Honestly we went to Fiji because were a little bit short on budget for bigger trip. It is really hard to beat Fiji in terms of value. This is mainly because for Australians flights are very cheap and it is only a few hours to get there. We’ve got your tickets for under 400$ each return.

Why a trip to Fiji?

fiji sunset

Our criteria for this kind of holiday are quite strict – good resort (preferably 5 stars) and ability to offload kids to kids club. We’ve booked Radisson Blu Resort resort on Denarau Island mainly because it was very close to the airport and located in that refined are of 5 star resorts and golf club. When you’ve got small kids this is not about adventure anymore.

We’ve managed to snap a deal for just over 100$ per night for a room with garden view. As usually happens we didn’t like the first room they gave us as it was on ground floor , bit dark and looking and another resort buildings. They gave us a new room with a view to golf club which was way better.

Resort itself is quite nice and I would rate it quite high comparing to all other hotels in this area. I think there are 6 of them on Denarau Island. It is quite modern with very nice big pool covered by shade.

 Radisson resort Fiji

Kids Club was a real saver and they provide good program for kids. Our girl just loved to be there. Especially when in the evening they dressed and face painted like real wild Fijians were running around resort screaming “Bula” and scaring all the people. This is was prelude to Torch lighting. Fijian man with torch was leading all this kids’ madness to the beach were they were starting lights on torches around resort.

Radisson resort beach fiji

Some entertainment during dinner

What we didn’t really like was food. It was alright but too much oriented on aussies and kiwis. Most of people on resort were from Australia and New Zealand. After couple of days we were sick of pizzas and “Fish and chips”. Less affordable options were restaurants but you need to be prepared for at least 50$ per head including kids. Also menu in restaurants was not changing too often. Probably this is because we stayed too long – 2 weeks is probably a bit excessive for Fiji. That was the reason why we started exploring restaurants in Port Denarau. You can get there on a funny “Bulla bus” without windows and with straw roof which costs just a few dollars one way. It actually stops at all other resorts so if you want to try their restaurants this is the way to go.

There were couple of good restaurants at Port Denarau were dinner would cost you probably half of that in your resort. We liked Italian one most.

port denarau fiji

The best experience of course was a cruise to the small island. It was a small Island just an hour by boat from the port. Whole day it was reserved only for people from our cruise. Crew was just wonderful. Fijians are so positive about the life! They were singing and laughing almost whole day.

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