Top 10 cycling tips for beginners | bike riding tips

We present you top essential riding tips to get you riding further faster more comfortably and safer.
So, prepare for and learn our important tips for cycling.

1. The fastest and most comfortable way of getting from A to B is by going an even pace.

It’s really easy to set up hard and then compromise your ability to even hold an easy pace. Meaningly you get slower and slower this is true from short steep climbs to six hour rides. The principle remains exactly the same. Think about measuring your effort for the right amount of time to get you where you want, to go whether it’s the top of the climb or back to your front door.cycling tips guide

2. Look where you’re going.

It sounds remarkably obvious, but then it’s also surprisingly easy to forget. Looking where you’re going means dragging your eyes away from your front wheel to scanning five to twenty meters ahead of you, so that you know
what’s coming up and then can react to it safely ahead of time. But it’s even more important than that though when
cornering you’d naturally tend to go where you’re looking. Make sure you look where you actually want to go don’t
fixate on things by the edge of the road – for example, a parked car on the outside of the corner.tip for cycling look where you're going

3. Practice your skills riding in a straight line.

It’s very easy to get into the mindset, that the key to unlocking your riding potential is just to get a fitter and fitter, and that certainly will make you faster, but don’t neglect to work on your technique. That will help not only you, but anyone you ride with is being able to ride in a straight line. It’s essential safe riding in a
group and that is the key to going further and faster in the long run.tip 3 riding in a straight line

We suggest you practice riding a straight line while going really slowly to hone your balance then, that should pay off when you pick up your speed again to normal riding pace.

4. Descend on the drops

For the majority of riders, descending on the drops will help build speed and confidence. It’s because holding the
bars on the drops is a more secure position for your hands, you’re much less likely to lose grip and so you can hold the bars more loosely. It helps you to relax, you can also operate the brakes here with more worse than you can from the break heads.Tip 4 Descend on the drops

5. Break before you get to corners.

Traction is the biggest limiting factor to cornering speed, but one of the ways you can ensure you. Get the most grip you possibly can by avoiding braking during the corner. That means doing all your slowing down before you have to start turning.bicycle riding tips

Most experienced riders will still use brakes and corners, but that’s result of gradually building back up from not using the brakes while turning at all. So there’s a place to start avoid using those brakes and then feel
the benefit.

6. Get comfortable slipstreaming to save energy.

As you mentioned earlier, riding in a group is key to going further and faster, not to mention being enjoyable and sociable. Slipstreaming behind another ride, that can save you as much as thirty to forty percent of your effort, but it can feel disconcerting or even frightening. When you first set out practice the right technique though, and you’ll be slipstreaming like a pro in, no time sit between one to two meters behind the rider in front, to give them room to do something unexpected. Don’t look at their rear wheel, continue to look at the road ahead, even if that means looking through that rider in front.Break before you get to corners

You do of course have to trust the people you’re riding with, so try to find experienced riders to help show you the way. It also means, that when you have someone on your wheel, you have to assume the responsibility of looking after them, so that means communicating hazards and not doing anything unpredictable.

7. Relax.

It’s easier said than done, but being relaxed really helps your cycling making descending and cornering in particular much faster, not to mention requiring much less effort, which is really noticeable when climbing. There are a few shortcuts to being more relaxed, other than spending time on the bike and working on your technique. If you’re focused on the importance of it, and that is certainly the first step to achieving your zen-like state.cycling tips for beginners

8. Try going slower as well as constantly striving to go faster.

If going quicker makes you nervous and go slower, relax and work on developing the technique and sensation of riding. Before building your speed, back up again with your newfound confidence, the front brake is the most effective brake.Try going slower as well as constantly striving to go faster. cycling for beginners

9. The other secret to go faster and being relaxed – is to be able to brake effectively, and stop quickly.

No one can comfortably go faster, if they can’t stop. So, as well as making sure your brakes are effective, mechanically you need to be able to use them correctly out on the road. Your front brake is by far and away. The most effective way to slow down – to compensate for the feeling that you might go over the handlebars by moving
your weight backwards over the saddle. The faster you slow down – the more you need to shift your weight back. It’s really worth getting used to the feeling of this by practicing a few emergency stops to try and hardwire the feeling of using your front brake in this way.go faster cycling tips for beginners

10. Don’t wear underwear under your cycling shorts.

Not so much a riding tip, but certainly essential knowledge if you’ve made the transition to wearing cycling specific shorts, not necessarily tight lycra then you need to know, that you shouldn’t wear underwear when you have shorts with a pattern.cycling tips for long rides

That was our top 10 cling tips, and we hope they were useful and interesting for you.

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