5 Darkest Dungeons in the World you can Visit – Guide

How about tickling your nerves during the holidays? Go down into the dungeons, where the horror picks up to the bones, and blows the sepulchral cold. Skeletons dressed in medieval caftans, bones stacked together and niches, forming altars … We present the darkest catacombs of Europe, where you can come with a guide.

Catacombs of Capuchins

Palermo, Italy

The history of this strange cemetery began in the 16th century, when a monastic Order of Capuchins appeared in Sicily. The monks did not want to be buried away from their native monastery and built the cemetery right in the underground room – the crypt – under their own temple. After a while it turned out that the strange air in the catacombs does not allow the corpses to decompose. And then pre-dried and dressed up the local elite was buryed here. The cemetery was active until the end of the XIX century. During this time, the eight thousand Sicilians were buryed here. Lie corpses hang on the hooks on both sides of these underground passages – in the clothes in which they were brought here centuries ago.

Saint Solomon Catacombs

Paphos, Cyprus

The entrance to the catacombs of Solomon is easy to learn, thanks to a nearby pistachio tree, hung with colorful rags, beads and kerchiefs: which are left by people who suffered from curing diseases. Initially, there was a city burial vault, which began to serve as a refuge for the first followers of the new religion with the advent of Christianity. But it did not save Solomonius and her seven sons from death, who were killed in front of her mother and buried here. In the underground labyrinths the ancient church preserved to nowadays, whose walls are painted with frescoes. There is a source in the catacombs with healing water, curing all ailments.

St. Paul Catacombs

Mdina, Malta Clive vella / Malta Tourism

The Maltese catacombs of St. Paul are more modestly tan Roman, there is no scope for the tragedy that Christians experienced at the beginning of their history. But you will not leave this place without any impression here. These underground rooms were covered with funeral meals, with lamps in small niches. According to the legend, the Apostle Paul prayed here, the one that allegedly sailed on the ship and crashed near the coast of Malta.

Kom el-Shugafa Catacombs

Alexandria, Egypt

This is the Roman necropolis of the beginning of our era. The three-level labyrinth of tombs goes 35 meters under the ground. The ground floor is completely filled with water, the second floor is partially filled. One of the most interesting places is Triklinium. This is a refectory hall used by relatives of the deceased for the farewell ceremony. The most horrible is the hall of Caracalla, where a lot of people and animals were killed, killed by order of a cruel Roman emperor. The funerary chapel is painted with scenes of Christian funerals, the entrance to it is guarded by statues of the gods Sobek and Anubis in Roman armor.

Catacombs of Paris

Alexandria, Egypt

Catacombs on the outskirts of Paris appeared when the city was intensively built up, and to much stone was needed for the construction of churches, houses and palaces. The catacombs were transformed in the underground cemetery in 1785-1810, when several million skeletons were lowered to the ground. They were brought here at night on carts from the Innocent Cemetery, located in the center of the city. The Parisian authorities took such a decision because of the fact that the land level increased to three meters due to numerous burial places , and it became a breeding ground for infections. Unerground workers stacked different parts of the skeletons apart from each other. So today you can see a wall, built up of tibia bones.

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