32 Hotel/Motel hacks and Safety Tips Travelers Should Not Ignore

When staying away from home you to make ensure that you are going to have a safe and enjoyable stay. When searching for a hotel and motel make sure that it accommodates all your travel needs.


Staying in hotel an motel Safety tips and tricks


Staying in Hotel Safety tips

hotel staying tips

When you travel the odds are in your favor that you will have a safe and incident free trip. However crime, violence, unexpected difficulties along with hidden dangers for young children can happen anywhere. Here are a few important hotel safety tips that you can use whether you are traveling alone or in the company of friends and family.

  1. Try not to get a room on the main floor.Use only a first initial when checking in.
  2. Make your own hotel reservations whenever possible.
  3. Stay in larger hotels that have more elaborate security.
  4. Arrive as near the hotel entrance as possible and, if after dark, in a well-lit area.
  5. If traveling abroad in areas of concern, consider making reservations using a false address.
  6. Never open your room door to anyone until you have called down to the front desk to verify them.
  7. Avoid hanging the “Please Clean Room” tag on your door. It is an obvious signal that you are not in.
  8. If there is someone watching you or following you…by all means, return to the front desk and get a security
  9. guard.
  10. Do not leave sensitive information or documents in your hotel room. Hand carry and personally protect your
  11. documents.
  12. Book a room from the second to seventh floors above ground level to deter easy entrance from outside, but low
  13. enough for fire equipment to reach.
  14. Never leave your key where someone can glance and get your room number or take a room in which the desk
  15. clerk has mentioned your room number aloud.


Child Safety tips When Staying in a Hotel/Motel

When staying in a hotel or motel you can follow these tips to prepare for your child’s stay.

children safety tips


  1. Faucet covers can be provided to keep your child safe.
  2. Sharp corners–Look for hotels that have rounded edges, or corner covers.
  3. Exposed cords, especially on curtains–Cords can be covered, using roll-ups.
  4. Exposed outlets should be covered with safety plugs, or permanent outlet covers.
  5. Breakables within reach–attractive breakables high up, or removed from the room.
  6. Toilets can be an attractive danger. Latches can be provided to keep them closed.
  7. Furniture and appliances can be secured to avoid the possibility of tipping over onto a child.
  8. All electronics, such as VCRs, remote controls, hair dryers can be located on higher shelves or have child proof covers.
  9. Many accommodations have bi-fold closet doors which can result in seriously pinched fingers. A simple bi-fold lock can resolve this hazard.
  10. Many balconies have openings that are wider than 2 1/4 inch openings. They can be covered, or have extra latches on the doors that are high up.
  11. Some chain locks have too many links, and a small child can slip through the opening. Hotels that have the solid flip-lock type latch are generally safer.
  12. Plastic bags in garbage and ice buckets–These bags are extremely dangerous for small children, and can be removed and replaced with paper, or not used at all.


Staying in Foreign Hotels tips

Foreign vacation can be some of the best traveling that you experience. These tips can help you prepare so you’ll be able to enjoy the differences you find abroad and have a safe uncomplicated trip.

  1. Many foreign hotels consider the basement to be Floor #1 and the ground floor is Floor #2.
  2. If traveling abroad in areas of concern, consider making reservations using a false address.
  3. In some foreign countries, your passport may be held by a hotel for copying or for review by the police; retrieve it at the earliest possible time.
  4. Find out exactly what the surcharges are before making a telephone call from the hotel. They can sometimes be several times the actual cost of the call.
  5. When leaving the hotel, always take matches or stationery with hotel name and address on it. When you don’t speak the language, just show the cab driver either one and there won’t be any mistake as to where you are staying.


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