Really Worthwhile Places To See in Scotland

Top 3 Vacations in Scotland

Vacations in Scotland are incredibly popular today due, probably, to the strength of the $ against the pound making vacations to Scotland, Wales and England great value, especially if visiting from the US. In the following article we take a look at 3 grand places to visit in Pitlochry, the Killiecrankie Visitor Centre, Blair Castle and the Scottish Hydro Electric Visitor Centre.

Scottish Hydro Electric Visitor Centre

Scottish Hydro Electric Visitor Centre

A power station is an unusual place for a visitor center, but this is just where you can find the Scottish Hydro Electric Visitor Center. The center can be found inside the resplendent Pitlochry Power Station, and includes interactive exhibits which describe the history of hydro power in Scotland, starting in the 1940’s up until the present day. The Pitlochry Dam, which was built between nineteen forty seven and nineteen fifty one, offers visitors the thrilling opportunity to view the famous salmon ladder through three observation chambers. Within the center, you will find audio-visual presentations (interactive) explaining this natural phenomenon. The turbine hall of Pitlochry Hydro-Electric Power Station can also be viewed from within the Visitor Center.

Blair Castle

Blair Castle scotland

Dating back to the thirteenth century is Blair Castle, which is the ancient seat of the Dukes and Earls of Atholl. The construction of Blair Castle started in 1269, under the instruction of the Lord of Badenoch (John I Comyn), a close neighbor of the Earl of Atholl. The Earl was absent, fighting in the Crusade’s, when John I Comyn began construction of the castle on his land. As soon as the Earl returned to Scotland he bitterly complained to the Scottish King, Alexander III about his neighbor, and his lands were returned. Rather than destroying the tower than John I Comyn had constructed, the Earl decided to incorporate the tower into his own castle. A Great Hall and a number of vaulted chambers were incorporated into the castle over the centuries, by different Earls. It was the 2nd Duke of Atholl who, in 1740, decided to renovate the castle as a Georgian Mansion.

Killiecrankie Visitor Centre

Killiecrankie Visitor Centre scotland

During the period of the Jacobites Killiecrankie, close to Pitlochry, was full of the noise of battle. The government soldiers were heavily overwhelmed by the rebel army of the Jacobites, under the guidance of Bonnie Dundee. During the bloody battle one of the escaping soldiers managed to leap across the River Garry, which gained the name, Soldier’s Leap. The area of the gorge and pass were a popular haunt of Queen Victoria.

To find out concerning the famous battle one should pay a visit to the Killiecrankie Visitor Centre. The center has a collection of otherexhibitions and services, which include; a natural history of the area, guided walks and ranger service’s and much more.

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