Things to do on a Stratford tour from London

Take a day tour from London and decide what you would like to explore. Or, for a somewhat unusual experience, why not try a package tour such as an Oxford, Stratford, Cotswolds tour from London? These alluring areas hold an appeal all their own.


About Stratford bus tour from London

In London Open Top Bus Tour, Stratford is one of the most apt places for a whole range of ages to delve into. Visit Falstaff’s Experience, hire bikes and discover extremely striking Stratford Greenway, or possibly even play some mini golf. It is essential that fans of Harry Potter visit the Creaky Cauldron on their Stratford sightseeing tour.


Visit Royal Shakespeare Theatre and Stratford Butterfly Farm

Stratford Butterfly Farm

Two particularly illustrious attractions in Stratford upon Avon are Stratford Butterfly Farm and, of course, the distinguished Royal Shakespeare Theatre. At Stratford Butterfly Farm, meander through a tropical rainforest. Marvel at countless vibrantly-hued butterflies along your way, as well as Koi Carp and sunbirds. Be entranced by Insect City and achieve close proximity to deadly spiders in absolute safety in Arachnoland. Be captivated by a spellbinding play at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre, one of the most notable, renowned theatre companies in the world.

royal shakespeare theatre stratfordStratford upon Avon is not merely the one time hometown of Shakespeare: its attractions truly extend beyond his legacy. A Stratford tour should still, nonetheless, include sights associated with Shakespeare: he is still the most prominent of all the town’s residents, past and present. The Shakespearience is an excellent attraction to leave your children enthralled by Shakespeare. This presents Shakespeare in an enlivening and idiosyncratic fashion, making use of remarkable special effects and innovative technology.


Take a walk along the River Avon

River Avon stratfordFor a serene yet spectacular experience for both adults and children, attempt boating down the River Avon and unwind amidst the quietude of your environment. Or possibly just take a walk along the River Avon, a beautiful experience in itself. If you become enamoured by picturesque and charming backdrops, then a Stratford tour from London will, beyond a shadow of a doubt, captivate you. Children are bound to be absorbed by the open air performers who fascinate their audiences at Bancroft Gardens.

For a deeply unforgettable experience, you can even go hot air ballooning. Lose yourself in spectacular, incredible outlooks over this town and its surrounding stunning countryside, which you will recollect for years to come.

bancroft gardens stratfordThere are so many possible activities to unearth in Stratford upon Avon which will gratify a wide range of ages. This article has merely highlighted a few attractions that this lively, effervescent and altogether appealing market town has to offer.

In London Open Top Bus Tour, Stratford is one of the most apt places for a whole range of ages to delve into.Yet Stratford upon Avon is an enchanting town in its own right, and a Stratford tour should encompass more than merely those things that are directly related to Shakespeare.

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