Does Cornmeal Kill Weeds? How to Use it for Preventing Weeds?

does cornmeal work to kill weeds

Does cornmeal kill weeds? Yes, cornmeal does kill weeds. It is one of the best organic weed killers. However, the result may vary depending on the maturity of the weed.

Cornmeal is a natural weed killer. So, it’s a better alternative than other chemical insecticides that exist. So, if you have the question, “does cornmeal kill weeds?” we have the answers. Today we are going to discuss the usage of cornmeals to kill weeds. So, check out below if you want to know about the steps.

Does Cornmeal Kill Weeds? Things to Know

Cornmeal originates from dried corn. But the cornmeal gluten we are talking about is an agricultural byproduct. It is mainly used for feeding animals. It’s a well-known rodenticide as well.

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Does Cornmeal Really Kill Weeds?

Now let’s talk about weeds. Weeds can disrupt the beauty of your garden. Furthermore, it may damage other crops too. There are several ways to kill weeds. Although, lots of them require you to use a chemical with harsh elements inside it. So, a nontoxic method is highly encouraged.

Cornmeal is an excellent natural weed killer. But it actually works as birth control for the weeds. Rather than killing fully sprouted weeds, the cornmeal just stops the germination process of the weed. So, yes, if you are wondering, “does cornmeal work to kill weeds?” it works as prevention rather than destruction.

Do Regular Cornmeal Kill Weeds?

No, standard cornmeal does not kill weeds. It does not have any additional effect except it works as a natural fertilizer. Will cornmeal kill weeds? The regular ones won’t, but the gluten cornmeal will get the work done.

The cornmeals we buy from shelves are the normal ones. You can acquire gluten cornmeals only when it’s a byproduct. It’s primarily used to feed animals and used in lawn fertilization; because it has a high level of nitrogen, protein, and oils.

Do Yellow Cornmeal Kill Weeds?

The cornmeal that you buy from the groceries is generally yellow. Not all kinds of cornmeal kill weed. Yellow cornmeal certainly does not help kill weeds as they are sold as staples for humans. You need the right kind of cornmeal for clearing your garden.

So, if you plan on using cornmeal to kill weeds, make sure to buy gluten cornmeals. Only the gluten ones work as weed prevention. The other variants you see won’t help in reducing weeds.

Why Do Cornmeal Kill Weeds?

The byproducts from wet millings of corn are corn gluten meals. The primary purpose of this byproduct is to feed cattle. It’s also a food source in some underdeveloped countries in the world. After research, there were chemicals in gluten cornmeal that worked as a preemergent herbicide. Without the additional threat of harmful chemicals, the natural weed preventer keeps the environment safe.

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The cornmeal gluten has specific attributes that make it a good weed preventer. So, if it has more than 60% protein, it essentially stops the germination of the seeds. Keep in mind that it cannot kill already sprouted weed. It can only control the growth of the future once. Hence, you need to apply cornmeal in the right season so that no weed grows out.

How to Use Cornmeal To Prevent Weeds?

You have to use the cornmeal correctly at the correct timing to prevent the weeds from growing. Because it only works as prevention, it does not kill existing weeds. So, we will discuss how you can use cornmeal to prevent weeds from growing in your garden.

Firstly you need to get cornmeal gluten. They are available in two types which are powdered or granular forms. Granular ones are less messier, but they are less effective as well. On the contrary powdered ones are very effective but messier. You should use it for around 20 pounds per thousand square feet. Make sure to use it in early spring or fall. You can also use them when you have soil in new beds.

If you use the cornmeal at the right time, it will stop weeds from germinating. As a result, your garden won’t have any unnecessary weeds that ruin its beauty. Furthermore, cornmeal will also take care of various rodents for you. Asides from rodents, it’s a good ant killer as well.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What kills weeds permanently?

Vinegar kills weed permanently as it has some specific chemical elements inside it. Asides from vinegar, other chemicals can kill weeds permanently.

How do I use cornmeal in my garden?

Use twenty pounds of cornmeal per thousand square feet in fall or early spring. Covering the garden in cornmeal this way will work like a wonder, and there won’t be any other weeds.

When should I apply cornmeal to my lawn?

There is a right time to apply cornmeal to your lawn. When it’s fall and early spring, you should use the cornmeal on your property then.

How long does corn meal stay good?

Cornmeal gluten stays good for around five to six weeks at most. After that, it starts becoming less effective. While regular cornmeals can last 18 months when refrigerated properly.


In the above, we discussed the ways to utilize cornmeal to prevent weeds. You should know which type of cornmeals to get. Because regular cornmeals won’t affect the weeds anyway, you have to get gluten cornmeals. The gluten cornmeal is also available in two forms.

Does cornmeal kill weeds? Yes, the cornmeal gluten does work as weed prevention. So, if you want to get rid of weeds, then cornmeal is the best option as it’s natural. It does not have any harmful chemicals, so your garden will be safe.