8 Cheap Alpine Ski Resorts – Winter activities guide

Do you think that ski holidays is always expensive, because the slopes of St. Moritz and Courchevel can afford only wealthy tourists? It can be enough to save on the trip renting a hotel in the village easier and continue to drive on the slopes of the same ski area. Outdoorstip prepared an overview of expensive resorts and their budget alternatives.

Misurina and Cortina d’Ampezzo

Dolomites, Italy

Outdoors winter activities Misurina and Cortina d'Ampezzo

The Olympic resort of Cortina d’Ampezzo competes with Madonna di Campiglio for the title of the most expensive in Italy. For a long time it remained a holiday village for rich citizens, there were few hotels, and the PRICESs for accommodation were always fabulous. If you are not interested in secular receptions and trendy “Sloughfood” restaurants and do not plan to spend your fortune in a local jewelry boutique, why not save on a hotel and settle in the ancient village of Misurina, 8 miles from Cortina?

Cons: Own skiing area of ​​Misurina is small – only a dozen trails to get close to Cortina, you will have to use a skibas or cable car. And, of course, you will not find entertainment in this place – the rest will be very calm and measured, but without crowds dressed in Gucci and glittering with gold ornaments.


Cortina d’Ampezzo: double room for 7 nights – from $440

Mizurina: double room for 7 nights – from $350

Skipass Dolomiti Superski – €171-278 euros

Pinzolo and Madonna di Campiglio

Dolomites, Italy

Outdoors winter activities Pinzolo and Madonna di Campiglio

Italian rich people are patriotic, they prefer the domestic resort of Madonna di Campiglio, turned into a real Mecca for beau monde. The choice is justified: the surrounding town lines are really maintained in perfect condition. It’s not necessary to spend several hundred euros a day for a hotel room to ride them. We recommend to settle in the village of Pinzolo and buy the Superskirama skipass, ride 236 miles of slopes together with the stars and millionaires.

Cons: If you are not a beginner, then it may seem to you that the tracks near Pinzolo are too simple and do not match the layout. And when you decide to get to Madonna di Campiglio, you will find that skibas goes very rarely.


Madonna di Campiglio: double room for 7 nights – from $560

Pinzolo: double room for 7 nights – from $300

Skipass Superskirama for 7 days – €235-277 euros


Saint-Gervais and Megeve

Rhône-Alpes, France

Outdoors winter activities Saint-Gervais and MegeveIn the midst of the dense forests, near Mont Blanc, placed the elegant Megeve resort with a variety of long trails and excellent unplaced slopes for brave freeliders. If you do not want to overpay for living in this trendy place, you should settle in the lower part of the Chamonix Valley in the town of Saint-Gervais, located about 5 miles from Megeve. You can ride at once in four different zones, you can easily get to the Megeve trails from the western slope. You will need the Evasion Mont-Blanc skipass. You can not only go skiing while resting in St. Gervais , but also heal in the balneological centers: the local thermal waters.

Cons: If the slopes of Megeve are accessible to everyone, you will have to forget about the famous night life of this resort, like visiting night discos, casinos and one of the best jazz clubs in France, otherwise all your money will be taken by taxi. A quiet relaxing holiday in Saint-Gervais is not for everyone. If you prefer noisy fun parties in nightclubs, you better have to choose another resort. Those who want to attend the freeride school, will have to travel to Megeve.


Megeve: double room for 7 nights – from $655

Saint-Gervais: double room for 7 nights – from $400

Skipass Evasion Mont-Blanc for 6 days – €169.50 euros


Val-Trance and Courchevel

Rhône-Alpes, France

Outdoors winter activities Val-Trance and Courchevel


The luxury resort of Courchevel 1850 located in the French Alps, the west of the Three Valleys – is the largest skiing area in the world. The best hotels with excellent service, expensive boutiques with gold and furs, regular concerts of world rock and pop stars – all this is intended for wealthy guests of a small village. But the real skiers come to this resort for excellent well-groomed and very interesting trails. However, in order to ride on them, it is not necessary to live in this expensive place. For example, you can settle in the village of Val Thorens, come to the valley of Courchevel on skis and just return back to the hotel – most hotels in this village are placed on the slopes.

