Husqvarna Spark Plug Chart For Chainsaw, Trimmer & Mower

What size spark plug in Husqvarna should you use? Well, For me, the perfect size for Spark Plug is 1.25 x 3.5 x 6 inches. But what about the spark plug gap, and how to find the compatible one?

Husqvarna has a variety of models with different engine sizes. The most important factor in choosing the correct spark plug is to match the plug-compatible parts number and the right spark plug gap.

To find the perfect spark plug size for your Husqvarna Lawn Mower, you must go through this Husqvarna spark plug chart. Whether it’s about your mower, chainsaw, or trimmer, you will get the help for all.

Let’s dig in.

Husqvarna Spark Plug Chart- All Models Listed

There are many types of lawn mowers on the market, and it can be hard to know which one is the best for your needs. The best way is to read the user manual to find the Husqvarna Spark Plug Size. But, it takes too much effort, and we do the tough job for you. We’ve put together a Husqvarna lawn mower spark plug size chart for your convenience, along with the trimmers and chainsaws. This will help you find the correct replacement plug for your machine.

Besides, you will get some compatible brands’ aftermarket spark plug parts numbers here for the right buy. Besides, you can also check the Husqvarna riding mower parts diagram with graphics to better know the location.

Husqvarna Mower Spark Plug Chart

Let’s start with the mowers. Before that, you should know that Husqvarna lawn mowers use the engine from Briggs & Stratton, Kohler, Kawasaki, Yamaha, and Honda in some mowers.

So, to find the right spark plug, make sure to check what engine your Husqvarna lawn mower has. After that, go for that engine-compatible spark plugs.

ModelSpark Plug Size (inches)Spark Plug Gap (inches)ChampionNGKMega-FireDensoBOSCH
Briggs & Stratton Engines All series except the Vanguard  and 19A400 to 19G400            –0.030J19LM/130-484B2LM/130-777SE-19J/130-211W9LM-US/130-982WR11E0/130-108
Briggs & Stratton Twin cylinder0.030RJ12C/130-427BR6S/130-856SE-12JR/130-187
Intek engine & Vanguard Single Cylinder engines0.030RC12YC/130-526BCPR5ES/130-914SE-12RCY/130-191Q16PR-U/130-954
Vanguard V-twin OHV0.030RC14YC/130-530FR5/130-839
Kawasaki 2-cycle under 1.0 H.P.0.030CJ8/130-344BM6A/130-799SE-8JC/130-096W20M-U/130-950WS8E/130-112
Kohler CommandOHV K-Series0.025RC12YC/130-526BCPR5ES/130-856SE-12RCY/130-191Q16PR-U/130-954
Honda OHV, OHC horizontal and verticals0.030N9YC/130-294BP6ES/130-849W20EX-U/130-962

You can see that the most common spark plug in size is 1.25 x 3.5 x 6 inches. Some of you asked to know the Husqvarna Chainsaw Spark Plug Size. Let’s have a look at the Spark plugin chart for Husqvarna Chainsaw

Husqvarna Chainsaw Spark Plug Chart

Here is the chart for Husqvarna chainsaw spark plug recommendations and suggestions-

ModelSpark Plug Size (inches)Spark Plug Gap (inches)ChampionNGKMega-FireDensoBOSCH
Husqvarna 2100CDW           4.00 × 0.25 × 4.00            0.020CJ6/130-302BM7A/130-864W22M-U/130-888
Husky Models 224.00 × 0.25 × 4.000.020CJ6/130-302BM7A/130-864W22M-U/130-888
Husky Models 234.00 × 0.25 × 4.000.020CJ6/130-302BM7A/130-864W22M-U/130-888
Husky Models 354.00 × 0.25 × 4.000.020CJ6/130-302BM7A/130-864W22M-U/130-888
Husky Models 374.00 × 0.25 × 4.000.020CJ6/130-302BM7A/130-864W22M-U/130-888
Husqvarna G903.50 × 0.25 × 8.000.020L82C/130-245
Husqvarna A1003.50 × 0.25 × 8.000.020L82C/130-245
Husqvarna SM1503.50 × 0.25 × 8.00 in0.020L82C/130-245
For Other Models of Husqvarna4.00 × 0.25 × 4.000.020CJ7Y/130-328BPM7A/130-880SE-Y7C/130-146WS7F/130-120

Husqvarna Trimmer Spark Plug Chart

Now, let us know about the Trimmer. Yes! A complete chart for a suitable spark plugin for  Husqvarna Trimmer.

