Jamaica travel is one of the most popular destinations in all of the Caribbean and it’s easy to understand why given the breathtaking mountain and beach vistas this beautiful island has to offer. Just the sunset alone is worth the trip to .

Jamaica travel important tips

JamaicaWhile some islands in the Caribbean cater to specific groups, such as nude sunbathers, couples and those looking to party, Jamaica takes pride in making everyone comfortable while offering a wide variety of accommodations and activities. Travelers can select from renting their own private villa with a private stretch of beach to lounging around a resort that specializes in party atmosphere.


Jamaica is good for families

Jamaica is good for families

It is also a perfect destination for families, with a number of all-inclusive resorts. Accommodations typically include multi-bedroom suites, kitchenettes, activities and programs for adults, teens and kids as well as nanny and child-care services.


Travel to Jamaica at any time

Just about any time is a great time for travel. The rain tends to fall throughout the year in , rather than dumping torrents of the wet stuff during a single month; as is common in many locales. Temperatures tend to range between sixty-five and eighty-five degrees year round in .

Travel to Jamaica at any time

When planning your travel, be aware that citizens from US do not need a passport, as long as they are planning to stay less than six months. Travelers from other countries must have a passport for entry into .


Traveling to Jamaica by Air

Depending on when you plan to travel, you may also be able to take advantage of great airfare deals, making it inexpensive as well. Some all-inclusive resort combinations may even include airfare. Most incoming flights land at Montego Bay airfield, although it is possible to land at the airport in Kingston . If you’ve visited other islands in the Caribbean and want to make travel part of your Caribbean vacation, it can be accomplished simply by taking a yacht from one island to the next.


Cruises to Jamaica

jamaica cruise

Of course, Jamaica is also a popular destination for the many cruise lines that sail around the world. Depending on your plans, you can either sail to and stay for several days or simply enjoy a day cruise between Jamaica and Florida or several other locales.


Bus and taxi in Jamaica

If you’re planning to stay on for awhile, you’ll find that getting around on the island is relatively easy. Bus and taxi routes are plentiful on the island, although not always reliable. If you do opt to take a bus while on , make sure you allow extra time for delays. Although not necessarily on time, bus routes are perhaps the least expensive way to travel from one point to another one.

bus and taxi in jamaica

While there, you may also wish to charter a helicopter ride in order to get  to a bird’s eye view of the lush beauty of this pristine island; although this is certainly one of the most expensive ways to travel on the island.

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