Avocado Plant Leaves Drooping Due to Soil Moisture or Else?

Avocado Plant Leaves Drooping

If you have any avocado trees in your garden, then you must observe that the avocado plant leaves drooping. High chances are the soil moisture is not perfect due to overwatering or lack of water. Sometimes, sudden transplant of the Avocado plants impacts and results in droopy leaves.

However, in this write-up, we will share all of the possible reasons for avocado tree leaves drooping along with some effective solutions.

Why Avocado Plant Leaves Drooping

Check out the possible reasons and the solutions in a briefcase to grab all the ideas at once.

Possible ReasonsSolutions
Moisture imbalanceWater properly
Transplant problemAvoid damaging the root, ensure enough sunlight, and watering
Leaves drooping after repottingRepot in a bigger pot
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Avocado Tree Leaves Drooping And Turning Brown

The main reason for avocado tree leaves getting droopy and turning brown is the imbalance of moisture in the soil. If we water the avocado trees infrequently, the leaves can turn brown. However, there are more reasons that avocado leaves droop and turn brown.

During the summer or spring irrigation season, we mostly use high-chloride water. Some plants, especially avocado plants, are sensitive to chlorine water. Only water evaporates from the leaves when trees breathe out the water, not chloride. Ultimately, it turns brown because of chloride toxicity.

Sometimes, we can see avocado tree leaves wilting, and the reason can be a lack of proper watering. Also, if you overwater the plants, the roots will be unable to do the aeration process. For this reason, the root will produce fungus. The soil will not be loose enough to drain due to overwatering.

However, professional farmers purposely overwater sometimes so that extra water can carry some chloride into the deep soil. This chlorine cannot reach tree root and do not affect the tree. We need to water frequently just after the soil dries out to avoid under-watering.

Why Avocado Tree Leaves Drooping After Transplant

After transplanting the avocado tree, the plant experiences transplant shock. Mostly it happens due to root damage. If the transplantation is not done correctly, it could damage the roots. In the end, it became the cause for avocado tree leaves drooping.

While transplanting, the root hair may rip off from the plant. The root hairs are usually absorbing the water from soil efficiently. The roots cannot intake water during transplant, so it drastically affects the plants and causes transplant shock.

Among many different causes for transplant shock, the most usual one is, the roots get disturbed during the transplanting process. If we do not follow a proper procedure for implementation while excavating the tree, avocado leaves droop.

To lessen the chances of transplant shock, we have to ensure that the root structure stays intact while extracting. Cleaning up the roots will disturb the plant and lead to transplant shock. After properly placing it in the new place, we have to ensure that it gets enough sunlight and, more importantly, a generous amount of water.

Why Avocado Tree Leaves Drooping After Repotting

Avocado tree leaves may be drooping after repotting as it suffers from transplantation. Repotting causes stress because the plant is moving from one place to another. Also, the tree has to put some effort and energy into coping with the new situation.

Sometimes, if the tree becomes root-bound, it can affect the plant’s growth. The root is deep for the avocado tree, so if the pot is small, then the tree can have droopy leaves. In the situation of repotting, the root starts to adapt to the new environment and soil. If the roots start to come out of the holes, we need to repot them quickly.

Generally, avocado trees grow soon in larger pots. So we have to keep it in mind to move in a bigger pot. We can avoid stressing the plant and get a healthier tree by doing this.

Tips for Preventing Avocado Leaves Drooping

We need to remember various things to avoid avocado leaves droop problems. But there are some basic tips which we are going to share below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why are my avocado tree leaves drooping?

Most often, when we overwater the avocado tree, they tend to droop. Other than this, when we keep them in a small pot, they can droop too. Not only are these two the reasons for drooping leaves, but there can also be more causes. Providing less water, insufficient light, or transplant trauma can also be the reasons.

How often should you water an avocado plant?

If the avocado plants are planted new, then they will need water at least two or three times per week in the first year. In most cases, the roots stay in the upper six inches of soil. For this reason, trees dry out promptly. The mature avocado trees only need water during summertime each week.

Will droopy leaves recover?

Watering frequently in a small amount ensures that the soil will never dry out completely. The ferns, which love moisture, can be droopy if we do not provide enough water for their survival. However, too much watering may cause no air pocket left for the root to take oxygen.

How do you fix droopy leaves?

Usually, most leaves of plants get droopy in need of water. If the plant leaves are sagging, we can water to see if it recovers. Most of the time, the leaves perk up very soon. Sometimes, they need more water. Plant leaves will recover within a short period.


Up until now, you are well aware of the most common reasons and their possible solutions for avocado plant leaves drooping. The most common causes consist of underwatering and overwatering. We can avoid tree leaves drooping by taking some proper care.

It is very normal for avocado tree leaves to get droopy. Leaves getting brown are common for avocado trees. Though avocado trees take a long time to grow, the tree will bounce back to us if we take some care.