These Homelite Leaf Blowers Use a Blend of Gas and Oil for Fuel

The efficiency of your Homelite leaf blower may decrease if you use cheap gas. I will explain how to fill up your blower with the proper gas and oil, the consequences of using subpar fuel, and the steps you should take to prepare the fuel combination.

Homelite leaf blowers need a 50:1 gas-to-oil fuel combination. For best results, combine high-quality 2-cycle oil with unleaded gasoline that has an octane value of at least 87 and no more than 10% ethanol.

When handling gasoline, it is imperative that you adhere to all of the safety measures outlined in the user handbook. You should use an appropriate gasoline container for mixing and storage, operate in a well-ventilated location, and wait until the engine is cold before adding fuel.

Homelite Leaf Blowers

When troubleshooting, repairing, or using a piece of equipment, be sure to first read and follow any safety recommendations found in the handbook. If you don’t feel confident in your ability to conduct the repair safely due to a lack of experience, training, or health, it’s best to call in an expert.

Homelite Leaf Blower Running on Stale Gas

Even if you might not give the gasoline in your leaf blower much thought, you should check its quality after a long period of storage.

If your leaf blower won’t start or is having performance issues, try replacing the gas. Causes fuel restriction and possible carburetor failure.

Once gas has been purchased, it might begin to degrade as soon as 30 days later. Do not buy more gas than you can use in that period.

In my experience, it’s tough to predict how much fuel you’ll need for a month’s time. Given this, I prolong the lifespan of my gas by adding a fuel stabilizer.

Even while I strive to use all of my gasoline within 30 days, I do have a fuel stabilizer on hand just in case.

A fuel stabilizer is sometimes included into 2-cycle lubricants. If the manufacturer doesn’t provide a lifespan for the stabilizer, you shouldn’t count on it lasting more than 30 days. While some stabilizers are only effective for 30 days, others can be effective for up to two years.

Ethanol, an alternative fuel added to gasoline to make it more eco-friendly, is now standard in most gasoline varieties. Small engines, like the one on your leaf blower, are not suited to running on ethanol.

Moisture in the air is attracted to ethanol and ends up corroding and gummifying the fuel system. Avoid using gas with an ethanol percentage higher than 10%. The ethanol percentage should be as low as possible.

Mixing Gas and Oil for a Two-Cycle Homelite Leaf Blower

Do not risk having to replace your 2-cycle Homelite leaf blower by making the inadvisable decision to use pure gas in it.

The engine will freeze up and die if you use regular gas instead of premium. Adding oil to the fuel prevents friction and allows the engine’s moving elements to function smoothly.

There will only be one fuel fill port on a Homelite blower engine, and it will take a combination of oil and gas. Homelite 2-cycle machinery calls for a fuel ratio of 50 parts gas to 1 part oil. This signifies that 50 parts gas and 1 part oil will be combined.

Create this blend using unleaded gas with an octane value of 87 or higher (regular) and no more than 10% ethanol.

Blend in a high-quality, two-cycle oil that meets the standards set out by ISO-L-EGD and JASO M345 FD. This is a two-cycle oil designed for use in air-cooled motors. Always use synthetic oils instead of motor oil or 2-cycle oil in outboard motors.

Methods for Blending Gas and Oil for a 2-Cycle Homelite Blower

  • Prepare the correct amount of fuel mix by consulting the table below.
  • You need to take the top off a legal gas can.
  • Fill a gas container with unleaded fuel (at least 87 octane and no more than 10% ethanol).
  • Measure out the 2-cycle oil into the gas can using the recommended ounces of oil.
  • Take off the lid and put back on the cap.
  • The gasoline and oil should be gently shaken together to combine them.
  • Increase the amount of fuel in your Homelite.

Homelite suggests Ethanol Shield 2-cycle oil. Here’s another option: Kawasaki’s 2-cycle hybrid. The product is available in 2.6 oz and 5.2 oz bottles, each of which can be diluted with 1 gallon or 2 gallons of gas at a ratio of 50:1.

Mixture of Gasoline and Oil for Homelite 2-Cycle Leaf Blowers

Gas to Oil Mix1 Gallon2 Gallon2.5 Gallon
50:12.6 oz5.2 oz6.4 oz
2-Cycle Gas-to-Oil Mix for Homelite Leaf Blowers

For a Homelite Leaf Blower, it is best to use Ethanol-Free Fuel

If you own a Homelite leaf blower, it’s in your best interest to switch to a gasoline that doesn’t include ethanol.

This gasoline option is more costly, but it can prevent problems with gas deterioration caused by ethanol and save you time and money.

Cans of ethanol-free gasoline with a mixing ratio of 50:1 are readily available at hardware stores and on the web. Having this on hand is a time-saving choice. There’s no need to worry about blending or making a dash to the gas station at the last minute.

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