Do Rats Eat Flowers? Lawn Care Mistakes!

Do Rats Eat Flowers

Do rats eat flowers? These rodents and insects seek food and water like any other living creature. They might eat all the things they get to eat near them. Mice, rats, gophers like to eat new plants growing in the backyard.

It is always a matter of fact what rodents and insects actually eat. A gardener knows about it better. As a beginner, if you are anxious about the protection of your garden, please don’t be.

We are here to remove your anxiety by discussing the steps you can follow to prevent them from coming to the garden and their habitats.

Do Rats Eat Flowers?

Yes, some rats eat flowers, fruits, plants, and vegetables for a living. They are nocturnal inhabit. Rodents love gardens as they can have shelter and food available there.

Here are some things to notice while gardening, does rat eat flowers or not.

You can see them around the fences or trees at dawn and dusk. They travel on top of the power lines, water pipes to search for food. In some cases, rats can enter your home by climbing the trees.

However, you can identify whether rats come to your garden or not by-

Do Rats Eat Hibiscus Flowers?

A question may arise: what flowers do rats eat? Sometimes they eat hibiscus flowers just like other rodents.

Basically, hibiscus is a deer plant. But rats and squirrels sometimes gravitate towards the hibiscus as it has green materials and tender stems. These tiny creatures seem to have any food for their living.

Do Rats Eat Marigold Flowers?

Rats don’t eat Marigold flowers. But being nocturnal animals, they tend to eat marigolds when they don’t get any other plants to eat. Marigold flowers are included in the pest-resistant plant list.

They are mainly slug and caterpillar plants. Gardeners plant marigold flowers to deter rats, mice, voles, groundhogs, chipmunks, etc. Professional gardeners highly prize this flower as they believe that marigold flowers repel some nematodes and garden pests like rats, mice, etc. It suggests planting marigold plants to prevent the animals from entering the garden.

Do Rats Eat Zinnia Flowers?

Rats may eat zinnia flowers, but mostly they are seen to live on other plants. They tend to avoid lower creeping zinnia and common zinnia. These plants are planted to prevent insects or animals like mice, rats, or rabbits. In many cases, rats eat the plants when they don’t have any other options.

But rabbits, caterpillars, earwigs, slugs, aphids, and beetles usually feast on zinnia flowers. They make uneven holes on the leaves of the flowers.

Do Rats Eat Petunia Flowers?

Yes, rats eat Petunia flowers. Most animals like to eat this flower. It is a delicious buffet for many animals like rabbits and deer.

These kinds of insects or animals damage the flowers a lot. To avoid it, use repellents or insecticides on a regular basis.

Do Rats Eat Wisteria Flowers?

Wisteria is attractive to many rodents. Rats can have easy access to your home through wisteria. They eat the flowers and stay on the tree for a long time.

So if you have it in your home, try to keep it far away as soon as possible.

Along with wisteria, many other plants like palm trees, juniper bushes, cypress trees also give shelter to rodents, rats, mice, etc.

Here are all things you must keep in consideration about rats before planning gardening. Now you won’t be tense thinking, do pack rats eat flowers?

General Tips

Here are some suggestions to keep the lawn safe from rats-

A Helpful Tutorial You May Need!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do Rats Eat Flowers And Plants?

Yes, rats eat flowers and vegetables growing in the garden or from the store. Rats, mice, and rabbits prefer eating tender green plants. As they are nocturnal in their habitat, they can finish all your plants in a night.

How Do I Keep Rats from Eating My Flowers?

To keep rats away from eating your flowers, you can plant strongly scented plants. If possible, keep a natural predator in your garden. Besides producing, keep your garden fresh and mowed regularly.

What Flowers Do Rats Like?

Rats like any flowers but not marigold flowers, lavenders, daffodils, rosemary, etc. They tend to have vegetables also along with blooms. Usually, they eat every plant when they get no other plants to eat at night.


It is so common that when someone plans for gardening in the backyard, a thought or tension comes automatically about the protection or safety.

What do you think- do rats eat flowers or not? Obviously yes. Like other little creatures, rats also have to live. They like to eat almost all the flowers and vegetables without strongly scented plants.

We have discussed here their habitats and how you will prevent them from coming. Now there will be no confusion about it, “can rats eat flowers?”

If you grow plants in the garden without any protection, all your plants will be damaged by these rodents. As they eat flowers, take proper precautions before doing anything.

Keep your plants safe. Happy gardening!