9 best fishing tricks, tips and hacks for beginners and the experts – Guide

Fishing is more than a hobby or a habit, this is a favorite occupation of many people, and for some – a way of life. And today, I’m going to demonstrate a fishing guide that will suit both beginner and professional in fishing. Let’s go threw top 10 fishing tips for the beginner or the expert.

1. Use Google Maps or Google Earth to find a great fishing spot.

So when you will decide to go out fishing, you will have a really hard time finding good areas to fish. When I started using Google Maps I found a ton of ponds, creeks, lakes and even a lot of great spots along the river to fish. So if you’re looking for a fishing spot go ahead and get on Google Maps or Google Earth and scout out some.

Fishing tip 1. Use Google Maps or Google Earth
Use Google Maps or Google Earth

2. Tip number two.

The mistake, that a lot of people make, especially beginner fisherman, when they take their lure, when they’re done fishing and they hook it into the eyelid of a fishing rod. The reason you don’t want to do this is because it creates little abrasions in the eyelid. So then when you have this test, when the fish is taking your line out and you have pressure right in that point – this line hits. That’s why hook your lure to the specialy built-in ring on your fishing rod.

Tip-two true

3. Invest in open-faced reels as opposed to closed space reels.

A lot of beginners like the closed face reels because they’re a little cheaper and easier to use, however they don’t last long as long as they don’t cast as far.

Fishing tip 3 - open-faced reel
Open-faced reel

4. So, now the tip number four – you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get great fishing gear.

If you’re ever looking for pan fish or trout hooks, some little small folks, you need a lifetime supply for about five bucks to buy equipment on Amazon or Ebay or youc an try the popular store in China- Aliexpress. But be prepared to wait one month till the shipping arrives to you.

fishing tip 4 Fishing gear from Amazon
Fishing gear from Amazon

The other thing I did – I got some big old catfish folks for 10. I also got some a dot catfish hooks – it was like 50 for like 12 bucks so instead of paying a dollar per hook like it would at Bass Pro or Walmart’s this is substantially cheaper. So, be smart and try to spend money more wisely.

This is an example of that so you don’t always have to spend a lot on a fishing equipment.

5. Use clothes pins, to keep track of your miscellaneous hooks and swivels.

Tackle Organizing Tips - Safety Pins for Fish Hooks
Safety Pins for Fish Hooks

Just take a simple clothes pin, go ahead, open it up, and you can just thread on all the boats all this wibbels real easily. This really helps to organize the tackle box and maybe you’ll try with this tip out.


6. The fish at the right time of day.

Often people are fishing for the fish pieces of the wrong time of the day they’re not having any luck and then the next guy they’re hearing like: this great fishing report on the lake and a lot of the times. It’s happening because they’re going on at the wrong time, so I find usually in the Midwest dawn and dusk works best for me.

Fishing tip # 7
Fishing tip # 7

7. Tip number seven.

So now I’m going to talk about the baits. When you go fishing always bring as many baits as possible. A lot of problems that people have is a fish with one bait and they fish it all day. If I’m catfishing, I’m probably have eight different bass with me. I’ll worm dough baked crawdads, minnows, aha bluegill, and I’ll cut shad. I’ll be throwing everything I can. I bring as much stuff as possible and it greatly increases my odds. A lot of times I find sometimes a catfish are just biting on worms and strengthens or everything else is not working – so you really got to try a lot of different baits, lures and another things.

Fishing tips Fishing Baits
Fishing Baits

Is is like troutfishing. I have like six or seven different trout baits, that I bring every time and sometimes I find they’re only taking one trout bait. So, if I didn’t have that one trout bait I wouldn’t be catching any trout, which just shows the key of using a lot of different baits, whether it’s live bait or just a lure.

8. Get a pack of nail clippers.

nail clippers for fishing

These are extremely useful to put in your tackle box when you are cutting line a lot of times, I have scissors in there┬ábut scissors are easy to lose or bulky, they’re little more dangerous. If you get like five or six nail clippers and just spread them all throughout your tackle box, keep them in your pockets. You’ll always have something to cut the line. They’re super compact. I recommend getting a few nail clippers for the tackle box.

9. The final tip – number nine.

When you’re losing, when a fish is stripping the bait from your hook, you got to downsize either a debate, or the hook. So all too often, I see beginners going out there and they’re fishing for bluegill, or probably your catfish, and their bait just keeps getting stripped. And then frustrated, they don’t know, why they keep putting on more and more bait, and a lot times people also think: “oh I’ll string on a huge night crawler for this little bluegill, and I’ll be sure to catch them a lot quicker”.

fishing tip 9
Tip #9

So, if you’re getting the bait stripped from your hook, you need to start down sizing the hook size. Down sizing the bait size and keep doing that and I guarantee you you’ll start catching what’s ever taking your bait.

I hope you found something usefull int this big bass fishing tips. And remember: the more you know, the less you mistakes you make.

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