9 tips to Save Money On Hotels

Hotels, for some, are really what make traveling relaxing and comforting. With so many Hotels out there and options, it is often difficult to make a choice and realize if the price that is offered is right. The problem is, you will always be surcharged as they make a lot of profit on your back but, if you know how, there are always ways to save money and make sure you will sleep in a nice hotel for the lowest price possible.


How to save money on hotels?

Here is a list of ways to make sure you won’t spend too much on hotels and make sure you pay the right price.

tips to save money in hotels

#1 Do not go during the touristic season

You will find incredible deals when going to a destination in the off-season. They still want to make money but knowing they are less attractive sometimes they lower their price to 70% of their regular season.

Examples : Whistler Ski mountain Hotel price in winter : 190 $ night

OR Whistler Ski mountain Hotel price in winter: 79 $ night

Package for 4 star hotel in Varadero Cuba in January : 900$

OR Package for 4 star hotel in Varadero Cuba in June : 350$


#2 Use coupons and discounts.

In many books you can find some coupons that will give you a nice discount. Make sure to search for these and to use them! Using coupons do not make you look poor, do not be afraid to use them.


#3 Book the flight with the hotel

You can save some 40% on the hotel by booking a package instead of buying the flight and the hotel separately.


#4 Make a lot of research

Luxury and even moderate hotels can be alarmingly expensive if you accept the first set of rates they present you with If you are trying to buy a deal on the internet (Which you should to save money), make sure to do a lot of research as some sites can offer much better deals then others. Once you are positive you have the best deal, then go ahead!


#5 Hotel gift cards

You can find some hotel gift cards on EBay. Buy a 75$ gift card for 40$ and you can save a little bit right.


#6 Sign up to Emails

You can get emails from Book advisor that sends you the best deals of the week and other sites like expedia.


#7 AAA

AAA allows you to save on almost everything you need then traveling. Even though its not huge amounts saving some 10% here and there makes a good difference on the long run.


#8 Ask for a discount

You would be surprised, but hotels are inclined to offer you discounts. They showed that 35 % of respondents asked for a better rate, and 80 % of those got the discount or received a complimentary room upgrade


#9 Stay two or more nights at the same hotels.

This kind of approach can make give you certain advantages like : gas card, free 3rd night or 50% off the 3rd night. This varies depending the season and the hotels BUT make sure to inform yourself.

So, try to apply these tricks and tips and you will save some money on the hotel. BUT remember, the best way to save is really traveling using hostels. You should think about that option, it really isn’t as bad as you might think it is!

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