5 countries where “Game of Thrones” and other cultic sagas were filmed.

We offer you to to travel on a “very epic journey”, and visit the places of the most cult films of the XXI century. You can notice the iconic objects going to any of these five places, – and look at them through the eyes of your favorite heroes.

Middle Earth: New Zealand

Settlement Matamata

This beautiful archipelago essentially raised its tourist industry by the admirers of the universe of John R. R. Tolkien. Thousands of fans from all over the world come here to wander through the hills, peer into the hobby hole, drink the same ale that Frodo and company drank in tavern, and take a photo with the backdrop of Orodruin. Fans of the Lord of the Rings saga were lucky: most of the decorations from six films were preserved and are almost a national treasure.

New Zealand is the most wonderful place on earth: the country is worth to visit, even if you put the “Lord of the Rings” and the “Hobbit” behind the brackets. Fans of ecotourism will be impressed by nature, fresh produce and unusually clean air, as well as mountain slopes, where it is so wonderful to ski in winter. And if this happens against the backdrop of the Black Mountain – the haven of Sauron (in reality – Ruapeu), it will be doubly romantic! Particularly elven-minded can wander into the silence of the forest near Queenstown, where an attentive spectator can recognize Lothlorien.

Other locations:

Matamata village – Hobbiton;  Wellington (capital of New Zealand) – Rivendell and the stronghold of Saruman; Canterbury is the plain of the Rohirrim; the Vayu-Anduin River; Mackenzie – the Peleneor Fields, where the Last Battle for Middle-earth occurred.

Harry Potter saga: England

Alnwick Castle

School of sorcery and magic Hogwarts in the first two films about the boy-who-survived incarnated in the castle of Alnwick, County of Northumberland. A lot of scenes that took place in the classrooms and corridors were filmed in other places – for example, in Oxford, but it was the castle that was “the same Hogwarts” – probably because it looks like a book in the outward appearance.

You can get the north of England, where the Hogwarts is located, from Kings Cross Station. Fans of Potters will surely recognize the right platform on the signboard “Platform 9 ¾”. You can choose another direction – to the south of the country, to the county of Hardfordshire, where the studio complex “Livzden” is located with large-scale scenery. Actually, most of the filming took place there (going ahead I can add that you can kill two birds with one shot with one stone here – following the footsteps of Harry Potter, as well as Anakin Skywalker from the “Star Wars”).

Harry Potter Diagon Alley in England

However, before you board a train in London, it’s worth going to Diagon Alley and buying some magical supplies and amulets. This is the real market Ledenhall, founded in the Middle Ages. Be sure you will not leave without a magic wand!

Other locations:
Forbidden Forest – Black Park in Buckinghamshire; Hogsmeade station – Gotland station in North Yorkshire; Godric’s hollow is the old town of Laloc Abbey, Wittshire;
Ministry of Magic – Scotland Yard; Minerva McGonagall’s office is the Durham Cathedral.

“Game of Thrones”: Croatia


If you want to visit all the places where the famous screen version of the best-selling song “The Song of Ice and Fire” was shot, life will not suffice! Filming takes place around the world: from the gloomy icy plains of Iceland with white walkers, to the hot Morocco, which appeared in the series as the Slave Bay.

However, the heart of the empire in “Game of Thrones” universe is the Royal Harbor, where the Iron Throne is located. You can see the white walls of the capital of Västerås by visiting Dubrovnik – the tourist center of Croatia. There is a place called Trsteno approx. ten kilometers from the city. You will enjoy the gardens of the Royal Harbor in the local arboretum with its grottoes, fountains and gazebos, where the young Sansa was walking, not leading about her future destiny, and the insidious little finger built plans to seize power.

Other locations:
Quart town – island Lokrum near Dubrovnik;.
The house of the Immortals is the tower of Mintchet in Dubrovnik;
Braavos is a resort town of Sibenik;
Royal Harbor – Diocletian’s Palace in Split;
Mierin is Klis Castle near Split.

Twilight: Forks, USA

State of New York, USA

Despite the questionable cinematographic merits and well-deserved criticism, the saga of vampires will still have to be reckoned – at least because of the fan movement, which has acquired a truly planetary scale. And therefore let’s be the “Twilight” in the list of cult epic films as the closing link. According to Stephanie’s Meyer story, the action takes place in the town of Forks in Washington State. This is a real city where the saga fans can visit the Cullen mansion, which is rented to tourists, numerous cafes and souvenir shops, one way or another corresponding to vampire themes, La Push beach where Bella got to know young werewolves. Take a photo against the background of the local school and home , where the story was based. Even the legendary red pickup with the license plate “Bella” cuts through the city.

Twilight local school

However, if you decide to wander in the Olimpic National Park with its centuries-old trees and mysterious misty fields where vampires and werewolves hunted, be prepared for the unexpected. It is unlikely that someone will bite you, but you may suddenly meet a crooked pale teenager on your path.

Wherever you go – whether it’s New Zealand, England, Croatia, Tunisia or the US – you will find a lot of interesting and noteworthy. All these directions are highlighted in large print on the map of world tourism. Perhaps your favorite films will only push you to a trip to the affectionate Mediterranean Sea, a cultural raid to the museums of London, or a descent to the bottom of the Grand Canyon. Maximally cover all the iconic objects, correctly build the route and don’t get lost in the ocean of information.

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