Learn to Snowboard: How To Get Up and Ride Down the Hill First Try! + Video

This article will give any new rider the basic knowledge and exorcises needed to get up and learn how to snowboard your first day!

First tip: Learn your Snowboarding equipment

snowboard equipment

First of all learn your equipment (Bindings, boots, and board). This is very simple next find out whether you ride regular or switch. A simple drill that works 90% of the time is to fall forward with your feet together and whatever foot comes out to stop you is the foot you place in front. Learning to go down the hill will be a 3 step process. Through each process one thing remains the same and that’s your body position. Have your knees bent and arms over tip and tail, this will give you a nice balanced position. Remember your body position is the most important thing!

First step

first step pushing

Step one is to strap up your lead foot and to practice pushing for a couple of minutes. Simply learn how to push the board around you can either have your foot in front of the board or behind it. Next you should find a very small slope and slide down the slope a couple of times simply by lifting you back foot off the snow and putting it in between your bindings. Once you are comfortable with coasting it’s time to get on the lift or magic carpet (find a small slope). To get on a chair lift simply wait in line watch for your turn and calmly push your way to the line. Relax because even if you do fall or something happens they’ll just stop the lift and help you up, no biggie J. When you get to the top simply point your board forward down the slope begin to stand up when your level by placing your trailing leg in the middle of the board and simply stand and let the chair and slope take you off the lift!

Second step

learn your edges

Step 2 is to learn your edges. The next thing you want to do is strap up both binding and get a feel for your edges on both sides. Simply practice by slowly getting off your but and into the balanced body position. Then you’ll notice the more your toes are up the slower you go (brakes) and when you push your toes down you accelerate. Experiment with this trying to keep your balance. Make sure to use both edges. Then try to go side to side across the hill, making sure to look for other riders.

Third step

turning 3 step

Step 3 is turning. There are only 3 things you need to do to turn the board. The first is to maintain that balanced body position. The second is to look where you want to go. Then your arms and body will follow and finally your legs and board will come around. Practice turning from edge to edge. Remember turn your head, then your upper arms and upper body then your legs and board will follow. Most beginners make the mistake of trying to turn with their legs. Keep your weight slightly on the front foot when turning.

Learn to snowboard video

Using these exorcises will help you learn how to snowboard. The best thing to do is to take it one step at a time and try to mimic other boarders. Pay attention to their body position. If you have the money take a lesson it’ll be worth it. But if you like learning on your own then go for it and don’t give up!

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