Outdoor Gear You must have for Camping in 2018 – Review

If it’s the perfect weather to get outside – I want to share some of my favorites from our recent outdoor gear collection.

Trek Lite v9 tarp.

First we have the trek Lite v9 – strong tarp. It 100% waterproof, it’s actually built to withstand heavy rain and wind and lastly it’s not as loud as lightweight rain shells. It’s quiet, so you can actually sleep.Trek Lite v9 tarp.


Hammock shield

Next up – is the trek light bug-free hammock shield. It’s 360 degrees of protection, lightweight, so you can still get visibility and airflow, and dual sided entry, so you can get in and out either way.

camping gear Trek Lite v9 tarp.


Wildhorn all-terrain chair

The Wildhorn, light, all-terrain chair. A camping chair that fits in standard bag. It’s incredibly lightweight. It has modular lining so, that you can quickly fold it up, put it in on the ground, put it in a bag on your way.

Wildhorn chair camping gear

Solar Lantern

Also take the luminaid solar Lantern. It’s solar, charges off the sun, it’s lightweight, waterproof enough, floats and lastly it simply table. That’s what you need for packing must-haves.

Solar Lantern camping

Bluetooth speaker

Don’t forget to bring the roam proof Bluetooth speaker.

Bluetooth speaker
It’s main features:
✔ Bluetooth
✔ Solar
✔ Waterproof
✔ Shockproof
✔ Dirt proof
✔ Party proof bounces the beats….
Lastly it also charges other USB devices.

FatBoy Lamzac.

Have you ever wanted to rest on a cloud? – Pretty much the same thing. You open it up, you catch all the wind, and you can lounge all day easy, so easy.

lamzac for camping

The Jetbeam headlamp.

Everybody needs a headlamp, when you’re going camping. Plus, you can take it out and use it as a flashlight. There’s a dimmer right on the top, so dim up, dim down – you got to have it. nup


Air pad

You always need a mattress pad when you’re going camping. This one has wind catcher technology, so you use the wind and blow. It simultaneously inflates in seconds, deflates in seconds, rolls up, has a nice little hook to attach to your bag.

air pad camping

So those are my favorites from outdoor camping gear collection. Go camping, get calm in nature beauty, enjoy the weather get outside.

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