5 Top】 Snowboards For Beginner in 2018 | Best Gear Review

We often get asked:

What is the best beginner snowboard?

In this post, you will learn some useful advices on all the things that you want to look for when buying your first board.

Our redaction will recommend five boards, that are the best and then three of the girls boards. So let’s go through.

Salomon pulse

The first board we’d recommend is a Salomon pulse. The thing you’ll like about this board just first off is:

– The price is $299. That is the perfect price point for a first board for lots of reasons. One thing, is that you’re not gonna use some of the high-end tech that go into the more advanced boards. There’s no sense and paying a lot of money for a tech you’re not gonna use. For $299 you’re just gonna get the basic board for that price that’s all you need.salomon 2018 pulse snowboard

– Also you’re probably gonna beat up the first board you have. If it gets wrecked, if it gets dented it’s no big deal, because you didn’t spend much money on it. If it does survive your beginner stages then you can possibly pass it on to another beginner or sell it and get some of your money back. A cheap price point is key.

Burton ripcord

The next board to check out is the Burton ripcord. It’s got a catch-free profile. So basically it means that the base of the board is flat, and then it rises up on the nose and tail and. This is key, because when you’re making those first beginner turns, it’s quite common to catch an edge and fall over.burton ripcord snowboard

So all the boards that we recommend are gonna have the flat or camber profile in the center to give you stability, but then raised reverse camber on the nose and tail to help you have more of a catch free ride. So when you’re looking for your first board, that it’s catch free.

Arbour formula

The thing you will like about this board, is that the Flex is a four. So it’s kind of like a soft to medium flex, and this is kind of like the perfect range for getting your turns down, carving. It’s also soft enough to try some of those beginner tricks.Arbor Snowboards Formula

The stiffer boards are typically good for carving going fast, so you want to lean towards a stiffer flex if you’re not interested in parkour, doing tricks and then leading towards the softer flex if you want to get into doing the butters and penguin walk. A flex rating of like a three or four is kind of a good compromise, so that you can get the best of both worlds ride the whole mountain, and try out some of the beginner tricks.

K2 standard Snowboard

The thing you will like about this board is the shape, a directional twin.The design of the Flex is better in one direction. It’s got the twin shape so you can ride it in both directions if you want to. So a good combination the twin shape is important if you want to learn how to ride switch and do any of those switch tricks.K2 standard snowboard gear

The directional flex is good for learning to get your carving and turns in one direction.

k2 standard snowboard

A bit of the best of both worlds if you want a board that’s purely gonna go in one direction – you can find just a pure directional board And if you want to get a complete Park board – you just go for the true twin shape. This board has got the directional twin, so a bit of both and then it’s good until you figure out what you really want to do.

Lib tech Kraftsmen from Hell Skate Banana Snowboard

The next board guys is the Lib tech Kraftsmen from Hell Skate Banana – this one is really cool. Libtech looks like a really fun board.Lib tech Kraftsmen from Hell Skate Banana 2018

The thing you will like about it is the Magne traction. So if you don’t know what Magne traction is – it basically means, that the edge of the board, which is typically just kind of like a smooth curve.With the Magne traction it’s wavy, kind of like a serrated blade of a knife, like a bread knife.Magna traction

The great thing about this – it really holds well on the snow, especially in icy conditions. So if you’re on the East Coast, if you’re riding a lot of ice – check out Lib tech and some of their Magna traction boards, because they can really save you from sliding out out on that ice and having great hold through carves and turns on firmer conditions. This live tax a bit more money ($389), but the magnatraction is a pretty cool feature definitely something to check out.

Snowbords for woman in 2018

We’ve also found three women’s boards that we would highly recommend:

  •  Salomon Lotus
  • K2 First Lite

Three of these boards have the elements that we discussed earlier in our post.

Salomon LotusK2 first liteBurton genie

At the lower end of the price scale they’re: a softer flex, and they’re also catch free all the elements that make for a really good beginner board.

One final tip for buying your first board – find a top sheet that you like and looks like a fun board to ride. Most people like to pick boards that have some kind of like fun look.

We hope that all these tips will help you find the perfect first board for you.

If you have any questions leave them down in the comments.

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