ModelSpark Plug Size (inches)Spark Plug Gap (inches)ChampionNGKMega-FireDensoBOSCH
Husqvarna 18RL  4.00 × 0.25 × 4.00            0.030CJ6/130-302BM7A/130-864
Husqvarna 22R, 22RL4.00 × 0.25 × 4.000.030CJ6/130-302BM7A/130-864
Husqvarna 25R, 25RL4.00 × 0.25 × 4.000.030CJ6/130-302BM7A/130-864
Husqvarna 26LC, 26RLC4.00 × 0.25 × 4.000.030CJ6/130-302BM7A/130-864
Husqvarna 32L, 32LC4.00 × 0.25 × 4.000.030CJ6/130-302BM7A/130-864
Husqvarna 290, 340, 88003.50 × 0.25 × 8.000.030L82C/130-245BPM7A/130-880
Husqvarna 120L, 120R, 120LC,  3.50 × 0.25 × 8.000.030L82C/130-245BPM7A/130-880W20MP-U/130-910WS8F/130-116
Husqvarna 122, 122L,3.50 × 0.25 × 8.00 in0.030L82C/130-245BPM4A/130-789W20MP-U/130-910WS8F/130-116
Husqvarna 125L,  125R4.00 × 0.25 × 4.000.030CJ7Y/130-328BPM4A/130-789W20MP-U/130-910WS8F/130-116
  Husqvarna (Cont.) 125RJ, 132L, 132LD, 132R, 132RB,  132RJ4.00 × 0.25 × 4.000.030CJ8Y/130-476BPM4A/130-789W20MP-U/130-910
Husqvarna (Cont.)  165RX, 225HP, 225L, 225H60, 225H754.00 × 0.25 × 4.000.030CJ7Y/130-328BPM7A/130-880SE-Y7C/130-146W22MP-U/130-918WS7F/130-120
Husqvarna (Cont.)  225LD, 225R, 225RD, 225RJ, 232L,  232R0.050CJ7Y/130-328BPM7A/130-880SE-Y7C/130-146W22MP-U/130-918WS7F/130-120
Husqvarna (Cont.)  235R, 240R, 244RX, 245RX, 245R,  250RX0.030CJ7Y/130-328BPM7A/130-880SE-Y7C/130-146W22MP-U/130-918WS7F/130-120
Husqvarna (Cont.)  265RX, 322, 325, 32R, 32RLC, 39R0.030CJ7Y/130-328BPM7A/130-880SE-Y7C/130-146W22MP-U/130-918WS7F/130-120

What Happens If You Use The Wrong Spark Plug-In in A Lawn Mower?

The type of spark plug used in your mower’s or chainsaw’s engine can significantly impact how it performs. This is because each type of spark plug has its own set of specifications that must be met in order for it to work effectively. However, while all spark plugs are technically designed to do the same thing, there are some key differences between them that can affect the engine’s performance.

If you use the wrong spark plug in a lawn mower, you could end up with an engine that doesn’t run well or a fire. When you use the wrong spark plug in a lawn mower, there are a few things that can happen. The engine can misfire, which will cause it to run unevenly and potentially damage the mower.

The spark plug can also overheat, causing the engine to shut down. In either case, using the wrong spark plug can lead to costly repairs or even replacement of the mower.

To ignore such faults, follow our Husqvarna lawn mower spark plug size chart that we discussed previously.

What To Do If You Think You’ve Used The Wrong Spark Plug?

If you think you’ve used the wrong spark plug, there are a few things you can do to try and fix the problem. Here’s what to do if you think you’ve used the wrong spark plug:

First, check to see if the engine is firing correctly. If it isn’t, then you may need to replace the spark plug. Additionally, if the engine is still not firing correctly, you can check for misfires or problems with the ignition system.

Check the gap between the electrodes. If it’s too wide, switch to a different spark plug. If the gap is too narrow, your engine might not start. Make sure the electrode is clean and properly installed.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Spark Plug Does A Husqvarna Lawnmower Take?

Husqvarna’s basic engine is a twin-cylinder, four-stroke gasoline engine. The engine is started by a recoil start, using a pull cord. Most Husqvarna lawn mowers using spark plugs are NGK CMR7H.

What Type Of Spark Plug Does A Husqvarna Chainsaw Use?

There are many different types of spark plugs available for use with a chainsaw. The type of spark plug that is used will depend on the make and model of the chainsaw that you are using. In general, Husqvarna chainsaws use NGK BPM6A or Husqvarna 599333401.

What Spark Plug Does A Husqvarna 435 Chainsaw Take?

A Husqvarna 435 chainsaw needs a spark plug with the following specifications: A gap of .025 inch, a center electrode of .045 inch, and a shank diameter of .156 inch. NGK BPM6A or Husqvarvna 599333401 can be the perfect option.

Are All Brands Chainsaw Spark Plugs The Same?

No. There are thousands of chainsaw models available, and all are not the same. Different chainsaws use spark plugs with different types of construction to ensure optimal performance. When purchasing a chainsaw, it is important to make sure the plug matches the saw.

What Spark Plug Does A Husqvarna 460 Rancher Take?

The Husqvarna 460 Rancher is a gasoline-powered outdoor power equipment machine. It is equipped with a 4-stroke engine that runs on unleaded gasoline. The spark plug for this engine is a Husqvarna 599333401.


Husqvarna spark plugs come in a variety of types to fit different models of lawn mowers. By selecting the correct spark plug for your machine, you can ensure that it runs optimally and lasts longer. Be sure to consult the Husqvarna spark plug chart to find the right plug for your needs.