There are many different ways to travel, however flight seems to be the most fast and efficient way. We provide you with tips to make your flight more relaxing and less stressful.


Traveling by Airline Tips and Travel Advice

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Airline Travel tips

Most travelers prefer airline travel because it is a quick and convenient way to travel. However there are some complications and hassles that can arise. Here are some tips that can prepare you for your flight and help you become more informed.

  1. Also carry an eye shade and ear plugs for sleeping.
  2. If you’re sharing the seat, ask for a separate seat belt.
  3. Purchase luggage specifically designed for carry-on spaces.
  4. Don’t have to get to the airport as early as the traveloader.
  5. Easily volunteer to be bumped on a full flight the disadvantage could pay off
  6. When you reach your seat on boarding a plane, move out of the aisle immediately.
  7. Schedule direct flights if possible and avoid stops at high-risk airports or areas.
  8. If you’re traveling with a toddler, ask for bulkhead seats that give more leg space.
  9. If you’re sharing a seat with your child, airlines don’t serve extra food so carry baby food.
  10. If a flight is too heavy for flight, the airlines can make further restrictions prior to takeoff
  11. An item that’s invaluable when taking long night flights is an inflatable neck cushion (pillow).
  12. Zip immediately off the airplane to your destination, instead of waiting at the luggage carousel.
  13. No major airlines will allow you to bring more than 2 items as carry-on, and many are now allowing only one.
  14. Airlines are constantly tinkering with the carry-on restrictions, so check with your carrier prior to take-off.
  15. Consider flying in and out of small airports located within a one- or two-hour drive of larger hubs to save money.
  16. Many foreign airports do not allow butane lighters or hair dryers to be taken on board. Consider leaving them at home.
  17. Request a seat in the exit row on your flight. These have more leg room, which you’ll really appreciate on a long flight.
  18. Note that you are not considered to have been bumped if you arrive late at the gate or otherwise fail to check in on time.
  19. Airlines that fly great distances typically have tighter restrictions on luggage to save weight on long cross-oceanic flights.
  20. Overstuffed bags, or those bulging at the seams, will often not make the cut, and are likely to be checked-in by airline personnel.
  21. Prereserve a single seat on a non-jumbo where the seats are three across and you’ll increase the odds of getting an empty seat next to you.
  22. airflight tipsAlmost all airlines offer price reductions to people requiring last-minute flights to attend funerals or visit seriously ill family members.
  23. Remember to give your child a drink before take off and landing that will keep his/her ears more comfortable. Even sucking on a sweet will do.
  24. If the airline books you on another flight that gets you to your destination within an hour of your original appointed time, it owes you nothing.
  25. If, however, you were bumped from an oversold flight against your will, the airlines – under U.S. law – must compensate you for the inconvenience.
  26. Never accept the first fare quoted. Half the time, some other airline’s flight within hours of the one you booked has a special, less expensive deal.
  27. Make friends with your flight attendant, who has the ability to reseat you in a better section (from economy to business or business to first-class).
  28. For foreign travel, some airports charge hefty “take off” charges payable only in local currency and only when you are preparing to leave the country. Be prepared!
  29. When waiting in line or sitting in the airport (or anywhere else, for that matter), always have the strap(s) to your carryon luggage wrapped around an arm or a leg.
  30. One of the main challenges during a flight is to stay hydrated and this will help you. Avoid filling your thermos with anything caffeinated, as those are diuretics.
  31. At many international airports, security and customs personnel will ask you questions about your luggage. Know what you’re carrying and be able to describe any electronics.
  32. Ask how full your international flight is when checking in. If the flight’s not full, and you’re traveling with one other person, ask for seats on either end of a row in the center.
  33. Accept headsets or bring your own. These function as a “do not disturb” sign to potentially chatty seatmates. (Bring alcoholic wipes to clean off airline headsets, just to be safe.)
  34. Airlines usually reload their computers at midnight, so as soon after that as possible is a good time to shop online for low cost seats that folks might have reserved but not paid for.
  35. airline travel tipsIf your flight is delayed by weather or mechanical problems (or is even canceled for those reasons), the airline is not obligated to do anything more than an offer to take you to your destination at its next convenience.
  36. If you’re assigned to a seat and you don’t like it, go back to the desk when all the prereserved seats are released (usually about 15 minutes before flight time). Prime seats for passengers who didn’t show up are available then.
  37. According to U.S. federal regulations, if you are delivered one to two hours late, the airline must pay you an amount equal to your one-way fare. If you are more than two hours late, the airline must pay twice the amount of the one-way fare.
  38. Be sure to pack a small bottle of pure lavender oil in your toiletries bag. On long haul flights dab a few drops on your temples for a calming effect or on a pillow for a restful sleep. You can even sprinkle a few drops in your hiking boots to alleviate foot odor.
  39. Long before you get to the airport take several photos of your backpack, (front and back w/it sitting on the ground next to you for size reference) put these in your carry-on daypack as it’s much easier to SHOW the airport officials a picture of what your missing than spend some very frustrated moments waiting and wondering if your beloved backpack did make the trip with you.

Travel light

And the last but not the least. Traveling light makes your arrival and departure less complicating. You won’t have long waits for your luggage and you bring just enough that you don’t need to check your luggage and can enjoy the advantage of carry on. You bring only what you need and what you will use.

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