21 tips for shopping abroad

When travelling abroad, some people like to explore museums, some like to get out into nature, while others can’t resist the urge to shop! That is why it is important to have everything in order before you plan to shop anywhere. Here is a list of some other affairs that can put your mind at ease while you are shopping abroad.


Avoid Purchasing Certain Products

products to avoid from purchasing tips

  1. Make sure you know you what you can and cannot purchase to bring home.
  2. Avoid what you think is fine art or jewelry because it may be imitation
  3. Elephant Ivory, Sea turtle, Crocodile leather, Fur from endangered cats
  4. Don’t buy wild life products unless certain they are legal to return home.
  5. Avoid some fruits and vegetables which may have parasites that your unaware of.
  6. You may be surprised when you purchase items overseas to find that some merchants have “no refunds” or “all sales final” policies.
  7. In some countries no exchanges or refunds are normally given unless the merchant promised them in advance. Get refund or exchange policies in writing!


Avoid Glazed Ceramic

When making purchases of antiques or dishware make sure that they are aloud to be brought back home.

  1. Know all the tips and tricks to detecting a real ceramic
  2. Make sure that you have a permit for purchasing antiques.
  3. Protect yourself by documenting your purchases and keeping all receipts.
  4. Tableware purchased abroad should be tested for lead release unless used for decoration
  5. You never can tell if you are getting what you paid for or if you are being taken for a ride.


Legal Tips

When traveling overseas you musty make sure to abide by their laws. Here are some tips of what to do when caught in an unpredictable situation.

  1. Obey foreign laws
  2. Know where the Canadian or US embassy is located.
  3. Adhere strictly to local laws, penalties you risk are severe
  4. Before selling personal affects learn the local regulations regarding sales.
  5. Deal only with authorized outlets when exchanging money or buying airline tickets and travelers checks


Restrictions of Products from Overseas

Know what the law is when returning home. What are you aloud and not aloud to take home? These tips can decipher that for you.

Restrictions of Products from Overseas tips

  1. Don’t purchase any type of weapon or firearm.
  2. Don’t except any gifts or packages for anyone that you don’t know.
  3. Carefully inspect any gifts received in a foreign country before packing for your return.
  4. Fresh Fruit, Meat, Vegetables, Plants in soil, (agricultural products)-These restrictions also apply to mailed items.



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