Only Runs With The Choke Engaged On Husqvarna String Trimmers (6 Reasons)

Even while you can still use the choke to limit air and run your trimmer, you need figure out why in order to fix the issue and prevent further harm.

Only when the engine is receiving either too much air or not enough gasoline will a Husqvarna string trimmer run with the choke engaged.

This could be caused by a constraint on fuel caused by an old or dirty fuel source, a dirty carburetor, a clogged fuel filter, a clogged fuel line, a plugged fuel tank vent, or a plugged fuel line; or it could be the result of an air buildup caused by a fuel line puncture or a faulty carburetor gasket.

Make any necessary repairs after removing the spark plug wire. Follow all safety instructions in the Husqvarna operator’s manual with caution.

Husqvarna String Trimmer

Why A Husqvarna String Trimmer Only Operates With The Choke On

1. Husqvarna String Trimmer With Old Gas

Ideally, just buy gas that you can use within 30 days. This is due to the possibility that gas can start to degrade, which could make the engine operate slowly from a lack of fuel.

Using the choke to adjust the fuel-to-air ratio required for combustion may be the only way you can keep the mower running.

Ethanol-containing gas draws moisture into the fuel system. he mixture of ethanol and water separates from of the gas as it decomposes. The varnish it leaves behind can obstruct fuel flow or lead to mechanical fault.

A small engine should not run on ethanol. Never utilize fuels that contain a lot of ethanol. AVOID the E15 and E85 gasoline since they include up to 15% and 30% more ethanol, respectively.

A least 89-octane unleaded gas with no more than 10% ethanol is needed for a Husqvarna string trimmer.

  • Husqvarna 2-cycle string trimmers need a 50:1 mixture of gas and 2-cycle oil.
  • 4-cycle Husqvarna string trimmers: Gas only (no oil is added).

Visit for additional information on selecting and maintaining gas. The Husqvarna String Trimmer’s Gas and Oil Use (2 & 4 cycle).

FIX: Take the old fuel out of your string trimmer. For the purpose of stabilizing the gas, cleaning the fuel system, and lowering moisture, combine fresh gasoline containing petrol and an addition such as Sea Foam or STA-BIL.

Fill the fuel tank with the fuel mixture. In order to circulate the treated gasoline throughout the system, turn on your Husqvarna trimmer and let it run for around 5 minutes.

Continue examining the things below if the trimmer doesn’t start operating smoothly without the choke engaged.

2. Fuel Line Clog Or Puncture On A Husqvarna String Trimmer

A blockage in the fuel line will restrict the amount of fuel that gets to the engine by narrowing the aperture in the line.

A gasoline line puncture might result in more air being drawn into the fuel system, which would over-air the engine.

Your Husqvarna might only run when wearing a choker due to a clog or a puncture.

A fuel line that is obstructed or punctured should be removed and replaced.

3. Filter In A Husqvarna String Trimmer’s Fuel Line Is Plugged

A clogged Husqvarna fuel filter is another component that may impede fuel flow. To stop dirt and other particles from entering the fuel system and engine, a fuel filter is utilized.

If the filter isn’t changed frequently or you’re using extremely unclean fuel, it may clog and stop allowing enough gasoline to be transported. It’s best to replace your fuel filter annually to keep on top of upkeep.

FIXTURE: Swap out the clogged fuel filter. cross the fuel tank is where you’ll find the filter. Before removing the gasoline tank cap, clean the area surrounding it to prevent dirt from entering the tank. Exit the tank with the filter in it.

To take the tank’s filter removal, attach a neatly curved cable onto the fuel line. After removing the old filter, affix the new one to the gasoline line’s end, then reinstall it within the fuel tank. Put the gasoline cap back on.

4. Husqvarna String Trimmer With A Faulty Carburetor Gasket

Over time, the gasket that is located behind the carburetor may deteriorate and get worse. As a result, it no longer adequately seals, allowing more air to enter the system and causing it to run lean.

This occurs when there is higher air density and less fuel than what the engine needs.

SOLUTION: Open the carburetor up, then carefully take out the bolts and linkages holding it in place. Gasket and carburetor should be removed.

The bolt, linkages, and carburetor should all be reattached after replacing the gasket. While the Husqvarna trimmer’s carburetor is off, you might need to clean it.

5. Husqvarna String Trimmer’s Filthy Carburetor

The string trimmer’s carburetor controls the quantity of fuel that is combined with air to create combustion, which is necessary for the machine to start and run.

The carburetor might become damaged if varnish and deposits accumulate malfunction, which prevents it from supplying the engine with fuel.

Solution: You must be capable of clean your carburetor if you are a bit mechanical. By disassembling the carburetor and using a carb cleaner to get rid of deposits from previous fuel, clean it.

You might need to acquire a rebuild kit to repair the carburetor if it doesn’t work after cleaning it, or you might have to replace it.

Depending on the type of your string trimmer, carburetors for a Husqvarna might cost anywhere from $30 to $70.

6. Husqvarna String Trimmer Fuel Tank Vent Plugged

To balance the pressure in the gasoline tank and the air around it, the fuel tank needs a vent that allows air to enter. Without a vent, a vacuum will be created in the fuel tank, which will reduce the amount of fuel that can reach the engine.

You might have to use trimmer with choke engaged as a result of this. If your Husqvarna trimmer runs for some time before becoming sluggish or shutting down, this is a good sign that you may have a fuel tank vent issue.

Set the string trimmer down on a flat surface as a solution. Don’t let the gas spill as you loosen the cap. Launch the trimmer. Activate the choke’s off position.

If the trimmer functions properly with the choke off, the cap firmly and let it keep operating that way. You might need to fix the clogged fuel tank vent if it breaks down.

The gasoline vents from a tank portion that is either affixed to the end of a line exiting the gasoline tank or incorporated into the fuel cap, depending on the model of Husqvarna string trimmer you own.

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