4 Mistakes You have to Avoid in Rock Climbing – Guide

That is the number one thing I hear from my non-climber friends all the time:

– “Hey proffessional climber, rock climbing is too hard. My arms are not strong enough.”

NO that is not true. Climbing is about using minimal energy to climb as much as you could, and you will be able to achieve it if you avoid the following 4 mistakes.

The first mistake that the beginners usually make is climbing with too much arms and not using enough legs.

Rock climbing should be like climbing the ladder instead of doing pull ups. For an average person, the quads is at least 2 times stronger than the biceps, so make sure to climb with your legs.

Use enough legs for climbing
Use enough legs for climbing

The second mistake that beginners usually make is arms bending while static.

When you are thinking about what to do in the next move, you should keep your arms straight, otherwise you will drain out your arm strength really fast. For an average person, the straight arm strength is at least 1.7 times stronger than the bent arm strength, so, make sure to re-position yourself to keep your arms straight.

keep your arms straight while static
Keep your arms Straight

The third mistake that the beginners usually make is stepping on a foot hold with the middle foot.

If you do that, you will have trouble stepping on small holds and ….. matching feet. The correct way is to use your toes to step on foot holds, and it might be a little bit uneasy initially but the thing is the soles on the rock climbing shoes are designed to help you stick with it.

foot while climbing
Stepping on a foot hold with the middle foot.

Stepping with your toes opens up the possibility of turning your legs to a optimal position, the possibility to step on small holds, and the possibility of matching feet.

Stepping with your toes
Correct leg position

The final mistake beginners usually make is barn dooring, which means you only have your right foot and right hand on the wall or just your left hand and left foot on the wall. This is bad because a lot of arm strength is wasted on balancing yourself.barn dooring

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