Best Clothing Equipment for Fishing in 2018 | Review

Everyone knows, tha fishing suits are made from a variety of materials: from traditional tarpaulins to fabrics, which are used for making outfits for cosmonauts. It is generally believed, that clothing for hunting and fishing is always cumbersome, uncomfortable and heavy. Indeed, can clothes for winter and autumn hunting be extremely light and practical?

Frogtogg rainsuit

This is indeed true, because the well-known manufacturer Frogg Toggs has presented a suit that is both comfortable and provides maximum protection against bad weather. A breathable and light suit for fishing is a popular and long-awaited novelty, which should appreciate all lovers of fishing . The costume is significantly different from the classic outfit.

FroggToggs costume design and materialFroggToggs costume design and material

Waterproof equipment from Frog Togs is designed to meet the important requirements when fishing in the rainy season. It is considered as a professional antistorm suite, because it will not miss a single drop of moisture even with the strongest downpour. The company that produces such suits has developed its own unique material, which is 100% moisture-proof and heat-retaining, but also has a low weight. Online store clothing for fishing Pants are already ready to offer storm suits FroggToggs at the best price.

What is the difference between the Frogg Toggs suit and the analogues?FroggToggs compactness

If you buy Frogg Toggs equipment , you will immediately be surprised by it’s incredible compactness. A professional storm suit is usually cumbersome, but the option from Frogg Toggs is light and pleasant to the touch. Unlike classic clothes for fishing, it has a unique structure: a hood that can be removed inside, masked zippers, warmed fleece pockets.

Separately we can note info about the seams of the costume: the details of the cut are connected according to the technology of the “needleless” seam. Stitching of tissue elements is carried out by an ultrasonic device,"needleless" seam which “welds” all the cut details. This patented tailoring technology makes Frog Togs costumes absolutely waterproof. The glued seams that pass the water are in the past!

In addition, there is an opportunity to buy an extremely light suit in three color variations: dark khaki, mustard and blue saturated. By the beginning of the season of fall fishing, try to buy an updated costume, while its price remains affordable!raincoat froggtogg for fishing

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