Become Robinson: 10 Best Islands for a Secluded Holiday

A guide to the almost uninhabited islands of the world from Outdoorstip for those who want to relax from civilization.

It is not necessary to be a sociopath, to go at least once in life to an uninhabited island. This desire can arise from someone who works very closely with people who need to think about a serious step, well, or write a book.

At the same time, living in a cave and catching fish with bare hands is unlikely to be seriously liked by anyone. It is a special kind of tourism: when you do not need to take care of the roof over your head and food, but otherwise – everything is like Robinson.

Petit Saint Vincent

survive in Petit Saint Vincent

Housing on the island is designed in such a way that the guests did not meet with each other: these are secluded bungalows, separated by tropical jungle sites. Each has access to its own piece of beach where you can enjoy all the delights of the Caribbean: diving, snorkeling or drinking rum in a pirate dress. By the way, Petit Saint Vincent is the only option of secluded rest on the Grenadines, so you can easily find an island for you on popular reservation services.


Cavallo outdoors

The French rocky islet is famous for its spa hotels, where the financiers and businessmen, who are tired of stress, improve their health. There are few guests here, so there is always the possibility to find such a stretch of beach on which you will admire the Mediterranean Sea in splendid isolation. If you go for a walk around the island, you can not even meet a single person on the way. It is worth about $ 500 per night in a double room.

Devil’s Island

outdoorstip Devil's Island

Ile-du-Salou received this frightening moniker from local residents: because it’s used to be a prison here. Now, this pleasant corner of the earth. There is only one mini-hotel, that pleases rare tourists with the riot of colors and life: you can see a growing coconut palm on every square meter, nesting parrots of macaws on the branches, coastal waters chosen by sea turtles. Moving a little further, however, less pleasant animals splash in blue sea, so it’s very dangerous to swim in the open sea. This moment repels and attracts travelers, giving a rest on the island of Ile-du-Salou in French Guiana a kind of adrenaline note.

Dalmatian Islands

Dalmatian Islands

Solar Croatia has a lot of islets in the immediate vicinity of the land. Relax in the shade of olive trees and luxuriate on a clean sandy beach in splendid isolation by choosing a secluded spot on the island or even taking it off altogether. For example, a weekly rent of one of the “Dalmatians” – Zizanzh will cost 10 thousand dollars.



The world’s largest freshwater lake Tanganyika is in Tanzania. And the most beautiful island in the world is in the middle of this unique pond surrounded by mountains. You can not find a better place on earth to meet the sunrises and see off the sunset, sitting on the terrace with a built-in pool of one of the 13 villas.


 Hog outdoors survival guide

The archipelago near the South American state of Honduras is the refuge of single divers. By the way, there are also monuments of Maya civilization on the territory of this country. If you get tired of the Hog islands – a refuge for the pirate Morgan, go to the mainland to explore the mysterious pyramids.

Berry (Bahamas)

Berry (Bahamas) outdoors survival guide

One of the islands of the archipelago has turned into a fashionable paradise for wealthy people: you can get here on your own plane, since there is a runway. Inhabitants of three villas can walk through tropical gardens, populated by millions of colorful butterflies, and also luxuriate in private parts of beaches, enjoying the Caribbean Sea.


Tetiaroa outdoors survival

The island is not far from Tahiti, and the only option to get to it – to become a guest of one of the 35 villas and take advantage of a private plane transfer to the owners of the resort. Tetiroa is a habitat for sea turtles, and therefore the infrastructure here is arranged in such a way as not to disturb the ecosphere. It is rumored that Barack Obama chose this oasis of beauty to write his memoirs.


Palambak survival travel

A real uninhabited island from a series of those that are available to a mere mortal – there are no posh villas and landing lanes for private planes, there are only four bungalows and excellent service (including chefs) for just a few dollars a day. Electricity on the island is generated by the generator, and it is fed into the houses only in the evening – to charge the phone and the camera. No TV, Internet and even cellular communication in roaming! Only palms, coral reefs and the Indian Ocean. This paradise is located in the archipelago of Banjak, which is part of Indonesia.

Con Dao

Con Dao island

The archipelago consists of 16 islands and is located near the coast of Vietnam. More or less, only one of them is littered, the rest are wild, with all the components of the South Asian paradise: white sand, palm trees, coral reefs with a picturesque underwater world. Local residents in the village of Kon-Son can stock up on provisions, rent houses at pleasant Vietnamese prices and rent a boat.

As a rule, bungalows on secluded islands are rather difficult to book in the Internet, except for Croatia and the Caribbean. A smart villa next door to Barack Obama can not be found on the tourist online aggregators: it is better to contact an agency specializing in luxury vacations, where you will be given a price. And it is better to write by e-mail with the owner of the island to get, for example, on the wild Palambak. In Honduras and Vietnam, these issues you need to be directly on the islands and already on the spot to look for accommodation. In any case, this is not mass tourism, where everything is unified and put on stream – and therefore some problems with finding contacts and logistics can not be avoided. But the sensations from this rest are very special. Perhaps this is what we will read about in your new book?

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