Argentina: Golden tips that will help make the holidays unforgettable

Outdoorstip prepared for you a list of tips that will help to organize the trip correctly when you are going to travel to South American country.

Before you choose the date of travel, check with the national calendar: it’s great if there will be some holiday for the dates of your stay in Buenos Aires. This will definitely double your impressions of visiting this country.Argentina_travel, tips tricks advices

If you hurry, you can catch the Argentine carnival, which takes place every Saturday from January 6 to March 3. In the days of the carnival, the Argentines are having a good time, they dance and sing a lot (mostly about love), and the multicolored magnificent outfits of the artists will make you enjoy of this place.

Do not have much time? It does not matter: July 9, the country celebrates Independence Day – and, of course, with a special Latin American temperament. No less remarkable events are the International Guitar Festival, which takes place in October, and the Tango Day on December 11th.

Excursion part

After determining the date and buying air tickets, start planning the excursion. Argentina is rich in sights, and it’s usually not enough to get acquainted with its natural and cultural resources during one trip. Therefore, you need to prioritize and mark out the excursion routes.

best travel tips Excursion part

An irreplaceable assistant will be a reliable navigation application: it is best to download the map of Argentina in advance and note all the places that you have defined for yourself as a must see, so that you can use the service tips even without connecting to the Internet.

Reservation of transport

Things what needs to be booked in advance (we do not talk about housing, it’s understandable, the hostels and apartments on Airbnb) are some types of transport. For example, from Buenos Aires you can go on a mini-cruise threw the Atlantic Ocean to the cities of Uruguay Colonia de Sacramento and Montevideo.

According to travelers’ reviews, the most reliable and cheapest carrier from the local market is Seacatcolonia. There are no tickets at the box office, because flights are insanely popular, but you can buy them on the same site (hint: to select the English version, click the “ingles” icon in the upper right corner).

La BocaLa Boca travel guide

It’s easy to lose your head from the spirit of freedom and emancipation in Buenos Aires. Looking for impressions, many tourists invariably go to the quarter of La Boca with colorful houses and bohemian atmosphere. However, it should be borne in mind for a frivolous traveler, that this area becomes very dangerous with nightfall. Therefore, it is better to come here in the morning, and leave on the tourist bus, which runs between the area of ​​La Boca and the stop at the intersection of Florida and Av. Roque Saenz Pena.

Palermo forestsPalermo forests holiday travel tips

A single day in Buenos Aires should be spent to visit the Palermo forests, but be sure you wear comfortable shoes and put water and a dry ration in the backpack. Clothes should allow you to rent a bicycle (it is impossible to bypass the park with an area of 400 hectares on foot), and also go boating along the inner lakes. Do not forget to look into the planetarium, the rosary and the zoo, and also find the alley of poets.

Iguazu WaterfallsTips for trips Iguazu Waterfalls

Traveling to Argentina is unthinkable without visiting the waterfalls of Iguazu – one of the most grandiose wonders of the world. First of all, do not forget to stock up on a dry set of clothes and shoes, pack them in a sealed bag. It’s possible that you will get wet to the thread during your exploration of waterfalls. Fly here by local airlines (the flight Buenos Aires – Puerto Iguaçu will cost about $100), then – ride by tourist bus. Visitors are allowed up to 16:30, so get on the road as early as possible. The entrance ticket is about 25 dollars.

Perito Moreno Glacierinternational travel tips Perito Moreno Glacier

If you want to see one of the places on Earth that looks like a landscape of another planet, go to the Los Glaciares National Park to admire the famous Perito Moreno glacier. This block of ice has an inexpressible bright blue color, produces sounds akin to singing, and sometimes collapses with noise into the adjacent Lake Argentina. Here the following advice for you: choose not a ground observation deck or a walking tour on the surface of the glacier – take a boat and admire this miracle of nature from the side of the reservoir. To reach the national park, you need to fly to the village of El-Kalafe, and then – by bus (two hours ride).

Currency exchange

In order not to stall while calculating in local currency – the Argentine peso – install a simple converter application (for example, XE Currency) on your smartphone, which will transfer any bank note to the dollar. So it will be easier for you to assess the adequacy of the requested prices.

In Argentina, a cashless settlement is quite developed, therefore in large restaurants, hotels, shops, you can pay with Visa and Mastercard. If the place causes suspicion, then it is better not to do it – fraud is possible. It is possible to withdraw money from the ATM only in local currency, while the commission will be huge (up to 10%).

The best thing is to have cash in dollars, which can be exchanged for pesos as needed. The local population willingly accepts the calculation of Americans and even reduces the price for this case, since the country prohibits reverse exchange (it is impossible to buy dollars here). The approximate dollar to peso rate is 1:20.

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