Highly Recommended Places to visit in Sydney

The main Sydney treasures are the people and the weather. We’ve been living in Sydney for a while and till now cannot stop wondering how much this piece of land is blessed with a good weather.

I can’t say we are not winging about local weather but probably it will never be good enough for us anywhere in the world. Human nature 🙂

In Sydney you get clear blue skies most of the year, temperatures in the range of 18-27 (not counting the few hot days in summer when it can climb up to 40 – and few fresh days in winter when it is down to 12-13). Weather in Sydney compares favourably with other major Australian cities – Brisbane got hotter summer and much more humid, Melbourne is colder in the winter but can be unbearably hot in the summer, Perth is too far away, why would we talk about it 🙂

As in any other city Sydney has a list of places you must visit in our first trip “down under” at least to be photographed in front of something very recognizable, and then put all those pictures Facebook.

There are quite a few hotels in Sydney and the prices range from $ 100 up to exorbitant heights.



I have grouped them by criteria ”WHAT CAN YOU SEE IN ONE DAY”


If you found a photo of Sydney in Internet it is almost certain that a bridge is on it. If not Harbour Bridge than probably Sydney Opera House is on that picture. These two buildings are located near each other, just a fifteen minute walk away. A walk from the bridge to the opera is really worth your attention. View of the city skyscrapers on one side, the bay on the other, street musicians and waterfront cafes on every corner.

Sydney harbour bridge

It is best to get some cruise (they depart from the Circular Quay near Opera House and memorise all this beauty with your camera from water. As one of the attractions on the cruise you can be shown suburbs right near the water with the most expensive houses in Sydney sometimes worth tens of millions of dollars.

After cruise have a lunch at one of the many restaurants in The Rocks. This is the area just under Harbour Bridge. Most of them have tables with great views on harbour. They are quite pricy but atmosphere and views probably worth it.

Sydney H Circular Quay near Opera House

You can also stroll through the Royal Botanic Gardens located just behind the Opera House. It is located on the hills, so almost anywhere on your walk through the garden you will get a magnificent view.

Sydney Royal Botanic Gardens

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