5 Places Where you can find Brown Bears

Do not think that meeting with the bear in the natural habitat will end as well as in the movie “Survivor” with Leonardo DiCaprio. Observe powerful grizzlies, funny baribals and awkward brown bears can be quite without any damage to health. The best places for bears, where they can be seen live, are told by Outdoorstip.

Kronotsky Reserve, Russia

The Kronotsky Biosphere Reserve, the oldest natural park in Kamchatka, there live about 800 bears. It is the largest natural brown bear population in the world. The best time to observe the clubfoot is from August to September, when special “bear tours” are organized.

During this period, the bears hunt on the Kronot lakes, where salmon spawns. By the way, you can see not only these harsh predators. Kamchatka forests are home to moose, sable, ermine, snow sheep, lynx and other animals.

About 800 bears live in the Kronotsky Reserve
Photo Kronotsky State Nature Reserve


Yellowstone National Park, USA

Two hundred grizzly bears inhabit the giant Yellowstone Park, which partially covers the territories of just three states – Montana, Wyoming and Idaho.

Bears sometimes go straight to the roads. Especially often this occurs in the early spring, when the animals come out of hibernation and go in search of food.

 Two hundred bears live in Yellowstone Park
Photo: Yellowstone National Park


Bay Knight, Canada

In 200 kilometers from Vancouver there is one of the best places in Canada, where you can observe the grizzly bears as close as possible (20-25 meters). Predators of large groups gather here during the autumn period during salmon spawning. The shore of the bay of Knight are equipped with special safe areas for “photohunting” for grizzly, which are strictly not recommended to leave.

The bear is fishing in the bay of Knight
Photo: Knight Inlet Lodge


Kuril Lake, Russia

Brown bears are a living brand of Kamchatka. They live not only in the Kronotsky Reserve, but also in the territory of the South Kamchatka Wildlife Sanctuary – at the bottom of the hollow of one of the long-extinct volcanoes. Sometimes, up to 200 clumbers can enter the camera lens at the same time! The main thing is to come to the right season – from June to March. Bears go to the lake by big companies, where, they prey on fatty salmons, without paying any attention to tourists.

There are special observation towers for observation of animals.

 Brown bears - a living brand of Kamchatka
Brown bears – a living brand of Kamchatka

Yosemite National Park, USA
Waterfalls and sheer granite rocks are not the only virtues of this famous national park. Previously, Indians of the tribe Yosemite (“Uzumati”), which means “gray bear”, lived on its territory.

There is enough bears, but more often you can meet giant baribals. These bears are known for the fact that in search of something tasty they “rob” tourists cars, leaving broken glass and rumpled roofs behind themselves. Therefore in Yosemite, you can find posters, warning travelers that they do not leave packages, bags and food in cars.

Yosemite National Park, USA
Yosemite National Park, USA

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