9 Bow Hunting Tips for big Success – Deer hunting secrets

I don’t consider myself any kind of an expert with crossbows, or crossbow hunting, or anything like that, but I have been hunting with cross since 2012.

I had over those six years of experience so far, picked up a few little tips that I want to share with you.


Tip № 1. The law is your friend.

That doesn’t just apply to game laws and regulations. When you are out hunting, you want to make sure you understand all the law. You don’t want to get out and hunt and then have a problem, have some kind of unforeseen circumstance come up, and you don’t know how to handle it, and you make a bad decision and get in trouble with the law, you don’t want that equally important.

tip 1 сrossbow-hunting
The law is your friend.

When you’re hunting with crossbows, they’re not legal everywhere, and even in the places where they are legal like in the Pennsylvania. They do have certain restrictions on them, because it’s a relatively new hunting weapon. So, you want to make sure, that you fully understand the regulations for the area in which you hunt.


Tip № 2. Rain and wind are not your friends.

Lets talk about archery, hunting, any kind of archery equipment like crossbow hunting. If you’re out there in bad conditions, that’s part of hunting, you can hunt in those bad conditions, but rain can affect the accuracy of your crossbow. Wind definitely affects on the accuracy of your arrows.

Tip 2 Rain and wind are not your friends.
Rain and wind are not your friends.

If you’re out hunting in rain and in the wind, you have be sure you’re taking shots in a sheltered area, where the trees are blocking most of the wind. Be careful when you’re out in the field with rain and wind.


Tip № 3 Hunting scent free is also your friend.

When you’re hunting with archery equipment you got to get up close and personal with the deer. A little breeze blows body odor and blows all that smells. Those smells, that you pick up in your car, and at your house, it blows those odors all over the place. Scent free is very important.

 Tip 3 Hunting scent free is also your friend.
Hunting scent free is also your friend.


Tip № 4 Don’t get discouraged after losing a deer.

Anytime you’re hunting in with any kind of equipment you will lose deer, it is going to happen – don’t get discouraged, it’s not the end of the world. You have to do everything you can, going into your crossbow season to make sure that your equipment is up to snuff, that you are ready to hunt with that crossbow. Mistakes are going to happen, use it as an opportunity to re-evaluate what you’re doing, and make sure that you made the right decisions.

Tip 4 - Don't get discouraged after losing a deer.
Don’t get discouraged after losing a deer.

Tip № 5 Deer loves food.

Deer love apples in corn and brassicas, turnips, clover and all the natural native vegetation that grows out.
There a lot of that they eat – they love acorns. Don’t forget that deer are slaves to their stomach, they are going to be looking for food all the time, even when the rut is approaching. Food sources are very important to any wild animal, deer are no exception. Use that to your advantage again.

Tip 5 Deer loves food
Deer loves food

Crossbow hunting, archery hunting in general is about getting close up close and personal with those deer, nothing works better for getting deer in acertain area. Nothing works better, than food for getting deer positioned in a certain way, in a location where you can take a good shot. So keep that in mind, as you go out there and you set up your hunting strategies and a lot of places in the United States.


Tip № 6 Take only good shots.

That sounds like an awful, but the reality is if you only take good shots – you’re going to take your success level from here clear to the top. You are going to be really successful if you only take good shots. Only shoot the deer when they’re where you are, where you want them to be, when they are in position to take a good shot. When you are out there hunting, you must want to make sure that you’re only taking good shots. And if you see a deer, you see a really nice buck, but you don’t get a shot at it, that deer is still great to see it is still a great experience.It is still another way to enjoy the outdoors, but only take good shots and you won’t be disappointed.

Tip № 6 Take only good shots.
Take only good shots.

Tip № 7 Keep learning.

Not just keep learning about the crossbow.You want to keep learning about the crossbow course, because you want to learn about how to maintain the crossbow, and how to store the crossbow, and how to transport it, and how to make your shots even more accurate than they are.

Tip 7Keep learning.
Keep learning.

When you first take that thing out of the box, and put it together, you want to do that you want: to keep learning about the crossbow. But to make crossbow interesting to maintain that interest, keep learning about the outdoors. Keep learning about the outdoors, keep researching deer, get a subscription to deer and deer hunting magazine and read about that if you want, but keep learning. It will maintain your interest in the crossbow and that way you can continue to improve your skills.


Tip № 8 Closer is better.

Archery hunting is all about getting up close and personal with deer. That’s what most people love about it. The crossbow allows you to enjoy that right up close and personal and see deer, and eye level.

Tip № 8 Closer is better.
Closer is better.

Take advantage of that, and recognize, that’s the fun part of crossbow hunting. The key is closer – is better, that’s what crossbow hunting is, all about that’s – the whole reason that you bought this thing.


Tip № 9 Accuracy

Accuracy is everything. Nothing is more important in crossbow hunting, than accuracy. An accurately placed shot will take care of a deer at 30 40 yards easily. You will have a short blood trail if you are accurate, and if you place that arrow exactly where it was supposed to go.

Tip № 9 Accuracy

Well, that’s the 9 tips about crossbow success, I hope you have a rate crossbow season coming up, wherever you are hunting. Please, let me know, if I missed anything, and you have other tips, leave me a comment below.

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