Champion Generators run on this specific gas.

If you use the correct fuel in your generator and store it properly, it will have a longer lifespan and have fewer problems that are related to fuel.

For optimal performance, Champion generators should be filled with unleaded gasoline that has an octane rating of 87 or higher and contains no more than 10% ethanol.

When fueling the generator, extreme caution is required. After the engine has been turned off, let the fuel tank a few minutes to cool down. Carefully remove the cap off the bottle. When refueling, make sure you are in an open area with lots of ventilation and away from any combustible items.

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Champion Generators: Using the Correct Gasoline

When using the generator that you purchased from Champion, you need to make sure that you only use new gasoline that has just a trace quantity of ethanol. If you want to protect your engine and fuel system from the potential damage that gasoline may do, I suggest including an additive in your gasoline. This is something that you can do yourself.

Low Levels of Ethanol

Ethanol is a form of renewable energy that, when combined with gasoline, may significantly cut down on pollution. The high starch content of plants such as maize is used in the production of this substance.

This item has a built-in ability to absorb humidity from the air. Varnish and sticky deposits, caused by the separation of water and ethanol from gas, may impede fuel flow and accelerate component degradation.

After some time, this mixture will fall to the bottom of the fuel tank, where it will become very hot as it circulates through the engine.

In order to protect your fuel system and engine from being harmed, you should only use gasoline that has a maximum ethanol content of 10%.

Do not purchase any gasoline that has the labels “E15,” “E30,” or “E85” on it. In each of these fuels, respectively, there may be as much as 15%, 30%, or 85% ethanol present.

Fill Up With New Gasoline

After just a month, both the quality and safety of the gas are no longer guaranteed. Do not purchase more gasoline than you will be able to consume in the following month .

I am aware that it is far simpler to say than to really accomplish. The usual homeowner stores a generator in the garage only for the purpose of using it in the event of a power outage or any other very trying situation. It is difficult to anticipate when you will be required to start up the generator.

Because of this, I make it a point to include a fuel stabilizer in the gasoline at all times, just in case it turns out that I won’t be able to use it immediately away.

Fuel stabilization is a must.

When the gasoline is initially put into the tank is the ideal moment to add a fuel stabilizer to the tank. Fuel stabilizers are unable to reverse the effects that stale gas has on a vehicle.

I use Sea Foam Motor Treatment on the vehicle whenever I get gas, so that it gets properly maintained. Sea Foam is a fuel system cleaning and dehumidifier that also helps stabilize gas for up to two years. Its many uses make it a very versatile product.

It decreases the severity of the problems that might develop as a result of consuming gasoline that contains ethanol. An alternate additive for gasoline that performs very well is called STA-BIL.

Gasoline without Ethanol (Preferable)

By switching to a gas that does not have any ethanol in it, it will be possible to protect the generator from the negative consequences that ethanol has. Gas that does not include ethanol is the most cost-efficient fuel for your Champion generator; nevertheless, it is also the most expensive fuel option.

There are several gas stations in the area that sell gasoline that does not include ethanol. It is sold under the trade name REC-90 or recreational fuel.

This 4-cycle gasoline made by TruFuel is sold in canisters at your local hardware store as well as online at various internet retailers. The canisters save time when they are readily available for use.

Champion Generator Gasoline Buying and Storage Advice

When the wrong gas or gas that has expired is used in a Champion generator, it might cause problems with starting and running the generator. When purchasing and storing gas, it is important to keep the following in mind.

  • It is never safe to keep gasoline in a container for more than thirty days before using it.
  • Use unleaded petrol with an octane value of 87 or higher and no more than 10% ethanol.
  • Install a gasoline stabilizer in your vehicle if you won’t be using gas for at least a month.
  • Gasoline has to be stored in an area that is cool, dry, and away from anything that might potentially catch fire.