Top 10 amazing castles of British Royal Family

An ageless sumptuous beauty, attached to the story of the royal family, is the houses of the members of the British Royal. Let’s visit the top 10 beautiful castles of this famous royal family.

British Castles travel guide

1. Balmoral Castle, Highlands

When Queen Victoria and Prince Albert visited the Highlands region in 1842, they were immediately fascinated this land and decided to build a house on them here. Consequently Balmoral Castle was born. Since then, many generations of the royal family have stayed there in the summer months.

 Balmoral Castle, Highlands

Today, the Balmoral is still the Queen’s house and guests can only stay out to see it, however the royal garden in the castle every year is still open for visitors from April to July.

2. Hampton Court Castle, London

This is a favorite resting place of King Henry VIII and the British Knights. Today, travelers can visit the Henry’s private rooms and tennis courts, and Royal’s kitchen.

Hampton Court Castle, London

3. Windsor Castle

The castle is attached to the story of William with nickname “Conquistador”, who constructed it in 1070. Windsor Castle has been rebuilt numerous times. One of the attractions of it is the 10 British kings’ tombs. Today, Windsor is the British Queen’s house, however, it still welcomes thousands of tourists visiting each year.

Windsor Castle

4. St. James Palace

One time, St. James was a symbol of the royal power until 1837 when the entire royal family moved to Buckingham Palace.

St. James Palace

Constructed by King Henry VIII in 1530, the palace is built in Tudor-style with red stones. Today, visitors can only admire St. James from the outside because this place has become a venue for senior activities and events of the state.

5. Edinburgh Castle

One of the most famous castles in the world, Edinburgh has become the house of the British royal family and a symbol of power in hundred years.

Edinburgh Castle

This is the birthplace of King James VI of Scotland, who later became King of British. Nowadays, Edinburgh becomes one of the most famous tourist destinations in the world

6. Buckingham Palace, London

Being the most famous royal palace in the world, Buckingham has become the house of the British royal family since 1837 until today. The complex of this palace consists of 775 rooms and big halls for important activities and major events in the country.

Buckingham Palace, London

In August and September every year, the rooms of the Queen will be opened for the public to visit. Guests can also witness the guard relieving of British royal sentry daily at 11:30 a.m.

7. Leeds Castle, Maidstone

Leeds is one of the most impressive castles in the land of fog for centuries. Many generations of the King and Queen of British have lived there such as King Edward I and Henry VII… Nowadays, Leeds Castle is one of the most attractive destinations in Britain in particular and the world in general.

Leeds Castle, Maidstone

8. Stateroom, London

King Henry VIII made the former palace Whitehall the largest royal stateroom in Europe. However, after a great fire, all that remains of the stateroom was just the residual echo of a British’s golden age in a large space.

9. Palace of Holyroodhouse, Edinburgh

Palace of Holyroodhouse, Edinburgh

Holyroodhouse Palace has quite a long history, since 1128. Holyroodhouse was the former castle of the famous queen Mary Queen from 1561 to 1567. This is also the place witnessing the massacre when the Lord Darnley, Mary Queen’s husband killed her private secretary David Rizzio.

10. Kensington Palace, London

Kensington Palace is located in London’s most fashionable street, and once was the house of the British Royal family’s generations. This is the place where Queen Victoria was born and raised. Visiting Kensington Palace today, visitors not only admire the royal chambers, but the collection of the most superlative royal prom dresses in the world.

Palace of Holyroodhouse, Edinburgh

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