9 Best Unique London tours to visit

As one of the attractive capitals in the world, London is currently no stranger to many visitors. But if you explore this city in the tours that the local people consider to be the most “weird”, visitors will experience the many distinctive features which are unique in the UK capital.

English Travel Guide – tours in London

1. Unique collective bicycle tour Pedibus

pedibus tour

London is one of very few cities use the Pedibus on the tours. This type of means mixed between buses and bicycles appears more and more around Borough Market, London Bridge, Shoreditch and Avenue Liverpool. On the 12-seater gondola ‘car’, tourists can both bicycle and see the scenes, even can sip drinks available on the car. The driver is also the guide will ensure guests have a safe and interesting trip.


2. Around the ancient pubs

old pub tours

East End Pub Tour is the name of the program to learn the history of some ancient pubs in London. In the two and half an hour tour, visitors will enjoy a few special drinks of the local while visiting the old town Brick Lane and the street art Spitalfields. Therefore, many people call East End Pub Tour is the two-in-one tour.


3. Exploring Chislehurst Caves

Chislehurst Caves

Many people came to London many times, but never step into the colorful history Chislehurst Caves – a maze of tunnels created by the Druid, the Romans and the Saxons for different purposes. In many past centuries in Chislehurst, smuggling, murder, mushroom cultivator and music performances took place. It is also the refuge of people of London to avoid air raids during the World War II.


4. Observe a different London with Unseen Tour

unseen tours in London

If you want to see the “hidden corners” of London, you can choose Unseen Tour, a tour with guides who are homeless or have been a homeless person. Choosing this tour, tourists will visit both the top famous places of London and destinations that few foreigners know. Interestingly, visitors will hear true anecdotes about the street life of the homeless people in London.


5. Visiting the Highgate Cemetery

Highgate Cemetery tour in London

As the resting place of many famous personalities in the UK and Europe, including thinker Karl Marx, Highgate Cemetery is vast and very poetic. Coming to visit, tourists will admire many beautiful architectures. Memorials and some tombs at Highgate are valuable architectural and sculptural works of art.


6. Looking for antiques along the Thames

Thames London tours

We can say the process of existence in thousands of years of London is attached to the Thames, therefore, both sides of the river are a treasure trove of precious historical artifacts. Joining the Beachcoming Thames Walk tour, visitors will be led by an archaeologist, walking along the river to find the treasures of your own: It could be a medieval roof, clay pipe in Elizabethan or a few antiques from Roman times or even from the distant Mesolithic era that few people know about.


7. London Ghost Bus Tour

London Ghost Bus Tour

For those guests who are interested in feeling spooky, the London Ghost Bus Tour will take them to the sites of the most grisly events and horrific murders in London. On the black Routemaster double-decker bus of 1960, visitors will discover the darkest locations of the city and continue to admire leading famous works such as Parliament, St Paul’s Cathedral and Tower of London.


8. Learning the history of London trade with London Behind The Scenes Tour

London Behind The Scenes Tour

Developed by the volunteers of the charity and education organization WORLDwrite, London Behind The Scenes Tour helps visitors learn the vibrant trade history of the east London area. The tour will start at St Katharine Docks – which was once the world’s largest harbor, passing the ivory warehouses, the ancient wine cellars and ending at Tobacco Port.


9. London Helicopter Tour

London Helicopter Tour

At a cost of 129 pounds, visitors can admire London from above with modern helicopters. On this excellent facilities, visitors will admire panoramic England’s capital without losing much time.

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