5 Countries That will Surprise You with a Fabulously Beautiful Spring 🌼

Outdoorstip present you a list of places where the beauty of spring is especially acute.

If you are tired of winter and want to feel a spirit of freedom, hope and love that awakens in the people hearts with the arrival of warm days, then go to place, where you can already walk along the streets, breathing in the scent of fresh flowers.

So,let’s go threw this list.

Travel to Khujand, Tajikistantadjikistan holiday travel tips

Better mountains can only be mountains, which slopes are covered with a bright carpet of inflorescences. In February, snowdrops appear in Tajikistan, and in the early spring, when Russia is mostly covered with snow, a delicious, fragrant-pink avalanche covers the top of this high-mountainous country: buds blossom on cherry trees, apricot and apple trees.

You can easily get to Tajikistan just find the direct flights to the main tourist center of the country – the ancient Khujand. This city is surrounded by fruit gardens, where it’s so easy to write your own poem for the first time in your life.

You can go in hiking tour or start climbing the array of Ak-Su; Khujand is also the base for attacks to the Tajik Sea. If you feel the spring water still cool, it does not matter:there are a dozen hot springs that will melt any frozen heart.

Travel to Island GreeceIsland Greece best travel advice

Scorched by the hot sun in the summer, island Greece is covered with fresh herbs and blooming almonds in spring. Classic local landscape: the road winding among the rocks, snow-white houses and luscious greenery, contrasting with a bright blue sea and a cloudless sky. Spring is the best time for trekking in the hills and valleys of Hellas. Hiking here makes you feel yourself just like Bilbo Baggins, thats how fabulous the local nature is.

Unlike you, the hero of the classic fantasy hadn’t any possibility to use a cartographic application for a smartphone that builds footpaths and doesn’t let the traveler get lost.

If you are interested in ancient history, culture and architecture – Greece in spring time – is a good idea. At this period of time, there is no such excitement as in the high season in museums and temples of the country, and therefore they can be viewed calmly and thoughtfully. And if you celebrate the Orthodox Easter, then go to the island of Patmos, where the sacred fire is brought straight from Jerusalem, or to Santorini, where thousands of lights are lit in holidays.

Paris, Francetravel to paris inspring 2018

Although March is considered to be the winter month in this southern European country, according to Russian standards this is a real spring: the temperature is +50 F, the first tender leaves begin to blossom on the trees.

At this time, you should make a small walk and visit public parks in Paris such as: the garden of the Tuileries, Champs de Mars, Bois de Boulogne or Vincennes, the Botanical Garden, park de la Villette – this list can be continued for a long time. March is the most appropriate time if you wanted to inspect the Louvre and its exhibits without overcrowded tourists. There will not be a huge hype in Disneyland, so you can safely plan a trip for the spring school holidays.

Japantravel Japan in spring

Japan, of course is one of the most beautiful countries on the planet in springtime, with its beautiful cherry blossoms. The Khanami season begins at the end of February in the south of the country, and ends in May in its northern regions. It is pointless to describe this natural phenomenon – sakura is a tourist business card of Japan. Just look at the pictures, choke with delight, then multiply this feeling by 100 – and this will be the spoiler of sensation that covers the person at the sight of this physical embodiment of tenderness.

Not only sakura blossoms in Japan in Spring time, but also azaleas, colorful moss and a mysterious black flower of karafun. Unlike Europe, the peak of tourists in Japan falls in Spring. Therefore, you need to buy tickets, make visa and hotel booking in advance.

AbkhaziadepositAbhasia travel in spring 2018

In the middle of March, the air of this small Black Sea country can warm up to +68 F in the coastal areas, but the most pleasant thing here, is the flourishes of mimosa. The best way to admire the fresh flowers washed by spring rain, by sitting at the table of an open cafe and tasting local wines. Spring in Abkhazia is the best for a quiet, contemplative holiday without the tourist noise typical of summer months.

The warmest and most pleasant place in Abkhazia is Gagra. In spring, you can not only admire mimosas on city streets, but also walk around the territory of subtropical forestry, where exotic fruits are grown.

If you enjoy traveling in March, you have to remember that spring is changeable: be prepared for its sudden whims. It is necessary to put in a suitcase or a backpack a sun-protection cream with T-shirts and sneakers, and waterproof boots and a raincoat with a hood.

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