends, it is a really spacious grassy park. Here you can find lots of sights there. Another light kind of make your own sight there’s a few fire rings. They have water available porta-potties a huge dumpster and also the city police will drive through on a regular basis to just give it an overall feeling of safety. So you can leave your rig and not worry about it at all.

Jameson city park in Wisconsin
Jameson city park in Wisconsin

As it situated near town, you can go to some kind of bargain market to get a lot of discounted goodies.

6. Snake River

Right outside of the southern entrance of Yellowstone National Park, you can go camping on Snake River.
Obviously it’s a great site for the proximity to Yellowstone, and it placed right on the river yet. There are a few different camping options as you drive down the Snake River Road – this one had two camping spots that shares a vault toilet. Only downfall to that site that you can lose a cell signal.

Snake River Yellowstone National Park
Snake River. Yellowstone National Park

No reception, but it will be definitely worth wild, if you’re going to Yellowstone you don’t want to pay for camping.

7. Lower Teton View

Lower Teton View placed in the Teton National Forest right across from Grand Teton National Park. Obviously this camping spot has a great view of the mountains. It has easy access very close to the road you don’t have to go down some long winding gravel road to get there. Internet connection is good, but the network can sometimes lag because of all the tourists there. Of course if you go on the offseason, you’ll be able to have some pretty fast internet connection.

Lower Teton View Camping
Lower Teton View

8. Patagonia

So number eight is a right outside of a town called – Patagonia in the Coronado National Forest.
The town of Patagonia is about four miles away and has everything you need. The only downfall to this spot is the poor reception. It’s a great place to go if you’re in Arizona during the winter but want some peace and quiet

Patagonia. Coronado National Forest
Patagonia. Coronado National Forest

9. Blakenship Bridge

Blakenship Bridge is right outside of Glacier National Park, on the west entrance. This one’s a little tricky to reach. You can park on a riverbed. It is beautiful, there is a boat launch right across the river, so you can watch everyone launch their tubes and kayaks and float right past your window.

Glacier National Park
Glacier National Park

10. Buffalo Gap in National Forest

It wis a beautiful spot which can become one of yours favorite. Boondocking spot of all time, just
breathtakingly beautiful lovely scenery over. It’s like the whole grasslands, all the rock formations, and everything. It’s a wide open space and you will have tons of privacy.

Buffalo Gap
Buffalo Gap

There are cell towers right nearby, so you can get blazing fast speeds. The best downside of it – pure dry camping with no bathrooms – no dumpsters or anything. But you can find a city park inside the town, which
is about eight miles away that has a dumpster and water so you can restock or throw away if you need to.

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