23 Tips Before Traveling Abroad Trip

Whether you are traveling overseas for business or pleasure, the best way to ensure a carefree and relaxing trip is to prevent problems before they happen. Make sure you research your trip to it’s fullest.


Traveling Abroad Trip Tips and Travel Advice

Make sure to do your research before traveling overseas. Know of all the different customs and cultures.

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  1. Try to seem purposeful when you move about.
  2. Inform yourself about a nations culture and customs.
  3. Travel agents and airlines can provide tourist information.
  4. Know the type of paperwork and documentation you will need to travel.
  5. Make sure visa(s) are appropriate and current for place and type of travel.
  6. Know addresses and telephone numbers of the embassies of foreign governments
  7. Notify your credit card company if making reservations or purchases over seas
  8. Know which countries can assist you with diplomatic relations before you travel.
  9. Find out if your personal property insurance covers you for loss or theft abroad
  10. Make sure that you purchase the correct calling card for the correct area you are traveling
  11. If traveling abroad in areas of concern, consider making reservations using a false address.
  12. Make sure you hook up to internet banking if you travel around Europe as ATMs don’t give bank balances
  13. Ask your credit card company for a number that you can use while over seas if it has been lost or stolen
  14. Have affairs in order: insurance documents, power of attorney, currant will, and guardianship arrangements
  15. Many foreign airports do not allow butane lighters or hair dryers to be taken on board. Consider leaving them at home.
  16. Check with your medical insurance carrier about coverage away from your home and work. Know coverage protection for out-of-country travel.
  17. For foreign travel, some airports charge hefty “take off” charges payable only in local currency and only when you are preparing to leave the country. Be prepared!


Passports and Visa

When traveling internationally you are required to carry a Passport or Visa. This is documentation issued by a country to one of its citizens; it is needed in order to enter another country where you are not a citizen.

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  1. A passport allows the beholder to travel in foreign countries.
  2. Be sure to fill in the emergency information page on your passport.
  3. Make 2 copies of your passport. Leave one copy at home with friends or relatives in case yours is lost or stolen.
  4. Travel documentation requirements vary from country to country; therefore the traveler needs to carry a signed valid passport as proof of citizenship.
  5. A visa is an approval made on a passport denoting that the bearer has requested permission to enter a specific foreign country for a determined amount of time.

Before You Travel, Put Your Affairs in Order

While on vacation you should relax and clear your mind. That is why it is important to have everything in order before you plan to leave anywhere. You don’t want to return home to a pile of bills and past due payments. Here is a list of some other affairs that can put your mind at ease while on your travels.

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