Cons: The multi-storey hotels in the village of Val Thorens are not popular. The routes around Val Thorens are more suitable for advanced skiers, and it is not useful for everyone to live at such a high altitude – 2300 meters.


Courchevel: double room for 7 nights – from $1 000

Val Thorens: double room for 7 nights – from $310

Skipass Three valleys for 6 days – from €267 euros


Zell am Ziller and Mayrhofen


Outdoors winter activities Zell am Ziller and Mayrhofen

If you want to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a good Christmas fairy tale, you can ride on the slopes of one of the largest Austrian resorts during the day, and in the evenings you can walk in Mayrhofen that looks like a toy town with neat little painted houses. But if the slopes and savings are important to you, choose a more modest Zell am Ziller, which is located 6 miles to the north. You can find there all the same things as in Mayrhofen, but the prices are slightly lower.

Cons: Unfortunately, the skibas is not always punctual, and you can stand at the bus stop for a long time.


Mayrhofen: double room for 7 nights – from $500

Zell am Ziller: double room for 7 nights – from $400

Zillertaler Superskipass for 6 days – from €254 euros

Kappl and Ischgl

Innsbruck, Austria

Outdoors winter activities Kappl and Ischgl

The noisy youthful Ischgl is considered like the most expensive resort in Austria. If you are attracted by its tracks, and there is not enough money to rest, you can settle in 3 miles in the village of Kappl. Kappl has its own ski schools, rental offices and even a small ski area – 25 miles of equipped routes. But experienced sportsmen will quickly get bored and will certainly buy a single skipas: it will open access to the slopes of the entire Patsnauntal valley (apart from Ischgl and Kappl, small settlements of Galtur and Zee are included) and will allow you to ride without extra payment between villages on the ski-sausage.

Cons: Kappl is a quiet Tyrolean village intended for families, so you will not find active nightlife, chic restaurants with well-trained waiters and other attributes of luxurious rest.


Ischgl: double room for 7 nights – from €1020 euros

Kappl: double room for 7 nights – from €420 euros

Silvretta-Skipass – €206,50


Veyson and Verbier


Outdoors winter activities Veyson and Verbier

It is believed that the resort of Verbier is more democratic than St. Moritz: it is not customary to display its wealth and to go on collectible “Maybachs”. But recently, during the season, the city is full of tourists, you have to stand in lines on the slopes of the ski lifts for a long time. Popularity played a cruel joke: PRICESs have become unreasonably high. Therefore, if you want to go for a ride in the Swiss Four valleys, it’s better to stay in a quieter and cheaper Weisson. Go from Veyson to the Verbier Valley, because the most interesting and deserving tracks are right there.

Cons: There are a lot of drag lifts around Veyson, so if you decide to ride in this valley or you want to get out regularly in Verbier, you have to use them. Chair lifts also cause a lot of complaints – they are often old and slow.


Verbier: double room for 7 nights – from $750

Veyson: double room for 7 nights – from $400

Skipass Four valleys for 6 days of skiing – €355 euros

Zuoz and St. Moritz


Outdoors winter activities Zuoz and St. Moritz

St. Moritz is improperly expensive even for those accustomed to high prices. However, it is not necessary to live in St. Moritz for a huge prices. The calculating and tight-knit Swiss leave this city for newcomers, and they settle in the budget and incredibly beautiful old town of Zuoz.

Modest Zuoz offers just a couple of dozen miles of equipped trails, which clearly does not satisfy the demands of experienced skiers, and you will quickly get bored to travel 11 miles every day to St. Moritz.


St. Moritz: double room for 7 nights with ski pass for the whole region for 6 days – from $750

Zuoz: double room for 7 nights with ski pass for the whole region for 6 days – from $400

So, that was overview of top 8 expensive resorts and their budget alternatives. We hope it will be useful for you. Don’t forget to leave your comments.

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