35 Tips for Road Travelers

Many families prefer to take the much longer road trip in order to arrive at their destination. However there are many different factors to take into consideration when traveling by automobile.


Travelling by auto tips & tricks

Before You Leave List

If you have made a list make sure to go through at least twice before departing for your vacation.

  1. Fill the car with gas before you pack the car.
  2. If you plan on driving, get your car ready and investigate the local road conditions
  3. Check the fluid levels and tire pressure on your automobile since your tire pressure will affect the ride and gas mileage you get on your trip.


Before You Travel, Do Research

Before you leave for your destination know what your can and can’t do. You don’t want to be stuck at customs explaining why you didn’t bring the right identification or why you decided to bring a piece of salami back. Follow these tips before leaving.

do research


Tips if you rentig a car

Here are some tips that can accommodate you when renting a car for you and your family.

  1. Choose commonly available cars.
  2. Don’t choose exotic flashy vehicles.
  3. Make certain that it is in good repair.
  4. Avoid driving at night as much as possible.
  5. A/C so the windows can stay up if there is warm weather.
  6. Choose a car with universal door locks and power windows.
  7. Keep car doors locked at all times and wear your seatbelt.
  8. Carry things with you or keep them out of sight locked in a trunk
  9. Don’t park your car on the street overnight, select a well-lit area.
  10. Keep you purse under the drivers seat not in plain sight while driving.

car rent tips


Car Rental Safety tips

  1. In order to keep you and your family safe when renting a car follow these simple tips.
  2. Be cautious at all times.
  3. Never pick up hitchhikers.
  4. Don’t get out of the car if there are suspicious looking individuals nearby.


Road Sense tips

  1. If your planning for a road trip make sure that you prepare yourself and your vehicle for what may lie ahead.
  2. These tips will give you some sense of direction.
  3. Make sure your car is equipped with a spare tire and is in good condition.
  4. If you drive, make sure you have valid insurance and emergency notification information.
  5. Most countries accept a state-driving permit as long as it is in English and has a photo identity on it.
  6. If you drive, make sure your driver’s license is valid and familiarize yourself with local traffic laws and patterns.
  7. Don’t forget to carry your state driving license or an International driving permit if you are planning on driving while on your trip.
  8. If you are renting a car and planning on returning the car at another location other then where you rented it, ask about any drop off charges.
  9. Check the road rules before you take the car onto the road. You don’t want to be caught on the wrong side of the law -ever – and especially not in a foreign country.


Traveling With Pets By Car

travel with pets tips

You must make sure that when you travel with your pets that you make them as comfortable as possible and accommodate all their traveling needs. Here are some tips that can help make traveling with your pet more enjoyable.

  1. Don’t allow your pet to run loose at rest areas.
  2. Don’t allow your pet to stick its head out the window.
  3. Never let your pet ride unrestrained in the back of a truck.
  4. Restrain your pet, using a pet seat belt or secured carrier.
  5. Be certain that your pet is accustomed to traveling in a car for long periods of time.
  6. Take breaks at least every three hours to allow your pet to exercise and relieve itself.
  7. While driving use your air conditioning. Always make sure that air is being circulated frequently.
  8. Never leave your pet unattended in the car for any amount of time, especially during warm or cold weather.
  9. Before driving feed your pet lightly before beginning the trip, about one third of their normal amount. Save the remainder and feed it once you’ve reached your destination.

These tips for long drives can help keep your trip safe and comfortable. If You found this intresting, don’t forget to share this article with your friends and leave your comment below.

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